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August 21, 2008 8:54 PM

Democratic National Convention Animations

Obama versus McCain

Unwanted Guest

Oprah Winfrey in Denver

In Bed with McCain

Obama: Museum Moment


  • August 22, 2008

    4:36 AM

    Goddess writes:

    Drew - LOVING the political cartoons so far, great job!

    Especially the one about Oprah Winfrey... ;o)

  • August 25, 2008

    2:33 PM

    Alan Jones writes:

    Wow, these are great. As a fellow Coloradoan, I've followed your work for quite a while and we're lucky to have such a talent resident here. BTW, the Daily Cartoonist is doing a good job of keeping folks (at least in the cartooning industry) apprised of the cool stuff you're doing regarding DNC!

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