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August 9, 2008 12:06 AM

Drew toon: Broncos going to the playoffs!


The Broncos will have an uphill climb to get to the playoffs, even if Mike Shanahan thinks they can do it. The Broncos roster is full of young inexperienced players and it will take some luck for things to go their way. I hope they can prove this cartoon wrong, get to the playoffs and win a few. But for this season, in my opinion, they have a ways to go and some growing up to do to reach that destination.


  • August 9, 2008

    5:15 AM

    Rambam writes:

    And should you be proven wrong, as you usually are with your OH-so-clever comments, Drew (Whose idea was it to let a cartoonist write?), I hope you will finally have the class to admit it. Care to take bets, anyone?

    Why doesn't this guy and Lincicome just move to another city with all their anti-Bronco BS?

  • August 9, 2008

    6:31 AM

    Gary writes:

    I think in the interview Shanahan gave on The Fan, he said "we're not going to miss the playoffs." Then he was asked if that was a guarantee. He immediatley said "Sure sounds like it."
    Maybe I'm nitpicking, but saying your not going to MISS the playoffs doesn't have anywhere near the boldness of saying "We're going to MAKE the playoffs."
    I think Shanahan was certainly trying to get some microphone time and that was it. I don't think even he realistically believes this team is ready to compete for anything. He just has to say this stuff because he's the head coach.
    The Broncos will be missing their so-called #1 receiver for at least the first 2 games (Marshall also cannot practice with the team for that time, so it's certain that he'll be rusty through games 3 and 4 as well, so it's basically a 4 game suspension). The Broncos have a brand new LT in Clady and he's ripe for getting burned time after time by very experienced pass rushers. He might be good in 4-5 years, but he's going to get toasted in his rookie season just like every LT does. The Broncos have no number one running back. The Broncos gave up 409 points (25 per game)last season. Even if they could shave 80 points off that total, they're still looking at giving up over 20 points per contest and that's not even nearly good enough to make the playoffs.
    Well, maybe if Jay Cutler throws 50 touchdowns. Think that's going to happen? I didn't think so.
    This team is 6-10 at best, but is probably even a step below that. I'll say 5-11 and last place in the AFC West. Yes, even below the Chiefs.

  • August 9, 2008

    1:08 PM

    JWill writes:

    When will this paper get it: STOP HATING ON MY TEAM. I'm sick of people who hate Shanahan more than they like the Broncos. It's fairweather; It's college; It's amateur. I'd think the Monforts would need more hate than Shannahan... is there any doubt that every week Shanny shows up, and more than anything else he wants to win? Is that true about George Karl? Clint Hurdle? And what football coach in the world could step into this franchise and win more games? I mean tell me, I'll run Shannahan out the door to get that coach in here...

    But as it is, the Broncos haven't even played their first preseason game yet and the cartoonist for the Rocky Mountain Bugler knows they can't make the playoffs. You were sloppy on your Favre cartoon Drew, and you plain changed the facts to take a shot at Shanahan for John Lynch.

  • August 9, 2008

    1:26 PM

    Jacob writes:

    Once again Drew and his readers prove why the RMN is the second class paper in the state of Colorado...

  • August 9, 2008

    2:40 PM

    Phillip writes:

    JWill - A couple of answers to your questions.

    1. Shanahan does not want to win. He's in it for the money and the fact that he gets to "control" things. He's a control freak.
    2. Bill Belichick is the football coach who could step into the Broncos franchise and win more games. I'd also put Tony Dungy and Mike Holmgren on this list. However, those smart men's first order of business would be to give Jay Cutler his immediate release. That would be step one in their improving the entire franchise. So, now that I've answered your question, I'm expecting you to show up Monday at Dove Valley and break the bad news to Mike. Cool? I'll be there to watch the exchange.


  • August 9, 2008

    8:06 PM

    Joba writes:


    Second-class because it sells more papers than the Post every day other than Sunday (oh wait, the Rocky doesn't print then) or just because it beats the Post like the dead horse that William Dean Singleton has turned it into?

    The Post is a terrible paper. Please, if you're an employee of the Post and posting online, at least have the integrity to identify yourself, weasel.

  • August 9, 2008

    9:55 PM

    WorkingClassHero writes:


    Very nice.

    The Donkeys lose...again. Sweet.

    The rundown:

    Prater is awful. Horrible. It's not even the regular season and the Donks already need Elam back.

    The only guys on the team that played with any urgency were the 3rd and 4th team players. That's just sad. None of those guys will even get a sniff at the final roster.

    Jay Cutler looked horrible. If your starting QB has to run for 20-yard touchdowns, then your offense is seriously flawed.

    Allridge might be fast, but he, like so many Donkey running backs before him, cannot hold onto the ball.

    The Texans are a much better team than the Donkeys. They will continue to be for many, many, many years to come. The players they have actually buy what their coach is selling. They have a bright future. They also have a pass rusher.

    Ryan Clady is fat and slow. He's also a terrible interview. Cut your freaking hair fat boy. Maybe shedding that extra 40 pound mop on your head will allow you to move quicker against defensive linemen.

    Jay Cutler also looks fat. Nice chubby cheeks. No jawline. Guess he's been eating like a...well...a donkey. Also, Jay....lose the Beatles hair cut. It's not in style anymore.

    I really enjoyed watching Shanahan turn 14 shades of red when his Donks were consistently jumping offsides, holding, and generally being complete dolts.

    All in all...wonderful. Just what I expected to see.

    Oh, and on the side, it was fun watching Aaron Cook get shelled again. If you think it's bad watching the Flukies lose to teams like the Padres, Pirates, and Nationals (how does a team score such a soft schedule after an All-Star break?) then just wait until they have to play good and very good teams. Sure, the Diamondbacks have lost a couple, but it was to the Braves who are way better than their record indicates. That can at least be explained. What's the Flukies excuse?

    Good time tonight. Good night.

  • August 9, 2008

    11:30 PM

    Cole writes:

    Wow, there are some hateful comments going on. Phillip, how do you figure the release of Cutler will help the team? Because Ramsey played so well? You don't even make any sense. And Working Class Hero, I've seen your comments before, and it's obvious you just like to troll the blog and take shots at any available target. You're right, it is pathetic that Cutler had to run in for the touchdown, I mean, everyone knows that when a QB runs for a touchdown it shouldn't count as much as a passing TD. You are a clown. I can tell that making these posts is the highlight of your day. Oh and by the way, nothing by the Beatles will EVER go out of style. Drew, keep up the good work, try to look on the brightside. By the way, you were right, the Dark Knight was great.

  • August 9, 2008

    11:32 PM

    Cole writes:

    Working Class Hero, you are a clown. Nothing by the Beatles will EVER go out of style.

  • August 10, 2008

    9:16 AM

    WorkingClassHero writes:


    Do you realise that you posted the same thing at 11:32 (nothing by the Beatles will EVER go out of style.)that you posted at 11:30 (Nothing by the Beatles will EVER go out of style.)?

    Try and keep up.

    And yes, the Beatles HAIRCUTS are no longer in fashion. H-A-I-R-C-U-T-S. Haircuts.

    And yes, it's generally one of the good moments of my 24 hours. But there are so many others that it would take far too much time to list. It's nice being wealthy. I have all this free time.

    That concludes today's lesson.

  • August 10, 2008

    9:32 AM

    KP13 writes:

    Trash Hero

    news flash, this a pre-season game! Mistakes will happen in the first scrimage.

    You sound like a teenage girl, whinning about the ugly girl who just stole her boyfriend. Drama Queen!

    I bet you sat around all day yesterday, drooling at the thought that a Denver team might do something you can blow up into the most "horible", "awful" thing you have ever witnessed!

    one more thing, your side note can be saved for a rockies cartoon!

  • August 10, 2008

    11:11 AM

    WorkingClassHero writes:

    K13 -

    Just some information for you.

    A. I really don't care what you think.

    B. Calling me names won't make me go away.

    C. I can post whatever I want here so long as it's not obscene towards other posters. See, I don't do that. I just bash on the actual sports franchises. It's fun. They're all overpaid people. They shouldn't be getting paid the ungodly amounts that they do for playing children's games. So, by choosing such a profession and those absurd contracts, they and the fans of those teams (who choose to help pay these players) must be willing to accept critical opinions from people such as myself. If you can't handle my pposts, then stop reading and stop replying to them.

    It's really very simple. Just deal with it. Thanks in advance.

  • August 10, 2008

    12:40 PM

    Brian Gooding writes:

    What's the deal with people on this blog ordering people as to what they can and cannot post? Cole, Jacob, and K13 are just unreal. If it's so hard for you to ignore posts by WCH, then you've got bigger problems than you might know about. Please seek immediate help.

    As for the toon, I'd venture that this could very well be Mike Shanahan's last season as head coach. I can easily see him being asked to move into a permanent GM position with a new head coach taking the reigns. This way Shanahan still has control of the team from a draft and free-agent standpoint, but will allow a new fire to be lit under the roster.

  • August 10, 2008

    1:19 PM

    KP13 writes:

    Trash man!

    you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen!

    I can handle your posts, I just like to point out how weak and consistently NEGATIVE and WHINNY they are. You go after others just as much as everyone else, so don't pretend to be innocent!

    If you don't like my reply to your post, then take your own advice!

    bragging about your wealth also shows how insecure you are!

    bye now

  • August 10, 2008

    2:13 PM

    Brian Gooding writes:

    KP13 obviously cannot handle anyone's posts here because he just keeps picking fights. Really bizarre behavior.

  • August 10, 2008

    2:51 PM

    John In The Springs writes:

    Looks like the Rockies brought out the "special baseballs" from their "special humidor" and gave them to Chris Young in the 4th inning. Never fails to surprise me how the Rockies can "magically" get a rally going at Coors Field when they're getting blown out 11-0.
    What a cheating franchise.
    Oh, and what a great trade getting Livan "Fat Part Of The Plate" Hernandez. That's working out great so far.

  • August 10, 2008

    8:58 PM

    Michael writes:

    Folks folks folks.....

    It's PRE-season.....

    Everybody looks like crap during PRE-season....

    Bottom line: Broncos will have a challenge like every other NFL team out there.. They aren't any different .... nor is Mike Shanahan any different than any other head coach that aspires to make the playoffs every year either..

    Let the boys get a few real games under their belts -- then all the naysayers can come prance around about "how right I am" after long since abandoning the bandwagon (or never even got on it in the first place) seasons ago....

    If you're just here to pick a fight -- then go get some counseling or something ... clearly you got some unresolved issues that's impeding your growth plate...

    For what it's worth...

  • August 11, 2008

    7:17 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    Memo to Selvin Young.

    Don't make stupid bold predictions of getting 2,000 yards rushing in a 16 game NFL regular season when you "back up" that kind of statement by going out and getting 3 yards on 4 carries in an exhibition/preseason game.

  • August 11, 2008

    9:00 AM

    broncodano writes:


    for a denver paper, this Drew guy is really harsh on my team.

    Personally, i find your negativity offensive and misplaced. You should go write for Oakland or some other hack team.

    The Broncos dont deserve a hack like you.


  • August 11, 2008

    12:14 PM

    Kyle writes:

    I can't handle Drew anymore. He is everything I hate about Sports Writers but in cartoon form. I am canceling my subscription today. Most pessimistic person I have ever seen.

  • August 11, 2008

    1:31 PM

    WorkingClassHero writes:

    Broncodano & Kyle:

    Don't let the door hit ya.....


  • August 11, 2008

    3:13 PM

    Jason writes:

    I can't handle Kyle anymore. He is everything I hate about blog posters but in lowlife form. I am canceling Kyle today. Most pessimistic person I have ever seen.
    Yeah. That worked well. Nothing easier than copying and pasting, then a little fine editing.

  • August 11, 2008

    3:24 PM

    Michael writes:

    Saturday was not a stellar performance by any stretch of the imagination, but it was pre-season. The real playbook is well hidden away and cobwebs are being cleaned away with the first real contact of the season.
    A few observations -- Prater started out on a sour note, but I have watched him a couple times in practice and I think he is going to be just fine. Hopefully he got the opening night jitters out of the way and will put together a nice year.
    The line is a little green, but I think it is much improved since last year (in all honesty anything is an improvement). I think we will see them get better every week.
    I think if we can avoid more injuries on the defense we will shave much more than 80 point off of what we allowed last year.
    The running game will be fun to watch, although I am bummed about Torain. Torain and Hall looked great in the couple of practices I have seen.
    This is going to be a fun year to watch. I like the new blood that has been brought in and I think the Broncos will surprise a lot of teams.
    I predict 10-6 and a Wild Card birth. Maybe a little optimistic, but then again maybe I am selling them short - the only way to see is to watch and cheer on those Broncos!

  • August 11, 2008

    6:42 PM

    PutDownTheKool-Aid writes:

    Michael, Michael, Michael....

    Drinking the orange and blue Kool-Aid that Shanahan sent you? Or maybe you are Shanahan? (hence the name Michael)
    Try and tone it down already. 10-6? You must have drank a gallon of the stuff. Reverse the numbers to 6-10 and I might believe it.
    Wild Card berth? Have you not heard of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, and Houston Texans?
    All of these teams are far better on all fronts than Denver and all of them have a realistic shot at a wild-card, unlike your Busted Broncos. Put down the Kool-Aid and live in reality for a bit. Trust me, you'll actually feel better about yourself as a person if you start being honest with yourself.

  • August 12, 2008

    12:29 AM

    Jacob writes:

    Everyone on this blog is a douchebag

  • August 12, 2008

    8:39 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    Including yourself.

  • August 12, 2008

    1:35 PM

    Michael writes:

    No I am not Shanahan...
    I just choose to start the season being optimistic. There is no way to see into the future and know how this team will perform this season. So then, why am I, as a Bronco fan, going to mope around and make derogatory comments about my team (and if I were not a Bronco fan I certainly would not waste my time checking the Denver papers to see what the Bronco fans were saying… my time is much more valuable then that).
    I personally like some of the moves that have been made this offseason. I think Cutler is going to have a break-out year and the short passing game combined with the running game is going to frustrate a lot of defenses. The defense is much better then it has been (if they can stay healthy) and special teams will be much improved with Royal back there. All around this could be a pretty dang good ball team.
    I think a playoff birth is very realistic this year and I will stand by my 10-6 prediction. Of course each team has 16 games to play and a lot can happen in the next four + months. Of course in the end I may be wrong, but until then all I can say is…

  • August 12, 2008

    6:08 PM

    Geoff D. writes:

    I think Cutler will end up getting blindsided by an opposing defensive end because Clady will get beat clean. Cutler will be hit so hard that his career will come to an abrubt end. Clady will forever been seen as the goat that spun this franchise into a deep spiral from which it will never recover.
    Michael, the little dink dump-off's aren't going to be effective because the opponent's will shut that down. The reason they'll sut it down is because the Broncos can't throw deep. They can't throw deep because the Broncos have no receiving corps. They have Marshall, but they don't have Marshall for at least 2 games. If Marshall gets convicted on his pending case, he could get suspended again. If he gets in trouble again this season, the commish will also suspend him again.
    The defense can't stay healthy. In the first 7 minutes of the first preseason game, two linebackers went down. Special teams won't be any better this year than last because nothing has changed. Royal? He's a nice story in camp, but as soon as he fumbles or muffs a couple of kicks (and he will) he's done as a returner with Shanahan running things.
    The Broncos will be 7-9 or 8-8 and on the outside looking in. That's the best case scenario.

  • August 12, 2008

    9:01 PM

    Overland writes:

    The rest of the AFC has too many good teams for the Broncos to even think about a wildcard spot. They either beat out the Chargers or they stay home. There's no gray area on this one.

  • August 13, 2008

    8:33 AM

    KP13 writes:

    No olympic cartoons, you have to do something on Phelps.........

  • August 13, 2008

    6:42 PM

    Yadda-yadda-yadda writes:

    Yes. A toon showing Phelps with syringes sticking out his keister. Dude is on 'roids. No doubt about it.

  • August 14, 2008

    2:01 PM

    yamahabass2 writes:

    I hope the Broncos make the playoffs. Could it happen? Of course. Will it? Don't really know. If not, I still love the Broncos. C'mon, people, just for once be a fan. Love your team, win or lose.

  • August 14, 2008

    2:02 PM

    yamahabass2 writes:

    I hope the Broncos make the playoffs. Could it happen? Of course. Will it? Don't really know. If not, I still love the Broncos. C'mon, people, just for once be a fan. Love your team, win or lose.

  • August 14, 2008

    2:06 PM

    David Kircus writes:

    God, I'm glad i'm not on this team anymore. What a nightmare this team is. I'm much better off flipping burgers.

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