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September 28, 2008 10:30 PM

Broncos losing their luster


Ain't got no defense
...that we can depend on, ain't got nada. If we didn't know what a train wreck the defense is, now we do. Larry Johnson hasn't seen open spaces like that since his visit as a kid to the grand canyon. We're talking open field, nothing in front of you except the air you breathe and God's green earth. More than ever we are seeing just how far this Broncos defense has to go to be competitive. Not good. Not great. Not mediocre. Just competitive.

No, It wasn't Cutler's Last Stand
It just seemed like it. He's young and he's learning. It's going to take some time. Trust me, you'll be thankful for him when you see Brian Griese air it out for the Bucs this next Sunday. Feel free to leave your comments, good or bad. Just keep 'em clean or I'll send Larry Johnson over to run through your living room. And, no one allowed to say it would be better if Plummer were still here. Trust me, it would have been much, much worse.


  • September 28, 2008

    11:19 PM

    Jacob writes:

    Is this the worst Broncos defense we've ever seen? Every big play the defense made was made by Champ Bailey, including big stops in the run game. Imagine how much worse it would be without him.

  • September 28, 2008

    11:34 PM

    Penfold writes:

    I don't think there are very many who are surprised. This was expected by many of the people I know who follow the Broncos. They don't play well in K.C.

    What has to be a concern is that Jay Cutler showed the world that he can become extremely frustrated when he is forced to dink and dunk. He wants so much to air out a ball, that when he can't, he will force throws. When he forces throws, they get picked off. It happened vs. San Diego at the goal line, and it happened twice today. Jay's frustration also showed when he shoved a Chiefs defender to the ground at the end of the game. I'm guessing the refs didn't toss a flag because of the time on the clock, but it just showed the rest of the NFL how to get under Jay's skin.

    It's understood that it's "only" his second full year as a starter, but come on. Cutler, if he expects to be one of the better quarterbacks in the league, must mature. He seems so dead set on showing off his big arm that he fails to think "is this smart?"

    If by the end of this season, Cutler is still making the same bad decisions, it will be time to at least consider other options. I'm not saying a change will be made, but the Broncos don't have the luxury of waiting 3 and 4 years for the franchise quarterback to "get there." I'm of the opinion that Tony Romo will be gone as the Cowboys QB by the end of next season. Big Ben in Pittsburgh got his Superbowl, but now is average. Even Eli Manning will be a one hit wonder. None of these guys are the long term answer. Remember when Daunte Culpepper and Donovan McNabb were the next great quarterbacks? Neither has a title. Both have faded off the radar with one retiring and one languishing in Philly. Teams are forced to move on if quarterbacks don't develop within a few years. There is too much at stake to wait and wait.
    Jay Cutler, to be successful, must just take what defenses give him and make it work. If they give you the 10 yard completion, take it. And then take it again, and again and again. Next thing you know, it's 1st and goal at the 7. It would appear that Cutler has an ego problem when it comes to his "big arm." Does he really think it's wise to throw across your body like he did on the INT? It's a high risk, low reward move.

    Anyway, good toon Drew. By the way, just to throw this out there, what are people's predictions for the Broncos final record now that they've dropped a game?

    I'm thinking it's 7-9 right now. I firmly think that other teams have been paying attention to the defense, and the Broncos are fully exposed and there is nothing they can do about it during the season. There is zero pass rush and they can't stop the run. They simply cannot win by trying to outscore everyone.

  • September 28, 2008

    11:36 PM

    Another Michael writes:

    Today's game really highlights the problems with our D -- or lack thereof.. When you consider the stats so far -- today's outcome shouldn't be very surprising since our track-meet of an offense has really carried us for several games so far this season.. It proves that when mistakes are made on offense -- we're going to lose games because our D just isn't gelling at all..

    We need to get more pressure on the quarterback so that they feel the heat and will panic back there.. So far -- their QB's have nearly finished knitting a quilt much less feel any degree of heat from our pass rushers.. Simply put -- you've got to get to the quarterback in less than 3 seconds or the only way you're going to stop their wideouts is to put them in straitjackets so they can't catch the ball..

    We have got to put more LB's in the box and shove them into the QB's face -- then let the corners do their job to clamp down the quick-in routes..

  • September 29, 2008

    1:31 AM

    Rickety Cricket writes:

    How on God's green earth is this the D's fault?

    I don't know what game you guys were watching, but I was watching the offense turn the ball over 4 times and kick (or miss) field goals inside the 20

    The D could have been better, but the offense really sputtered today

    Arrowhead is Broncos kryptonite, and LJ is Lex Luthor

  • September 29, 2008

    3:19 AM

    TulsaBroncoFan writes:

    Dangerous game for the Broncos....KC was starving for a win and the Broncos were not at all prepared.

    Our Defense stinks...stank...stunk! Not that the Offense was any better though...

    Arrowhead is Broncos kryptonite...sad...but true.

  • September 29, 2008

    6:58 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    Until Cutler stops being so arrogant and decides that he's going to be a leader, theis team is going nowhere. He needs to be a locker room spark and an on the field general. I've seen none of that since he became the starter. He's like the football version of Carmelo Anthony without the police record. He needs to get in other player's faces and call out his teammates. But I guess it might be hard to do when you toss INT's like he did against K.C.

    It might be a good move to bring in a QB this upcoming offseason that is talented enough to push Jay so that he doesn't think the johb is just his by default. He doesn't seem to have any kind of fire under him. I'll give him through next season to prove me wrong and that's it. He's talented, but I just do not see the fire that is required to be a winner in this league.

  • September 29, 2008

    8:06 AM

    ActionCam writes:

    fire the defensive coordinator....
    get rid of the quarterback....
    get rid of the coach....
    move the team out....
    get rid of Bolwen....
    sell the team....
    what a disgrace....
    Coach, find the fault and fire them....
    and most of all.....
    If Plummer had been the quarterback....none of this would have happened...

  • September 29, 2008

    8:21 AM

    Another Michael writes:


    The Broncos D has been the ire of the team all season thus far.. When your offense is capable of putting up 30+ points -- the expectation is that your defense has to HOLD opposing offenses from scoring 30+ points..

    If it was a flawlessly executed offensive outing - it would've been another nail biter.. This is where I think Penrod is out in left field.. Cutler and the offense has been doing exceptionally well (we're still the #1 offense in the league averaging 435 YPG) -- no other offensive unit has been putting up the numbers Cutler as there have been comparisons made of last year's phenomenal ride by the New England Patriots..

    Simply blaming Cutler when he has been performing better than any other QB in the league is a bit mystifying..

    Again -- yesterday's game proves that if you're going to make mistakes -- you're gonna lose.. And if your "D" isn't going to get your back -- then Penrod's 7-9 prediction isn't far off.. The Broncos have done extremely well in the turnover column going into yesterday's game -- but for fumbles by Royal and Marshall -- along side Cutler's 2 picks -- proved to be the difference of the game.. The fumbles led to 10 KC points..

    You take a +1 turnover ration and by day's end -- it's a -3.. D isn't getting pressure on the QB.. D isn't stopping their opposing offenses while the O-side has been doing a pretty good job up until yesterday's game..

    Bailey and the others have said they have a lot of work to do -- thankfully they see at least partially what we're seeing.. It'll depend on whether or not they can do anything about it..

    Or it's going to be a really long season now that the Chargers seem to be re-emerging from their early season slump..

  • September 29, 2008

    8:27 AM

    Another Michael writes:

    "If Plummer had been the quarterback....none of this would have happened..."


    Uh - it did happen - which is why Plummer was replaced in mid-season when he was sought to keep Cutler in the wings so that he could grow his first year.....


    None of this would've happened if Plummer had been the quarterback.... thanks I needed the laugh this morning....

  • September 29, 2008

    9:47 AM

    SE7EN writes:

    It was a team loss. Not saying Cutler is Elway, so just chill before you all jump on me, but Cutler (like Elway), has/had that gunslinger mentality. Especially when Elway was young (as Cutler is) he often tried to force the ball into areas that he had no business throwing to. On both INTs that Cutler threw he had shorter options that were wide open. Graham down the middle, when trying to force it to Marshall, and Stokely underneath the coverage, when he tried to force it past double coverage to another WR.

    He'll learn. Again, I'm not worried about the offense. They had a bad game as many Denver teams of new and old often do in KC. It is a tough place for Denver to play.

    I'm more disappointed in the Defense. The Offense has been doing their job in 3 straight games, putting up 38 pts./game. The one game they struggle, the Defense couldn't step it up to help them out.

    I guess we need to depend fully on the Offense to score 38+ every game because the Defense is completely unreliable.

    Was Bates scheme too complicated? Well they dumbed it down and they still don't get it. What kind of morons do we have on that defense?

  • September 29, 2008

    10:33 AM

    Ted in Vegas writes:

    Cheifs get 213 rushing yards.... MUST LEARN DEFENSE.

    Broncos get 94 rushing yards.... MUST LEARN HOW TO RUN THE BALL.

  • September 29, 2008

    11:11 AM

    Michael writes:

    turnovers, turnovers, turnovers...

    The D was not impressive, but when the opposing offense starts at the one yard line because of stupid turnovers it doesn't really matter how good the D is.

    This was a sloppy game in an environment where the Broncos have never been able to play well.

    I still think this is a 10-6 team, but if they have more sloppy games like this - then forget about it...

  • September 29, 2008

    12:05 PM

    Thrawn writes:

    I realize the offense had a lot to do with the loss as some of you say, but I was really hoping the defense would actually do something this game and prove that their last two games really were the product of playing against two extremely strong offenses.

    They simply did not stop one of the worst offenses in the league. Had the defense been able to get off the field in just a couple of the several third and long situations, we are talking about a completely different scenario by the end of the game.

    They could not get off the field any easier than they could with San Diego or New Orleans. Because of that, the Broncos will be an average team at best.

  • September 29, 2008

    2:49 PM

    Jack writes:

    No one said the the D will be special. They Broncos should go for a big trade using the draft picks that they have aquired. The offense won't always put up a million points and the D has to be there. It's as simple as that.

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