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September 15, 2008 9:19 PM

Broncos: better take two


Two Points about Two Points
So it's day two following the infamous go for two over the two bit quarterback who plays for the AFC Wests' San Diego Chargers who are now...0 and 2. In the meantime, Ed Hochuli, the referee who blew the call on Sunday will most likely face questioning by a Congressional committee who have nothing to do now that the Roger Clemens story has died down. It's all two much to believe. Anyway, here are my two points (not to be confused with my two cents worth).
1. Shanahan figured he had nothing to lose since the Broncos would fall into a three way tie for first in the AFC West. So, while it was a gamble, the second game of the season is a good time to try it.
2. Shanahan was not going to be shown up by Chargers coach Norv Turner, who had gone for two earlier in the game.

Hochuli in Hot Water
So, Ed Hochuli now finds himself upstream without a paddle. All of this controversy over the non-fumble call will lead to rules changes and, most likely, one less appearance by Mr. Hochuli come playoff time. I only hope he isn't planning on any trips to San Diego any time soon.


  • September 15, 2008

    11:24 PM

    Eddie writes:


  • September 16, 2008

    12:20 AM

    Andrew Torkelson/ San Diego writes:

    Hey Broncos fans how does it feel to be desperate enough to win a game based on a botched call and actually be happy about it. I got a few things to say to you.
    1) We whipped your butts twice last year same ammount of times that we've won the division the last two years. Same ammount of times we play you this year. So if you think you guys are going to get away with your cheap ways of winning you wrong.
    2) Enjoy your win because it's the last one you'll get against us this year. I hope you guys do make the playoffs so we can stick it to you then too.
    Good luck Broncos fans your gonna need it.

  • September 16, 2008

    2:22 AM

    Jon writes:

    Very scary Andrew Torkelson... very scary (sarcasm).

    I have another two for you as in two Charger losses. Does it taste bitter? Yeah, you beat us twice last year butI'm not sure how that is relevent to yesterday's. Enjoy the memories of your back to back division titles while they last!

  • September 16, 2008

    7:02 AM

    KCGuy writes:

    As a Broncos fan and a Kansas State grad, I was appalled when the team selected Maurice Clarett instead of Darren Sproles. Now the Broncos organization knows what I knew all along -- the Sproles can play. I would have loved to have seen this guy in the orange and blue.

  • September 16, 2008

    7:59 AM

    Denver Dan writes:

    Andrew Torkelson, you funny! Trying to be all tough. Last year was last year. It's a new year and Denver will once again claim it's spot as the top team in the west. Every team gets lucky. San Diego has been that team the past 2 years. Not anymore. You have a punk for a QB who will show his true colors this year. Watch out, Denver is for real this year and looking to know the Chargers off the top of the mountain.

  • September 16, 2008

    9:36 AM

    KP13 writes:


    Denver 2-0

    San Diego (AKA: Whales Vag*%#$) 0-2

    Tell rivers when you shake someone's hand....you look them in the eye. If your a man that is!

    Lucky win....but its a win!

  • September 16, 2008

    10:08 AM

    Michael writes:

    Hey Torkelson - you sound like a big whiner
    "So if you think you guys are going to get away with your cheap ways of winning you wrong." What cheap ways? The Broncos didn't blow the whistle. The Broncos didn't blow the call. The Broncos simply capitalized on what they were given.
    And yeah, you beat us the last two years, but that is the past. We could live in the past too and ask San Diego how many Super Bowl titles you have... how many? Oh that's right - NONE!!!
    This is a new year.
    There is a lot of football to be played, but 2-0 looks a lot better than 0-2!

  • September 16, 2008

    10:34 AM

    Ted in Vegas writes:

    And, how many times have bad calls cost the Broncs a game? It happens; it just so happened that the Broncs got to be on the benefitting side of a bad call rather than the other side. But the Broncs know the other side of that coin too. Big deal, the ref made a mistake; it happens and is part of the game. Move along whiners.

    BTW - Anyone else notice the Charger's LT pulling our DE to ground in the Charger's endzone, allowing Rivers to throw from the endzone and starting that 95-yard drive? That missed call cost the Broncs 2 points (safety) and the ball; instead, the Chargers drove the field and scored 7. A nine-point swing and a change in control of the game.

    Call that bad call at the end of the game a make-up call and call it even.

  • September 16, 2008

    10:55 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    andrew, andrew, andrew .... what are you? like 12 or 13? .... the Broncos didn't cheat, or force the ref to do anything .... the ref followed the rules based on the circumstances .... you whining and threatening is all a waste of time, unless of course you're going to be on the field in a Chargers uniform on 12/28 for the game??? .... you have a good team, and ours is still learning to play together ... injuries will likely happen to both teams between now and then ... you know, I used to think that Rayduhs fans pissed and whined about things, but they're a class act compared to how they reacted to their loss to the Broncos, and the fact that they stayed on the field and shook hands at the end of the game (unlike the bolts after the loss to the Patriots) ... not very sportsmanlike of the players or their fans .... a real shame too because they used to really be great fans

  • September 16, 2008

    10:58 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    and by the way, in watching the game over on tivo, there were NINE holding non-calls on the Chargers in the first half alone, one block-in-the-back non-call on Sproles return, and one wicked leg-whip by one of your linemen on Sproles run for a TD ..... so you had your fair share of breaks in that game too andrew .... of course, you can't have your head in your a** and see them

  • September 16, 2008

    1:26 PM

    Andrew DORKelson writes:

    Hey Andrew... Your pathetic Defense minus Shawne MerROIDman had 2 chances to prevent Denver from winning AFTER the bad call. Your Defense gave up 31 in the FIRST HALF...blame the bad call all you want, your Defense lost that game for you more than the bad call. Your Pathetic defense got beat by a pass on 4th down, and got beat AGAIN with the SAME Play for the 2 pt. conversion. You still had time to get into FG range and failed. Quit your whining you big baby.

  • September 16, 2008

    2:24 PM

    Me Myself and Ed writes:

    Why is Ed in so much trouble? It's not his fault that he lawyers who come up with the writing in the rules did not foresee this problem, considering it has been kicking them in the face. To blame Ed for something that was going to happen eventually is stupid.

    P.S. Norv a coach is supposed to be THE MAN, keyword man, for their team and not the host of Blame Game.

    Turner should be blaming his defense for not stepping up when only a single player goes down, Norvy, you really going to excuse and make excuses for your defense because 1/11th of it is out of the game? Maybe San Diego D should all take NFL banned substances.

    The Chargers might go 0 and 3 with every one suspended but the whole team will be lights out, although when talking to doctors you might go lights out and not realize they are all telling you to get surgery.

    The Broncos on the flip side need to not forget that their D sucks no matter who is playing. You can certain blame certain CB's for big pass plays but, the real blame is always going to lay with the non existent pass rush. Confucius says, "White on rice burns when cooked with no pressure." On a final note the Denver run D didn't look to bad, especially when San Diego was passing.

    Go America. Go Broncos.

  • September 16, 2008

    3:03 PM

    IdahoCharger writes:

    I just love the way Denver fans are sticking their chests out and acting like they kicked the Charger's *sses and shut up Philip Rivers.

    Seriously, I've never seen an entire fan base act so wounded and disparaged because of Philip smack talking Cutler last year. It's also great the way it's completely ignored that Cutler instigated River's reaction.

    What exactly do you think you proved on Sunday? I agree that SD fans need to move on to the rest of the season, but this notion that the Bronco's are suddenly a far superior team than San Diego are laughable.

    Even without our best offensive and defensive player we shut you out the entire second half until you were graciously provided a second chance with the game all but over.

    Congratulations on the win, but you need to quit the patting yourselves on the back and saying that you're the better team. We'll see

  • September 16, 2008

    4:34 PM

    IdablowCharger writes:

    No one said that Denver is a far superior team. Maybe that's how you feel. Fact is, we won the game. Bad call or not, your team had plenty of opportunities all game to stop our offense and you couldn't do it when it mattered. Also, your offense failed to produce TDs twice in the Red Zone and had to kick FGs.

    It wasn't like you forced a fumble on Cutler...that fumble would have been an unearned botch on Cutler, much like his errant pass on the previous drive that was picked off in the end zone. If anything Denver shot themselves in the foot once and nearly twice had the call been made correctly. Not exactly dominance by the chargers which forced those errors.

    So get over yourself charger fan. Denver did enough to win, and the Chargers didn't.

  • September 16, 2008

    8:15 PM

    BroncoFan24 writes:

    Excuse me for interrupting, but the Chargers got screwed. There seems to be the worst excuse for so-called Bronco Fans showing up on this blog to try and defend a gift "win." I've been a Broncos fan for 22 years. The Broncos did not earn this game. They'll always have it in the "W" column, but the Chargers won this game on the field. I'm pretty disgusted the fake fans have come out and are just using this as a stupid excuse to talk crap about a team that has my total respect. The Chargers owned us last year. They came back in the game Sunday with a never say die attitude. They killed us in the 2nd half. If my Broncos were the team that all of you think they are, then my Broncos wouldn't have coughed up a lead like that. I'm a realist. The Broncos will be a goo and maybe even great team in the near future, but they aren't there yet. The Chargers are. The had major injuries to deal with Sunday. Best D player and best tailback on the shelf. They still beat us. The referee screwed up and ONLY because of that did the Broncos walk out without a loss on the scoreboard. I am very disappointed in the people here calling themselves Bronco fans. You're acting like 6 year olds. Show some respect. How would Bronco Nation like it if the tables had been turned?
    The Broncos did not do enough to win Idablow...The Chargers recovered a fumble by Jay Cutler. The inadvertant whistle was not going to change the bounce of the ball right into the hands of the Chargers defender. Cutler himself continued persuing the fumble. He never let up. He never knew there was a whistle and none of the other players on the field stopped either. The whistle had no effect on the outcome of that play. The Broncos blew it, and were bailed out in the most awful way possible. I'm looking at this without Broncos glasses like most of you and from this view, the whole thing stinks to high heaven.
    Many of you are have a lot to learn about empathy.

  • September 16, 2008

    9:40 PM

    ForeverBroncs21 writes:

    I agree with Broncofan24...

    I'll take the win, but SD did get kinda screwed, and if it wasn't for the dead ball, it's over for Denver. San Diego is almost EXACTLY like Denver: Great offense, porous defense. Denver just got a lucky variable, that's all.

    The real game comes in San Diego for Game 2. No Variables, no gimmicks...prolly one hell of a ballgame

  • September 17, 2008

    1:09 AM

    JS writes:

    Okay Broncofan24..no one in here that I can tell is denying that the Chargers got screwed on the call. But what you seem to forget is that the Chargers still had the lead. They still had MULTIPLE opportunities to make it right.

    - Third & Goal at the 10
    - Fourth & Goal
    - 2 pt. conversion
    - 23+ seconds which is more than enough time to get into FG range and win it.

    They needed to make 1 play to win the game and the fumble becomes a non-factor.

    Point is, yes, they got screwed, but blaming the refs for a loss, and especially using the injury card is pretty lame. Not to downplay a bad call..it was bad. Replay couldn't do its job because of a technicality in the rules. Okay, well, they are men, they are the 2 time AFC West Champs. Injuries or not, they had the lead and had 3 chances to stop the Broncos. THREE. Just like the Broncos had THREE CHANCES to take advantage of a bad call.

    Denver had a gift handed to them..Chargers had their chance to take it away. Had SD been able to convert on TDs instead of settle for FGs at the goalline, OR if they didn't give up 31 in the first half, then they wouldn't be in that situation to begin with.

    Broncofan24...chill out. We won. No one is denying the bad call in here, but I have no sympathy for a team that allows 31 in the first half and then complains that they got screwed by the refs later. Yes they played hard, but over a bad call they let up and allowed Denver to convert on a TD and 2 pt. conversion. All they needed was a stop. They failed. They lost. And injuries...Booo hoo.

  • September 17, 2008

    1:13 AM

    PatsFan writes:

    Injuries??? The Patriots just lost possibly the Best QB to play the game, and they're 2-0...Cry me a Philip Rivers.

  • September 17, 2008

    5:10 AM

    Andrew Torkelson writes:

    Did you guys see Rivers numbers sorry but they were much better than Cutlers and the one int by Rivers was also off of a botched call. Cutler has less experience then Rivers so don't be surprised if you see him drop more balls like that.I'm pissed about how our d played the 1st half but we pretty much shut you down in the 2nd.I'm not blaming anyone for us losing I just think it's funny how you guys are jumping up and down like you won the Super Bowl. I was at the Panthers game and they did the same thing.My point is you guys have a long way to go so we'll see you in December.

  • September 17, 2008

    5:29 AM

    mic writes:

    F.Y.I: To all Broncos fans,
    I would stop talking about The Chagers D and giving up 31 points in the 1st half, cause there was no D on either side. But the Chagers did hold Denver scoreless until,ed the "ted" felt sorry for the Broncos and blow the call, and its not like he wasn't on top of the play, no he is just a "ted", so if i was a Broncos fan i would be worry about my offence enability to score in the second half, unless you get ED the "TED" too ref. every game. Just remember we can break review both too,see you in December.

  • September 17, 2008

    10:04 AM

    Bill writes:

    Exactly the point Mic.

    The Chargers held Denver scoreless in the ENTIRE second half. The ENTIRE SECOND HALF, people.

    The so-called touchdown never happens if Sab Diego get the ball as they should have. The Chargers get the opportunity to run the clock down to next to nothing with kneel downs. If justice would have been served, then the Broncos are stinging from not only coughing it up at the end, but NOT SCORING AT ALL DURING THE SECOND HALF.
    Shanahan is probably getting reamed in the media, Cutler is being questioned as to if he really is the right QB to lead this team, and the defense is being called out by everyone.
    The Broncos did not win this game, and the NFL should have changed the call right there on the field at that moment, rulebook or no rulebook.

  • September 17, 2008

    10:06 AM

    chartguy writes:

    What nobody seems to want to say is that the game showed one thing: The two teams are pretty close to each other.

    Denver has a bit more of an offensive bias than San Diego. Denver's offense was better than San Diego's defense. San Diego's offense was better than Denver's defense. The game was a scoring festival.

    Shanny saw that. He realized that if SD won the toss, the Denver D would not stop them. So, he went for 2, since the SD D had not stopped Denver. It was a gusty, smart move.

    I don't think either team can claim any kind of dominance. Denver happened to be ahead when the clock ran out.

  • September 17, 2008

    10:57 AM

    Devin writes:

    Bill -- reamed in the media? Not sure what media you've been looking at, but I've seen nothing but praise for Shanny's call to go for two. Madden called him "the most aggressive playcaller in the NFL" during the Sunday night game, and there was a feature on NFL.com yesterday (http://www.nfl.com/goto?id=09000d5d80ad6f09) that calls his playcalling "fearless."

    Reviews of Cutler have been equally positive. He made one or two mistakes, sure, but those things happen to EVERY quarterback in the NFL. Don't you think guys like Favre and Manning throw picks, or even occasionally fumble the ball? At least Jay's got the maturity and composure to own up to his mistakes. And let's be honest here -- he handling WITH EASE the most diverse and complex Shanahan playbook since the Super Bowl years. Cutler is most definitely the future of this franchise.

    Meanwhile, Norv's little whinefest about one blown call has been generating the so-called "reaming" you're looking for (http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/8569264?MSNHPHMA) because he just won't let it go. Yeah, it was a bad call, and yeah it gave the Broncos a chance to win they wouldn't have otherwise had, but you had several chances -- aptly outlined by JS above -- to stop the Broncos and get the win and you couldn't make it happen! It's time for him to accept the loss and move on.

  • September 17, 2008

    12:48 PM

    Sportz Fan writes:


    Rivers numbers MUCH BETTER than Cutlers...??????

    Though they both had great games, Cutler threw for MORE yards and MORE TD's. Please explain your logic or go back to your preschool class and enjoy your afternoon snack.

  • September 17, 2008

    12:51 PM

    Bill writes:

    They WOULD HAVE been reamed in the media if the correct call would have been made.
    By the way, Norv Turner has every right to complain as much as he wants. His team got shafted in a way that is so undeniable, he can say whatever he wants.
    The problem with Cutler is that he has made several bonehead plays already in his short career. He's already got a reputation for being foolish. These latest gaffes (the fumble and interception) only add to his resume for dumb things he's done.

  • September 17, 2008

    1:09 PM

    Bill writes:


    Rivers threw for more yards (377 to Cutler's 350), and they actually threw for the same number of FAIR touchdowns. It's obvious to everyone that the last touchdown that Cutler threw would not have been part of Jay's stats if the correct fumble recovery call had been made.

    SportzFan - if you're going to shoot your mouth off, at least do us the favor of checking your facts. Try checking the box score I provided and you'll clearly see that your post is a complete and total lie. You just made yourself look like a complete idiot. I thought I would add the assist. You're welcome.

  • September 17, 2008

    1:14 PM

    Jason writes:

    Sportfan has just been owned on this blog.

    What's the matter Sportzfan? Too stupid to check a simple boxscore? How about you stop posting here. You don't have the proper intelligence to be part of this crowd. God. You have been owned.

    Too funny Bill. Good shot, man. That made my day.

  • September 17, 2008

    1:55 PM

    Jay writes:

    Sportzfan doesn't need any help looking like a fool, but yes, Bill, that was in fact a nice assist. Sportzfan is well known for posting stuff that is inaccurate, not thought out and is just plain stupid. Hopefully he'll take the hint that this blog would be better off without him.

  • September 17, 2008

    3:06 PM

    Crimetime writes:

    BroncoFan24 & Chatguy

    Very good post! I admire you two for realistic view. It is what is is. Broncos is 2-0 and my Chargers is 0-2. Both our D was not that good. Unfortunately the good game was ended with bad called. It's till 14 games left and hopefully my Chargers can pull themselves out of the hole and make the playoff.

    I'm looking forward to the rematch in Dec. Good luck to you all the remaining of the games.

  • September 17, 2008

    11:06 PM

    Hey Dorkelson writes:

    Hey Andrew Dorkelson,

    "Did you guys see Rivers numbers sorry but they were much better than Cutlers"

    Okay Rivers threw 27 more yards than Cutler. How is that "Much better"? 27 yards? Let's compare some important stats.

    Rivers 63% and 21 Completions 3 TDs and 1 INT
    Cutler's 72% and 36 Completions 4 TDs and 1 INT

    27 yards less, but 10% better on completions and one more TD...I'd say both QBs were pretty much equal. To say one was MUCH better than the other over numbers that are so close is an overstatement

    Both QB's had very little pressure on them all game and both QB's did pretty much whatever they wanted out there.

    As far as who outplayed who..

    First Downs
    Denver- 34
    SD - 19

    Rushing Yards
    Denver - 145
    SD - 80

    SD had the advantage on the returns, but overall this was a pretty even game. Move on. Cuter and Rivers were both outstanding, both team's offenses were solid. Denver gave up more big plays and SD couldn't stop a drive to save their lives. Yes, they shut Denver down in the 2nd half, but Cutler drove the Broncos down to the goalline twice, threw a bad pass on one possession and got the fumble/bad call on the next. When he had a second chance he scored and SD couldn't stop him. That's life...

  • September 18, 2008

    6:19 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    If the Broncos deserved this game, then why is the referee responding to people's emails stating that he decided the outcome of the game by making a bogus call? You Bronco fans are in serious denial. Take your phantom win and shut up already. God, you're all pathetic. I'll guarantee that Charger fans would have shown much more class if they had been the beneficiary of such a call. It just shows how classless Denver fans are that they not only get the win they didn't deserve, but they feel the need to rub people's faces in it. Classless.

  • September 18, 2008

    8:25 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    In Ed's Defense (and I know he won't excuse himself, that's not him.) If you watch the replay and look at where he was standing when he made the call. He was directly behind Cutler. The SD Defender was 3 feet away from Cutler with his arms in the air when Cutler made the motion of throwing the ball.

    I would think that from Hochuli's angle, it looked like a tipped ball in real game speed and he blew the whistle as incomplete before having a chance to get a second opinion.

    Ed is sharp...he's one of the best refs in the game. I'm sure where he was standing, it looked like a tiped pass.

    All you charger and bronco fans are so quick and easy to make this guy out to be a moron who screwed the Chargers, but we're all watching the game with cameras aimed at the side of the field. I'm sure if Ed had been on the sideline instead of directly behind Cutler, he would have called it a Fumble.

    Regardless, the call was made, you can't change it. Denver shouldn't have had three chances to score after that, but they did, which means the Chargers had three chances to make a stop, and they didn't. Game over. Move on.

  • September 18, 2008

    10:18 AM

    Jacob writes:

    Anyone who believes that a blog actually represents a team's fan base needs to get a life. Blogs are for whiny little high school kids. The Broncos got very lucky in that game but at the same time they took advantage of those breaks. They scored a TD after the Champ "pick" and they got the TD on 4th down and the 2 point conversion after the blown call by Hoculi. Say what you want about their luck but they took full advantage of their breaks. Chargers fans keep talking all this smack about history. You guys really want to open up the debate about history? While we were going to more Super Bowls than everyone but Dallas over the past 40 years you guys have been one of the most pathetic franchises of all time. You still would be there if Atlanta hadn't giftwrapped Drew Brees and LT for Vick for you guys. Think before you speak Charger fans, the NFL did exist before 2001.

  • September 18, 2008

    12:44 PM

    Bob writes:

    "Blogs are for whiny little high school kids." - your words Jacob.

    Yes, these blogs exist just for people like you Jacob. Now, please return the crayola box back to its proper place. It's almost time for recess, and then it'll be nappy time. Maybe you'll also require a diaper change.

    See, you seem to live here Jacob. So, you've just fallen into your own trap. Maybe you should think before you go and lump yourself in with the same people that you're accusing. You're such a fool.

  • September 18, 2008

    1:30 PM

    Joe writes:

    There are some Bronco fans on here that seem to think that they are "better Bronco fans" than than most people on here just because they want to make nice with the Charger fans by saying that the Broncos did not earn the win against the Chargers. Well that is your guys' opinion it dosen't make it fact. Mine and I'm sure quite a few others on here will take that win as a win is a win, that is our opinion. Now you don't have to like it but that dosen't make us any less a Bronco fan than you guys!!! I do agree it was a very bad call. But what did you expect the Broncos to do? Should Shanahan have told Cutler to take a knee after that call and not try to win the game? I'm sure that would have well in Denver!! I'm not trying to argue with people on here like what happened with an earlier cartoon that Drew wrote on this subject,especially with fellow Bronco fans but when I wrote MY opinion on that cartoon(and it was clean at that time)I got attacked by a couple of those so called "better Bronco fans" I mean I kind of expected to hear about it from the Charger fans but not fellow Bronco fans. Oh and btw, nice class those Charger fans are showing by e-mailing Hochuli hate mail!!!

  • September 18, 2008

    2:23 PM

    Foo writes:

    Charger Fans:

    Okay now that's out of the way, you can get over it now and move on. Bad call, you got screwed, and the sun still rises tomorrow.

  • September 18, 2008

    2:36 PM

    Jay writes:

    Not all Bronco fans are as biased as you Joe. You seem unwilling to see that the Broncos really suck just as often as they are great. Point One: Cutler throwing that interception. Point Two: Letting the ball pop out like that at such a crucial moment. He's young, but he's also irresponsible with the ball. This is his 3rd year. These bonehead mistakes cannot happen, period. He's not forgiven just because the Broncos didn't lose the game. He's held to a higher standard now. He's no rookie. Those days are over. But for Jay, he keeps making dumb, foolish plays when there is no need. I don't see this changing. It's become habit.

    Simply put: He's not the long term answer. The Broncos and some fans think so, but he's not.

  • September 18, 2008

    3:36 PM

    Rob writes:

    Cutler made 2 DUMB plays. He did IN FACT cost the Broncos the game. Period. Bronco fans need to realize that. The ball was going to be recovered by San Diego under any circumstances. Cutler did give the game away.

    It was given back by a whistle that had no impact on the fumble recovery. Cutler was still chasing the fumble. Not one player on the field stopped playing.

    Cutler is a liability. For every tight spiral touchdown, he's going to either make a dumb throw into traffic or just drop the ball when no one has touched him like the way it happened Sunday. That kind of trade off isn't worth it. I'll guarantee this - if Cutler is still on the roster (unlikely)when the time comes for Shanahan to no longer be the head coach (very likely sooner than later), Cutler will not be the choice of any other incoming coach. He'll be replaced after the press conference.

  • September 18, 2008

    3:48 PM

    Joe writes:

    Jay,how do you know that of me? I never said Cutler was perfect. Even the great Elway has thrown interceptions!! Every QB does,even Rivers(and yes I do agree that that was not an INT in the 1st qtr,but again not the Broncos fault that the refs got it wrong!). Neither teams defense was stellar and our special teams really needs some work. I don't think we will go to the SB the way our Def. is playing right now but yes I do think we are going to the playoffs. As far as you doubting Cutler,go ahead and do it because he will and is a great QB and yes I am positive about that!!!!

  • September 18, 2008

    8:42 PM

    Jay writes:

    So....just because YOU are positive that Cutler is a great QB.....

    ....that makes it so?

    Are we just a little full of ourselves?

    What a stupid thing to say.

  • September 19, 2008

    5:30 AM

    Joe writes:

    Sooo.... just because YOU say that Cutler won't be a great QB.....
    ...that makes it so?
    Are YOU full of yourself?
    GEE what a stupid thing to say!!!

  • September 20, 2008

    12:56 AM

    Jay writes:

    Well, that proves that theory. Joe really is seven years old.

  • September 21, 2008

    12:38 PM

    David writes:

    First off, I agree with whoever was talking about Houculi's position on the field...He was right behind Cutler and I would bet that the fumble looked like a deflected pass. Second of all, Why are people doubting Cutler's ability?? He is still a young QB and QBs make mistakes. Didn'tFarve throw an interception last week??? I{ bet Elway made a couple of mistake at the end of his career. I would take Cutler over those other two guys that were available in that draft

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