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August 20, 2008 9:35 PM

Drew toon: A Broncos Schedule for your desktop


For all the readers who stop by to read my sports cartoons here's a little gift for you today.
Just click on this link for 1024 x 768 Official Broncos Zoo wallpaper. For different sizes click here and scroll to the icons on the lower middle of the page.

And to see my upcoming trailer for the DNC Convention cartoons just click here and go to the video player. It's in the menu of videos.


  • August 21, 2008

    6:52 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    Hopefully Cutler keeps up his focus heading into the regular season in a few weeks.


  • August 21, 2008

    9:10 AM

    Jason writes:

    Hopefully some opposing defensivem nails Cutler so hard on the chin that his career comes to a definitive halt. God, I can't stand this punk.


  • August 21, 2008

    9:59 AM

    Bite me Jason writes:

    Hopefully I get a chance to meet Jason and nail him so hard on the chin that he comes to a definitive hault.

    Man no one can stand this clown named Jason


  • August 21, 2008

    10:01 AM

    Michael writes:

    Is there some way to block idiots from posting? It is one thing for people like WCH or Tom to shine a light on the flaws of our sports teams and accentuate them, and then try to get our ire up, but this guy is ridiculous. Spouting nonsense about how you hate someone and want them to get a career ending injury is uncalled for and unwanted and just shows that you are either a thirteen year old punk who gets his kicks from spewing garbage from your cake hole or have way too much testosterone in your system.
    Anyway, Drew I love the toon – it will be interesting to see what Jay does with the reins this year.

  • August 21, 2008

    10:12 AM

    Matthew writes:

    Seriously, what's with all the stupid Cutler hype? This guy has never won anything at any level. He's average, just like about 28 other QB's in the NFL. Manning, Brady, Favre, and Gerrard are the real deal. All others are pretenders. Everyone is anointing Cutler as some kind of demigod even though most QB's flame out within a couple/few years of being in the NFL. Most don't even make it that far. Kind of like Nuke Laloosh in Bull Durham, Cutler has a million dollar arm, but a five-cent head. That's no recipe for success.

  • August 21, 2008

    10:26 AM

    Penfold writes:

    Calm down Michael. It's just a blog. When you learn to just ignore the drivel, then you'll have graduated. Is it really worth it to take seriously the ramblings of someone that you don't know?
    As for this season, without a healthy Nalen, missing Marshall for two key games, the uncertainty of how Cutler will handle a full season with diabetes, still no Broncos pass rush, and a bunch of rookies being plugged into important roles, it's not looking good at all. 8-8 should be the target goal at best. If the Broncos are 8-8, it will mean progress. if they fall below that, then Mike Shanahan and a lot of other people should be out of a job by January 1st.

  • August 22, 2008

    11:33 AM

    Sean writes:

    Jay Cutler will be out of the NFL within 2 seasons. Write it down. He's WAAAYYYY overrated.

  • August 22, 2008

    3:52 PM

    rx writes:

    Ummm...what has Garrard won, exactly? Seems like a weird list. Also, Cutler won the state championship in football in high school. He actually caught the winning TD on a halfback pass. That's winning at some level. So there. Maybe check Wikipedia next time.

  • August 25, 2008

    11:24 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    Cutler sucks.

  • August 27, 2008

    8:56 AM

    Timothy Olifant writes:

    Cutler must really suck for so many people to take so much time to get onto one of the Broncos blogs and post it. He sucks so bad you guys have to spend a minute or two out of your day to make sure the rest of the world know... you guys are geniuses!

  • August 31, 2008

    1:44 PM

    Rousell writes:

    Esta super el calendario, ya es mi tapiz de la PC. Gracias.
    Desde Lima - Perú, el hogar sudamericano de los BRONCOS

  • August 22, 2010

    11:21 PM

    Seo tips writes:

    Oh geez, I was attempting to read this nice post, however I can't because I am sort of under-the-weather right now. Ugh, I hope I feel well in the morning.

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