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August 4, 2008 10:41 PM

Drew cartoon: Lombardi's Lament


I've been a Vince Lombardi fan since reading Jerry Kramer's classic book Instant Replay back in high school. So in my process to find an idea I thought of Lombardi and what he might have thought of the Brett Favre saga we've had to survive this summer. This is what I came up with.



  • August 5, 2008

    9:01 AM

    Jwill writes:

    Though its a stretch to in anyway compare Drew Litton's talent level at creating large-nosed caricatures of sports figures to Brett Favre's ability to play football... let's say they're roughly equivalent.
    Would you, Drew, want to give up cartooning, retire into obscurity and allow every sharp-tongued barb and apt wittism to go unnoticed for the rest of your life? I'd think if you treasure your work Drew, the idea of being forced out of your passion by something as unfair as old age would be something you would rage, rage against in the Dylan Thomas sense.
    Brett Favre has bungled his retirement and unretirement. Yet, I cannot blame him for wanting to play one more year... every pro athelete that could, would. Did you not see that in Rod Smith last week? If Rod could glue and staple his hip back together long enough to catch 100 passes wouldn't number 80 still be on the field?
    He owns most every meaningful award and record a quarterback could. What's left to play for but the love of the game? And maybe one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever step under center can't quite face a quiet autumn in Mississippi. There's a peculiar cruelty in a sport that demands such greatness for so short of one's life... where else do we talk of a 38 year old champion being too old, too weak, too tired... I know we want a storybook ending, where Brett Favre rides off into the sunset, but he's a man not a legend. And he's so close to losing the only thing he will ever be great at...

  • August 5, 2008

    10:15 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    Favre > Elway.

    The end.

  • August 5, 2008

    10:24 AM

    jman4life11 writes:

    Ok what happened in Super Bowl 32 again? Oh, yeah Favre lost to Elway. And who has 2 rings? The END

  • August 5, 2008

    10:36 AM

    John Beauparlant writes:

    Sorry, Drew, but Favre is not the bad guy here. Try Ted Thompson, whose ego is what caused this entire circus to happen in the first place. All Favre is guilty of is changing his mind, something almost every human does multiple times a day. And Favre certainly is not the only athlete who has waffled so many times.

    Let's see...one of the very best QBs of all time who still can play (witness last season) and has more fire still than most rookies and one the strongest arms in the NFL decides that he isn't ready to retire after all. Ted tells him that the QB situation is taken care of, thank you very much, by this guy Aaron who has won how many games in the last 17 years? Sorry, but Ted Thompson is an idiot. And I have been a Packer fan since the days of Bart Starr and the Lombardi gang.

  • August 5, 2008

    12:37 PM

    Marcus writes:

    Message to all Bronco fans who would critize Favre for un-retiring:

    If Rod Smith came back next season with a new hip, and a new lease on life, and he wanted to come back to the Broncos halfway through training camp, and knew it would cost a rookie a shot at the NFL, would you welcome him back?

    Of course you would.

    So just accept that your critical opinion of Favre is simply based on the fact that Favre isn't a Bronco. In fact, everything that Bronco followers complain about is based on that same fact.

  • August 5, 2008

    1:16 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    both of the broncos rings were acquired by cheating the salary cap both years.

    favre won his fair and square.

    try and be realistic.

  • August 5, 2008

    1:35 PM

    TedThompson=idiot writes:

    Drew....you're way off, transport yourself back to 1996, imagine Elway making a hasty decision to retire after a tough loss to the Jags and then deciding he wants another shot.....do you think Sundquist/Shanny would have said "Sorry, Jeff Lewis is our guy, and maybe we can trade you to the Chiefs?" Get a clue, I look forward to your toons, but the last few have been off. Lynch was not thrown out by the Broncs, he didn't want to be substituted for in Nickel and Dime packages, he wants to play EVERY down, and he's not that player anymore - he made a TEAM decision and LYNCH was the one who asked for his release. Please do your homework from now on before drawing these cartoons, you've taken a step back my friend.

  • August 5, 2008

    10:37 PM

    den2mke writes:

    I think many are finally getting this right. Substitute Elway for Favre, Brister/Griese for Rodgers and Shanahan for McCarthy and it's totally inconceivable to me that the Broncos would have told Elway after retiring, still in great form, that Brister or Griese was their man.

    What has Favre done wrong here? Decide he wants to unretire? Well, he's hardly the first great to do that. Go public with his side of the story? What is he supposed to do, let the Packers, who could have easily handled this behind closed doors but instead chose to go public, be the only voice on the matter.

    Instead, one of the great players in game history is being railroaded by an organization who has decided they don't want him but don't want him to pursue opportunities where he wants to play either.

    Thompson is an ego-maniac, Rodgers is his guy and he'll get exactly what he deserves when Rodgers demonstrates what most already suspect--that he's capable of being an average QB at best in the NFL. I tend to lean on the organization's side with most of these matters, as they have the right to choose who they wish to employ, but I'm hopeful the commish or union get involved her to make this more equitable.

  • August 7, 2008

    10:37 AM

    Bill B writes:


    This cartoon sums it up perfectly. I live in Wisconsin (Denver transplant and until this season I managed to avoid becoming a Packer Backer) and what most people outside of the Dairystate(and sadly John and some of the responders above) don't realize is that Selfish (Farve) has held the organization hostage the last 3 seasons with his will I or won't I approach. It's pure ego brining him back, he realizes that the Packers made him better last year, not the other way around and frankly I beleive he is worried about his legacy when Aaron Rodgers (or Brian Brohm) takes them back to the Championship game. There is no denying Farve's legacy, but it's sad he managed to tarnish it himself. And those of you comparing Farve to Elway and claiming the former is superior? Please, Elway was a much better QB and a person as well.

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