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September 14, 2008 8:16 PM

Broncos' MVP


Quite a shock to the System.
Wow. What an amazing Sunday afternoon, huh? Clearly the story of the game was the non-fumble call at the end that gave the Broncos new life. But, of course, there is the underlying story of Shanahan going for two and the win that is equally as intriguing.

Sometimes you've got to give credit where credit is due.
At times I've been pretty rough in my cartoons about Mike Shanahan, but this time what he did for his team on Sunday was nothing short of heroic. In going for two, Shanahan was willing to fall on the sword and take the blame for the loss. Shanahan was taking the pressure off of his young team and quarterback by going for it all, rather than subject his team to the scrutiny that would have come their way had they lost in overtime. The Broncos, after all, had blown a 21-3 lead. It was one of those moments we'll remember, of course, because it ended in a win. But I find what was implied a much more interesting storyline. It takes a pretty selfless act for a head coach to shoulder all of the criticism that would have come his way had it turned out differently. And for that, in my mind, Shanahan is to be commended. For taking a risk that he knew would be the right thing for the team, no matter the outcome.



  • September 14, 2008

    9:27 PM

    admirable writes:

    Oh, first the call at the plate in last years play-in game, and now the non-fumble call. San Diego fans are not going to enjoy life in Denver, but I am ok with that.

    Nice call by Shanahan for sure.

  • September 14, 2008

    9:39 PM

    TulsaBroncoFan writes:

    WOW!!!! That was the game of the day...Way to win Broncos!
    Rivers can take his classless self and his big mouth and stuff it! Was it just me or did Rivers not have the class to go over and shake Cutler's hand after the game?
    I thought I would have a heart attack when Shanahan called for the 2 point conversion!!!
    Keep going Broncos...Keep winning!

  • September 14, 2008

    10:06 PM

    Penfold writes:

    The Fumble non-call was easily the worst officiating call/non-call I have ever witnessed in 30-plus years of watching NFL football.
    Here's my argument: If officials can pick up flags when an official tosses one in error, then officals should be able to "pick up a whistle" as well. It was obvious to EVERYONE what the correct call was. It was a fumble recovered by the Chargers and that's it. There is no argument. It shouldn't matter if the referee blew the whistle. The right call HAS TO BE MADE. There is too much at stake, the integrity of the game nonwithstanding. The most important thing: GET THE CALL CORRECT WHATEVER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. It's unjust to reward a team by giving them the ball back after they have clearly turned it over. The whistle had no impact on the result of the play. No players stopped playing.
    Look, I know what the technical rule is. The whistle blows, and play is dead.
    But it's wrong on so many levels in this case. It cheats both Broncos and Chargers fans. Hell, it cheats all football fans.
    This rule must be changed, and changed immediately. There is far too much at stake for this kind of thing to take place at this level. I might expect this at a high school game, but not in the NFL. There is zero reason for a referee to blow a play dead when he's not 100% sure. And if a referee knows he screwed the pooch, he should be able to overrule the rulebook for, if nothing else, the integrity of the game.
    Everyone lost on this one call. The NFL gets a black eye, the Chargers get hung with a loss that should have been a win, and the Broncos get a phantom victory and a * next to this boxscore and season should they go on and win the division by a game or make the playoffs by a game. This kind of thing will hang over them for the entire season and will never go away during the times they play the Chargers.
    Te referee should be punished in some fashion. I'm not sure how, but I know that he deserves punishement. It's just not acceptable.
    As for Broncos fans who are claiming that the call didn't really affect the outcome because the Broncos still had to score the touchdown. Consider this. There was just over a minute left. Broncos had two timeouts. If the Chargers are awarded the ball as should have been done, kneel down, the Broncos use a time out. Maybe 2 seconds tick off. Okay, say we're down to 1:10 or something remaining. Chargers kneel down again. Broncos call their last timeout. 1:08 remaining. Now the Broncos cannot stop the clock again. Kneel down on 3rd down, the clock would tick down to 28 seconds. Then San Diego probably punts the ball and quite likely punts it deep and out of bounds. The Broncos would then have to go more like 50 or more yards in half a minute with no timeouts. The punt itself could take up to 10 seconds off the clock, so actually, the Broncos would really be looking at going 50 years in 15-18 seconds and having to get in in the endzone. Impossible? No. Improbable? Absolutely.
    There should be no happiness in Bronco Country. I was a little disgusted to see Broncos players cheering themselves after the game. They shouldn't. They did lose the game, all things being fair. But fair didn not show it's face today and everyone paid the price for that, especially the San Diego Chargers and their fans.

    This is an impartial view. I'm not a fan of either team. I have no interest in playing favorites. But I have a serious problem when the integrity of sport is treated with disrespect. It's supposed to be a level playing field. The NFL's officials should have the freedom to correct errors even if it goes outside the written rulebook. The NFL cannot move on with this season without issuing a public statement from Roger Goodell that this kind of officiating will no longer be tolerated, period. Officials need to be made responsible for their actions, and if they are not, then the game needs to be shut down, torched, and then rebuilt.

    Thank you.

  • September 14, 2008

    10:46 PM

    Mike writes:

    Yes, the wrong call was made. Still San Diego had 2 chances to win and came up short both times on the identical play! Ultimately, their failures do not correct the error, but they had their opportunities and blew it.

    As to the kvetches, I must say for many people Denver appears to be the capital of the blown call. Regardless of the sport so many people "witness" the "worst officiating in their lives" in Denver. It doesn't matter the sport, according to many comments all referees/umpires/judges clearly favor Denver over any other team. Please stop the hyperbole. The officiating Denver receives is no better/worse than anywhere else.

    As to "punishing the ref," how should he be punished? Fired? Suspended? Never allowed into Denver again? Spanked? Please. He made a bad call, it happens. That is part of the human condition. This time it went in favor of the Broncos' favor.

    Penfold raises a good point about being able to reverse a bad call. Maybe that should be put into the replay rule. FOCUS: How should the replay rule be improved?

  • September 15, 2008

    12:17 AM

    Another Michael writes:

    "He made a bad call..."

    Correction: Ed Hochuli exposed a glaring rule conflict with the replay process as it pertains to fumbles and whistles that are blown. How many games have been determined because of a fumble where no one was touched, but an errant whistle caused the play to stop?

    We're also not talking about some rookie referee either -- Ed and his line judges and umpire have been noted to be one of the premier referee groups in the NFL. Ed's knowledge of the rules of the game - substantially goes beyond the speculation that it was a *bad call* insomuch that it illuminates the apparent rule conflict that could not be resolved when a play is whistled dead.

    The play was blown dead ... period. And when you consider *why* replay can't overturn a whistle -- it's because when players are bearing down on a play ... they are trained to STOP at the sound of a whistle. It's partially for safety, it's partially to keep players from getting more aggressive, and it signals the end of a play. All of which goes to the basic premise that this is why you can't have replay overrule a blown whistle (unless someone can give me a scenario of when a whistle *can* be overruled.)

    Shanahan has said repeatedly whenever he's lost close games: it never should come down to one or two plays. If it's that close - you're riding on luck. Today the Broncos got lucky - just as much as they've been on the receiving end of bad karma many times before.

  • September 15, 2008

    12:30 AM

    Penfold writes:

    Since I'm up late and not sleeping due to a cold, I'll elaborate a bit.

    Yes, this was in fact the worst officiating call I have ever seen in 30 years of watching NFL games. Now, I've not watched every NFL game played in the last 30 years, but this call was so obvious that the NFL really needed to step in and change it right then and there. It's an incredible embarrassment to the NFL, the Broncos, the Chargers and all NFL fans who either watched the game or have seen the replay (probably the entire U.S. population by now). But worst, it's a complete embarrassment to Ed Hochulie. To me, at least a one week suspension would be in order. I simply could care less how stellar his record may have been prior to this game. He deserves to be called out and made an example of by his superiors. I would make this argument if the Chargers had managed to squeak out this game. Officials need to be held accountable for their errors. This was not some minor error. This was the game, period. The human condition allows for us to correct our errors immediately if we deem them incorrect. Apparently, the NFL does not empower their own employees to correct obvious mistakes that are obvious to the entire world. It's beyond absurd.
    This has nothing to do with the Broncos being the team that benefited. This could have been the Dolphins/Raiders and it wouldn't change my mind.

    If the NFL isn't completely embarrassed and does not extend an official apology to everyone this affected, then they should just close up shop right now. What this has done is shape a division and playoff format for the entire AFC that was not there until Ed blew his whistle. It is because of him that things have changed. This doesn't affect just the Broncos or Chargers. That's the problem. It affects everything.

  • September 15, 2008

    2:18 AM

    levi writes:

    Penfold, seriously, you make it sound like if Ed Hochuli didn't go on strike as soon as he realized the call was wrong, that he should have been drawn and quartered. Overzealous fans like you are the reason so many fans don't like replay. Yes a mistake on the part of the ref cost San Diego the ball, but NOT the game. San Diego's D cost them the game. Get over it drama queen.

  • September 15, 2008

    4:45 AM

    Robert E. Ratcliff writes:

    This is my first visit to The Rocky Mountain News web site. I lived in Denver for 8 years 1964-72. I sat in the cold and snow watching the Broncos for all of that time and became a life-long Bronco Fan.

    The only Denver thing I get to see on TV here is Woody Paige on the tube. Way to Go Woody!

    Here in NW Florida all the pro football I have is a minimum of 200 miles away (The New Orleans Aint's)

    I miss the Broncos Terribly.

    Why oh Why didn't I visit the Rocky Mountain News before?

    Thanks for giving me a new outlook and I hope more of the Broncos!

  • September 15, 2008

    6:35 AM

    J Will writes:

    Yes it was a bad call... and all this talk about the integrity of the game is very noble. The reason behind this rule though is simple. When the whistle blows, the players stop playing. Simple as that. You can't then rewind the tape, see what really happened and punish the guys that stopped playing at the whistle. If whistle blows could be reversed on instant replay, then why should any one of the twenty-two players on the field stop at the sound of the whistle? It would be an endless scrum at every pile-on, everyone would finish out their touchdown runs even though the runner was down before he fumbled, and what happens when the ball gets stripped after the play is ruled over? Challenge it and see if forward progress really was stopped?? Pure chaos and no integrity could be gained from this stupid madness.

    San Diego had two chances to win. 4th and goal, 2-point conversion... they couldn't do it. Just like in week 1, they couldn't do it. It's always sad when a referee interfers with the flow of the game... but then that's part of the game. As far as I'm concerned, the Chargers had two shots- the Lost Fumble was just dramatic license.

  • September 15, 2008

    7:31 AM

    DTLAV1234 writes:

    This is a lot of hoopla for a small part of this game. Yes, the ref blew the whistle and the outcome of that act changed the flow of the game. Yes, it was not reviewable, but, what about all the mis-called penalties that change the course of the game. The questionable pass interference calls? The missed blocks in the back calls? These games are week in and week out officiated by humans, and that is part of the game. Before instant replay the Ref and his crew was the final, no the only rule on the field! None of us are out there in the middle of large aggressive men in pads and helmets, flying around at full speed. The ref and crew stand there in the midst of this action in no pads, no helmets and watch the game. We sit in our easy chairs watching and analyzing ever move with four or five different cameras in super slo-mo. The officials live this in real time and do a GREAT job of it! Cut them some slack!

  • September 15, 2008

    7:37 AM

    Jerry writes:

    Great win, and we will take it anyway we can get it! I hope SD has 14 more last minute losses because of bad calls this year, and Philip Rivers ends up on suicide watch. Couldn't happen to a bigger p****!

  • September 15, 2008

    9:18 AM

    CT writes:

    Suffice it to say that if the Broncos had been on the receiving end of this call instead of San Diego, Broncos fans would be screaming to the heavens for the referee's head on a stick.
    If your a Bronco fan and you don't clearly admit that, then you're beyond hope.
    Come off it people, we all saw what happened out there. We know the Broncos did not deserve that win. If you're going to be a fan, at least be truthful about it. It's just unfair to call Chargers fans and coaches and players whiners for reacting to an obvious miscarriage of justice.

  • September 15, 2008

    10:45 AM

    Rover writes:


    The Chargers had 2 chances to stop Denver from winning that game in the last seconds. They didn't. Thus they did not deserve to win that game.

  • September 15, 2008

    10:58 AM

    Joe writes:

    CT you are right that if we were on the receiving end of that call that there would be a fair share on here screaming or whining about it but there also would be alot of Charger fans on here to rub it in our faces so that goes both ways!! A win is win the refs make mistakes just like everybody else. Time to move and start thinking about next week. Go BRONCOS!!!!

  • September 15, 2008

    11:21 AM

    Ryan writes:

    OK, IF and that's a big IF, the Chargers would've played better, then the game wouldn't have come down to that "fumble". You can't blame the entire game on one call. Or else you could do that for every single game in the NFL. Bad call, oh well. Go DENVER BRONCOS!!!!!

  • September 15, 2008

    11:26 AM

    Realist writes:

    Dear Broncos Country -

    I am a fan of the Broncos as well, but please.
    Some of you are as classless as you could be. You state that you'll take a win "any way you can get it." It's no wonder why people come out in droves to rip on the Broncos on forums such as this. There's just no reason to rub it in the Chargers' faces. Doing so gives the real Broncos fanbase a bad name. Also, let's just stop with the Philip Rivers bashing. He's a top notch quarterback in the NFL. He did a masterful job of bringing his team back from the early deficit. He also did it without his star running back. Give some credit where credit is due. Don't be derogatory. The Broncos were fortunate twice yesterday. Most teams would be lucky to get one break like this each year and we got two in the same game. Please don't try and make a statement like these calls has no infulence on the outcome of the game, because they clearly did. The NFL has egg on their face today. The Broncos get the "W" but the Chargers were robbed of it plain and simple.

  • September 15, 2008

    11:48 AM

    CT writes:

    On the argument of "if the Chargers had played better then they wouldn't have been in the position to have one call determine the outcome."

    That's just stupid. If you're going to make that argument, then the Broncos shouldn't have had the game come down to a two point conversion needed if they had just built on their big lead and not let the Chargers back in the game.

    Broncos fans got what they wanted. They got their win as Jerry put it "by any means necessary."
    But it's not a real win. The Chargers clearly were cheated out of a victory by a bonehead whistle by the referee. The ref openly admitted that he made a glaring mistake. There is no question at all that that call decided the game. Why can't Broncos fans just accept that and admit that and deal with the fact that this was a giftwrapped win. Did the rewf make the call on purpose? of course not. But it still decided the game.
    Some will say that the Chargers should have bucked up and stopped the Broncos anyway. Well, how easy do you think it is to immediately shed all your shock and dismay within 30 seconds while knowing you were just shafted by a blown call. You're out there as a defnse knowing that you just sealed the victory. Replay upheld the turnover. Now you are told that, well, it was a fumble, you recovered, but you can't have the ball. No team is going to be focused after something like that. No team. That's far too much to expect. Try putting yourself in the shoes of the Chargers players and coaches for a minute and look at it from their point of view. I think you'll see yourself thinking far differently.

  • September 15, 2008

    12:32 PM

    den2mke writes:

    OK, so I haven't read all the posts here, so if this point has already been made, I apologize...

    ...But Penfold, PLEASE...The fumble was a bad call--credit Hochuli and all involved for that admission--but this wasn't even the worst call of the week...

    ...Or did you not watch the Colts game against the Bears. Did you not see the official--on a similar play--blow the whistle on a kickoff, awarding the Colts with the ball (when it was clearly a fumble live) even though two Bears had their hands on the ball with no Colt near-by. In that particular case, the official clearly blew the whistle when it was fumble/no-fumble--not waiting to determine when it may have come out. In this explanation the officials admitted it was a fumble but that since they blew the whistle and decided not to watch what happened to the ball thereafter they couldn't determine who had the ball (even though 4 Bears were on top of it). At least in Hochuli's case, from his view you could argue it looked like an incomplete pass, blowing the whistle to end the play.

    The only reason no one is talking about this is because the Bears went on to win. But this is the second time in two weeks.

    Bottom line, the league has opened itself up to this because they want officials blowing the plays dead--and players stopping play immediately. Anything else means people get hurt. The call was wrong, but the rules were interpreted correctly. Take it up with the league...

    It's unfortunate, but, please, this same call happened one week earlier.

  • September 15, 2008

    1:59 PM

    Phil C. writes:

    CT nailed it. What do people expect the Chargers to do? Just suddenly, in a split second forget that they just had the game stolen right from under their noses? That's not how people react. The Chargers had to be stunned. It's not fair to expect anyone to react indifferently to a situation such as this one. This was as bizarre as it gets. It completely and understandably deflated the Chargers. The Broncos were not only given the ball back, but were also rewarded with an extra down.
    I was actually surprised that Norv Turner was as composed as he was in his post-game press conference. He's absolutely correct to call out the referee's explanation as unacceptable. Yes, by the book the ruling was correct. But it's also very clear that the NFL knows it blew it big time here. This unfairly changed everything. The Broncos better win the divison convincingly, because if this screw up decides it, it's a travesty.

  • September 15, 2008

    2:27 PM

    Jack Lonergan writes:

    well the ref was the MVP but the Broncos were good

    The saints will be a good test

  • September 15, 2008

    3:00 PM

    Aleo writes:

    Not a real win??!?!? Are you crazy? Do you think they'll place a * next to it?

    It was a bizarre call but a correct interpretation of the rules. I would P*SSED if the same call had been made against the Broncos, but it's not the reason they lost. They could not stop the same play twice.

  • September 15, 2008

    3:04 PM

    Glenn writes:

    I guess if that's what it take for your beloved Broncos to beat the Chargers, (who, I'd like to remind everyone, had TWO major calls blown, contributing 15 points to the Denver total)than so be it.

    The entire nation is reviewing the fumble at the end of the game, and very few (other than Denver fans)are saying that Denver should've won the game.

    This was a MAJOR blown call, and regardless of the Ref's experience, I wouldn't be looking for Mr. Hokuli to be reffing this year's Super Bowl.

  • September 15, 2008

    3:09 PM

    D writes:

    I heard they are going to start broadcasting the Chargers games on the Lifetime network! What a bunch of cry babies!


  • September 15, 2008

    3:12 PM

    Glenn writes:

    "D" - Thanks for proving my point.
    Apparently Denver will take a victory against the Chargers (Who have OWNED them the last couple seasons) anyway they can get it.

    And, for the record, I don't see any "crybabies"... I merely see people reminding Denver that this game was literally handed to them.


  • September 15, 2008

    3:41 PM

    Mike writes:

    So, let me get this straight--an NFL mulitmillionaire player can drop an easy pass and everyone just says, "tsk, tsk, he should have caught that one", but an official can't make a mistake by inadvertently blowing his whistle?
    Since when did the NFL hire robots to call their games?
    Players miss blocking assignments, miss tackles, drop catches, miss catches, don't see the open receiver, etc. on every single play. So what!
    The referee blew it (pun intended). Big deal! Move on! It's just a game, nothing more, nothing less.

  • September 15, 2008

    3:57 PM

    Joe writes:

    What do all of you Charger fans want the Broncos to do??? It is what it is!!! They can't give it back so just get over it already. As far us Bronco fans,who wouldn't take the win?? A win is win. Give me a break if the roles were reversed you all would be here talking smack and you all would be calling us crybabies because we wouldn't be happy about it either. Was it the right call no but don't expect us to be sorry that the refs made a bad call and that it cost you the game. Bad calls are made all the time sometimes in your favor sometmes not. You got to take the good with the bad. Go BRONCOS!!!!!

  • September 15, 2008

    4:33 PM

    Glenn writes:

    Hey Joe -
    We expect nothing from you. Bottom line is, the Broncos had a 3 score lead.-They blew it. San Diego, who's performance was dismal, at best, was able to come back and take a lead late in the game.
    You get the "W" - big deal.

    But the thing that I find so ironic is, despite the Bronco's worming a win out of the game, DENVER fans are the one's who've come up with an array of reasoning behind why they deserved to win. -Talk about whiners!
    The truth is Denver deserved to lose. I mean, come on, How fricking funny was it when Cutter went to throw the ball and...ooooops... I forgot the ball! LOLOLOL That was truly a classic play that should be run over and over and over until Bronco fans stop trash-talking about Rivers and a team who has beat them squarely over recent history. -Or have you forgotten the 41 - 3 asskicking at the hands of those same Chargers last year in your own house???

  • September 15, 2008

    6:58 PM

    Lucas writes:

    Face it Donkey Lovers -

    The Donks LOST the game. The Referee GAVE you the W. But the entire world knows if a false W. Everyone knows. Watching that ball fall out of Cutler's hand was the finniest thing I've ever seen in an NFL game. Now, didn't someone post something recently on this blog about Cutler having a million dollar arm and a five cent head? Yep, he proved that point not only on the fumble, but on the interception that preceded it.
    I'll take Rivers any day over the clown you call your starting quarterback. Take your free win and enjoy courtesy of Ed. We'll just get on with overcoming adversity and winning the division anyway. And mark my words, the Chargers will use this as motivation. We are from here out a very angry giant that has been awakened. Don't think for a moment that teams around the NFL aren't paying attention to how soft the Donkey's defense and not-so-special teams are. You've been exposed two weeks in a row. Have a nice 7-9 season. We'll enjoy our 11-5 record when all is said and done.

  • September 15, 2008

    8:47 PM

    Joe writes:

    Glenn + Lucas = SORE LOSERS!!!!! What is a false W?? Never heard of that. Your Chargers choked away the lead last week in your backyard and you choked away another lead yesterday. You still had the chance to stop them on 3rd & goal,4th and goal and the 2 point conversion and you couldn't. Quit your freahin' cryin' it's over and done with nothing will change it,not even all your cryin!!!! You guys give other Charger fans a bad name coming here and trying to talk smack even though you lost!! And yes they LOST!!!!!

  • September 15, 2008

    8:50 PM

    Joe writes:

    One more thing,Lucas the Chargers defense wasn't all that good in case you didn't notice they did give up 39 points!!!!

  • September 15, 2008

    8:59 PM

    Glenn writes:

    I just read that Ed is being reprimanded.
    Also, I keep reading Bronco fans trying to convince themselves that it was a 'deserved win'.
    Ha! Whatever you gotta tell yourself, Joe.

    We all know better.

    But while you're pleading your cases, I'm confident the Chargers will address the things that prevented this from being another drubbing of Denver, rebound, regroup, and be prepared to effect some justification when Jelly-hands-Cutler and associates make their yearly trip to Mission Valley.

  • September 15, 2008

    9:14 PM

    BroncoFan24 writes:

    This is coming directly from a lifelong Bronco fan.

    Shut up.

    The Broncos by all measures lost this game. The only thing that prevented that was a referee's early whistle. The play was not going to change. San Diego was going to recover the fumble (and yes, it was a fumble)no matter what. The NFL knows that the game was decided right there, which is why they are going to change the rulebook and reprimand the referee in question.

    Stop acting like a 10 year old punk and understand what is going on here. The Broncos caught the break of all breaks. Yes, they are 2-0. But they should be 1-1.

    I love the Broncos. I always have. I grew up with this team my whole life. I root for them to the death, but I will not call this a fair and square win ever. I'm embarrassed to wear the orange and blue when fans like you go spouting off crap like that when you have nothing to stand on. I guarantee there isn't a single Bronco player, including Jay Cutler, that truly believes they deserved to win that game. Not one.
    Are they happy they won? Probably yes. But they know they didn't win the game level.

    Please don't defend something you cannot back up.

    To Chargers fans: I apologize for the part of Bronco nation that feels compelled to rub it in. You deserved the win. You earned it. You should have been rewarded. The NFL and it's stupid rules prevented the just thing from happening. I hope this does not prevent your team from competing this season. I love the "rivalry" our teams have. I want it to continue, but continue fairly.
    Keep the faith!

  • September 15, 2008

    9:31 PM

    Chris writes:

    It was like WTH...? Denver got the ball back? Why? ....O the official blew the play dead? For what reason? Aahhhh... I don't get it. The game should have been a blow-out, Chargers. The officials didn't just screw up the calls, they screwed up the momentum of what was a Charger win handed over to on a silver platter....to the Ref's favorite team.

  • September 15, 2008

    10:28 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    2-0 baby!!!!!! YEAH!!! HAHAHAAH!

    Go Broncos!!!

  • September 15, 2008

    10:45 PM

    Geoff Baker writes:

    Thank you BroncoFan24. That was the most intelligent post so far. I too am a diehard Broncomaniac, but I also see things with a fair mind. The Chargers and the Charger fans got screwed hard on this call. I am happy to read that the NFL will look into changing the rules so that this kind of junk never happens again. There are already enough people who think games are fixed. The kind of call that happened Sunday doesn't help. Glad to see a classy Broncos fan, unlike Joe, Mike, D, Den2mke, Aleo, Ryan, Rover, Jerry, Admirable, Levi, DTLAV1234, J Will and TulsaBroncosFan. All of you are terrible excuses for Denver Broncos fans. A real fan fesses up and admits that their team did not deserve a win when the whole world saw what happened. I find it amazing that the imposter Bronco fans here cannot suck it up and say that the Broncos lost this game. You can watch every replay and quote every rule in the NFL rulebook and it will not change the fact that San Diego came into Invesco and walked out with a win. The only thing is, it won't show up on a score board. But they still won. You are not a true Bronco fan if you cannot admit this. My apologies also to the Chargers and their fans for the classlessness that Bronco fans are showing in response to this game. Not all of us are so blind.

  • September 16, 2008

    3:12 AM

    Glenn writes:

    BroncoFan24 and Geoff Baker

    Thanks to both of you for your responses.

    I've been complaining and voicing my opinion about the game being stolen from the team I've grown up with, but your comments are probably about the same that I'd make had the shoe been on the other foot.

    Hopefully, the Chargers will determine why our defense has played terribly in both our games and get back on track to being competitive this season,but the one thing I'm grateful for is that this call didn't happen in a game with the Raiders. -Not only would they rub it in our faces, but they never have and never will have the quality of fans that Denver has.

    Looking forward to the game on our turf. -Should be a real showdown!

  • September 16, 2008

    10:06 AM

    Another Michael writes:

    I'm just waiting for Glenn, BroncoFan24 and Geoff Baker to come out and CONDEMN the line judge that nearly GAVE the Philadelphia Eagles the game last night..

    The WR was pulling on the DB's jersey the ENTIRE TIME and yet the DB was the one that got the flag for pass interference?!?!!

    Where's the outrage?!?
    Where's the call for "fair play"??
    Why aren't you calling for THAT Line Judge's suspension or resignation??

    Ed Hochuli merely highlighted the RULE that probably needs to be changed.. Like every other INSTANCE where rules have been changed in light of incidents like the inadvertent whistle in Sunday's game.. The NFL has already said that it's probably going to look into the rule change next season -- just like they do EVERY year in the off-season when they re-evaluate incidents like this Sunday.. Just some of this years changes:

    • A recommendation to eliminate force-out decisions on pass completions near the sidelines. Now, officials will only have to decide whether a receiver landed in bounds or not. The intended result is more consistency.

    • The “Phil Dawson field goal rule.?. Now, certain field goals can be reviewed by instant replay, including kicks that bounce off the uprights. Under the previous system, no field goals could be replayed.

    • Deferring the opening coin toss. This is similar to the college rule. Previously, the winner of the coin toss could only choose to receive or kick off.

    • A direct snap from center that goes backward will now be treated as a fumble. Previously, it was ruled a false start.

    • Eliminating the 5-yard face mask penalty. Now, only the serious face mask will be called (and will be assessed as a 15-yard penalty). The major foul will involve twisting or grabbing the face mask.

    So quit your whining and take your medicine like a petulant little children you have been acting.. As has been stated several times over already -- the Broncos have been in the exact same position of a missed call, an errant whistle, a non-existent penalty time and time again..

    Guess what -- that's the nature of the game..

    It proves that the game is NOT perfect, nor are the players, coaches and personnel that go into a game each Sunday..

    San Diego was manhandled in the first half -- they had ample opportunities as they did in Week 1 against Carolina.. Good teams play consistent ball for all four quarters -- not for one half when or when it gets close.. The Chargers didn't close this one out like they did last year -- hmm... I guess it means they suck a little bit more or the Broncos got a little bit better..

    Go figure..

  • September 16, 2008

    12:16 PM

    Joe writes:

    Broncofan24,you need to change your name!! If you don't like what I'm saying then don't read it!!! Don't come on here and tell me to shut up behind the safty of a key board, I'm allowed to say what I want!! As long as I'm not cussing nobody out!!! What are you and Geoff Baker the so called Broncofan police or something? I promise you that if the rolls were reversed that those same Charger fans that you two guys are palling up with would be on here talking trash just like everybody else and they would the win and wouldn't apolize for it. So get off your almighty horse already!!! Oh I'm a long time Bronco fan too,so because you don't want to claim that win and you want to make nice with Charger fans then that is your perogitive(sp?). All I was saying was a win is a win,the Broncos can't give it back!! It was the refs mistake not the Broncos,why should they be sorry for taking the win. This would all be a mute point if the Chargers could have stopped them. They had 3 chances and couldn't do it!! No matter what you two and your Charger friends say the Broncos are 2-0 the Chargers are 0-2!!! GET OVET IT!!!! GO BRONCOS!!! From a TRUE Bronco Fan!!!!!

  • September 16, 2008

    12:38 PM

    Ron writes:

    As a football fan and a person who follows the Broncos closely, I would also ask Another Michael to stop posting like an idiot.
    The Broncos only won this game on the scoreboard. Not on the field of play. The Chargers were screwed. Even though I like the Broncos and consider them my team, I am a big enough individual to take off my Orange & Blue glasses and face facts.
    Another Michael - you need to have a reality check. You're in denial. Try being a real fan for once. You are embarrassing yourself.

  • September 16, 2008

    12:54 PM

    Ron writes:

    Joe - please see the above post I left for Another Michael. It's for you too. You guys are losers. You call yourselves fans, but all you do is talk smack. You refuse to see the real story. You bet I'm a Bronco fan, but I'm not willing to accept a victory at any cost. If you can't see clear that the Broncos had the game handed to them. If the Broncos had ended up being the ones who recovered a fumble and had it given back to the Chargers, Bronco fans would have been burning down Invesco Field and looking to commit some kind of capital crime on the referee. Don't come on this board and act like a pure idiot. The whole world knows what went down on Sunday. I'm not about to say Denver won the game square. I'm actually shocked and dismayed at the number of so-called Bronco fans who are acting like fools just because some of us see the real story. You're angry, bitter, spiteful people. You don't deserve to call yourself Bronco fans. If you can't give credit due to San Diego in this case, then you're nothing but a chump.

  • September 16, 2008

    1:50 PM

    Joe writes:

    Ok people I am not coming here calling people idiots or chumps so you people that think you are better than thou need a reality check. Like I have been saying ALL ALONG is that why as A Bronco fan just like everybody else on here do I have to apoligize for that win. Like I said before it is NOT the Broncos fault that the REFS made a mistake. So what should they do, go to the league and say "oh, we don't feel right about this win so can you please give it to the Chargers". So all you self righteous people get over yourselves. At least I'm not coming on here and calling people idiots or chumps because I don't like what they say!!! Also like I said before I'd be willing to bet that if the rolls were reversed that there would be alot of Charger fans on here talking the same amount if not more trash. And one more thing just because you don't like what I'm saying dosen't make any of you better Bronco fans than me. I've been a Bronco fan for a very long time and I've been through some bad calls also but have learned to live with it. Was it a bad call? Hell yes it a bad call,but bad calls will happen all the time. They just to overcome them. They had 3 chances to stop them and they couldn't, and for that I'm going to apoligize for taking the win!!! Go Broncos!!!!

  • September 16, 2008

    2:04 PM

    Ron writes:

    No one here is saying that the Broncos should take the W out of their standings sheet. We're saying that the W was not earned. It was given on a technicality. Therefore, it is not a fair win. We as Bronco fans are taking the high road (a place you might want to investigate.)
    You keep saying that the Chargers still had to stop the Broncos 3 times. That argument doesn't hold water because had the fumble been enforced as it should have been, the Chargers would have basically run out the clock and those Bronco goal line plays never happen. Your argument is not only weak, it's not factual.

  • September 16, 2008

    2:43 PM

    Another Michael writes:

    Ron -- then why didn't the Chargers capitalize in the entire first half then?? Obviously they weren't as dominating as they were last year -- or the whole "technicality" would be a moot issue..

  • September 16, 2008

    3:14 PM

    Joe writes:

    It was ruled a fumble that is why the ball was put back at the 10 yard line,the bad call was that the ref had blown the whistle because he thought it was an incomplete pass. Maybe you Ron should get it right before you try to put somebody down!!! Almost the samething happened last night in the Dallas game when DeShaun Jackson prematurly celebrated that TD and let go of the football,the refs ruled it a fumble but because none of the Cowboys jumped on it because the refs called it a TD it was the Eagles ball on the 1 yard line. The difference there is the refs got it right but imagine if the Cowboys would have jumped on the ball.

  • September 16, 2008

    4:39 PM

    Joe writes:

    http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/8569264?MSNHPHMA Everyone needs to check this article out.

  • September 16, 2008

    4:48 PM

    Joe writes:

    AARRGGGGHH, ok I messed up but you all should check out the article on foxsports.com by Mark Kriegel it is good and check out the results of the poll.

  • September 16, 2008

    6:23 PM

    Ron writes:

    "Ron -- then why didn't the Chargers capitalize in the entire first half then?? Obviously they weren't as dominating as they were last year -- or the whole "technicality" would be a moot issue.." - Another Michael

    This argument is even more dumb than the first. Do you really want me to say it? Sure?

    Okay, you asked for it....

    If the Broncos had actually decided to take the Chargers seriously (which, of course, they never seem to do) they would have continued to step on the gas and never would have allowed the Chargers back in the game. The fact is that Denver's defense is awful, probably worse than last season if that's possible. They don't have an excuse. The Chargers are missing their best defensive player for the entire season. The Broncos have their full complement of players. The Chargers also didn't have Tomlinson and it took a refs whistle for the Broncos to "win" the game. Put up any kind of lame argument you want to, but the fact still remains that the Broncos did not earn this game. Nothing will ever change that. Nothing.
    As I have said, I am a Bronco fan, but I will never accept any Bronco fan saying that this "W" was earned. No way, no how.
    By the way, Joe...the Cowboys game has nothing to do with the Jay Cutler fumble. Two totally different situations. The cowboy receiver was showboating and the Cowboys never picked up the ball and recovered it. Don't try that lame excuse either. If you're going to try and make a point, try and be intelligent. I am sick to death of people claiming to be "real Bronco fans" disrespecting the game by trying every angle to find a reason why the Broncos deserved the "W". You aren't real fans if you can't accept the fact that the Chargers had the game stolen from them by a horribly awful decision on the part of the official. Face up to it or find another team.

  • September 16, 2008

    7:31 PM

    Joe writes:

    Ron you are a complete F@#$in idiot,read what I said. I said it almost happened again,NEVER did I compare it to the Cutler fumble!!! Jesus!!! If you want to say it wasn't earned than that is YOUR opinion. It dosen't make it fact!! If I want to say it is earned like most every other TRUE Bronco fan does than that is our opinion. But you are right it was an awful decision by the REF. It wasn't the Broncos mistake. So what!!! Do you want the NFL to make an extra column to make you happy!!! It is what it is!!! And besides are you "THE ALMIGHTY BRONCO FAN" who decides who can be a Bronco fan. Where do you live in Iraq? GO BRONCOS FROM A TRUE DIE-HARD BRONCO FAN FOR LIFE no matter what you say Ron!!!!

  • September 16, 2008

    7:48 PM

    BroncoFan24 writes:

    You know Joe, with your profanity and racial Iraq comment directed at Ron, I'm quite sure that you do not belong here. From past experiences, Drew does not condone racial attacks or remarks on his blog. I think I can speak for the entire blog when I say that you are invited to leave. Just leave this place quietly and do not return. I'm about as mad as I've been in a long time after reading that Iraq remark. You're a disrespectful punk who just crossed a line that is not welcome to be crossed. Get lost. You're no fan. You're simply a two-bit punk who thinks it's funny to throw racial remarks at people from behind a name on a blog.
    Good riddance to you.

  • September 16, 2008

    10:23 PM

    Another Michael writes:

    "The Chargers are missing their best defensive player for the entire season. The Broncos have their full complement of players. The Chargers also didn't have Tomlinson and it took a refs whistle for the Broncos to "win" the game. Put up any kind of lame argument you want to, but the fact still remains that the Broncos did not earn this game. Nothing will ever change that. Nothing."

    Ron -- You cited the following reasons for San Diego's debacle:

    1.) No Merriman
    2.) No L.T.
    3.) The whistle

    Now -- a quick check of the stats in last year's blowout games would've probably helped you a bit:

    Week 5:
    LT: 21 carries for 67 yards, no TD's
    Merriman: only 3 Tackles

    Week 16:
    LT: 19 carries for 107, 1 TD
    Merriman: 1 tackle, 1 assist

    So out of the three excuses you named -- you get partial credit for LT since he at least scored and went over the century mark in a meaningless game in week 16.. Merriman's impact doesn't barely register -- so I'm not even sure why you're even making THAT claim..

    Pure and simple: you win when you play -- San Diego wasn't really interested in playing until they fell behind and had to play catch-up.. It's the same thing they did in Week 1 against Carolina -- and yet you seem to GLAZE over that little factoid as though it was an aberration..

    So once again I'll ask: why did San Diego choose to show up for only half a game when there are clearly 4 quarters of play in every NFL game?? Darren Sproles seemed to show up -- where was Rivers for the first 30 minutes?? Gates?? Chambers and Jackson??

    Is the whole team going to lie down on the field and play dead just because L.T. isn't in the game?? He didn't do ANYTHING in week 5 last year and it was STILL a Charger blowout..

    Enough of the excuses -- damn -- any team in the NFL that can't execute for 60 minutes doesn't deserve to win.. The Broncos obviously didn't in the second half -- and had they lost, they too would've deserved it.. You need to stop giving "half credit" to the Chargers and whine about how poorly they were treated by the ref's whistle when they CLEARLY didn't play a 60 minute ball game..

    By your measure -- if the Broncos STINK that badly -- then there's NO POSSIBLE WAY they should've been able to run up 39 points when they could only muster a TOTAL of 6 points in BOTH games they played last year..

    You may want to at least try to be a bit more consistent with your next post..

  • September 17, 2008

    2:56 AM

    Joe writes:

    Dude that wasn't meant to be racial,what I was trying to say is that we live in a free country and we are allowed to say whatever we feel here. All I meant by asking him that is that is that if he lived in Iraq(which I know he doesn't by the way!)he wasn't free to say stuff like that. Ron was trying to be "THE ALMIGHTY BRONCO FAN" by trying to tell people who and who can't be Bronco fans. Like he is superior over everybody else.It wasn't meant to be a racist remark and I certainly apoligize if it affended you or anyone else on here. But I will stay on here,but I will try to watch what I say as I certainly don't want to affend anybody!! As for you Ron,let's just agree to disagree on this subject!! GO BRONCOS!!!

  • September 17, 2008

    8:20 PM

    The Rest Of The Blog writes:

    Joe said:
    "Dude that wasn't meant to be racial..."

    Um, yeah, right. We don't believe you. Nice attempt to cover up your remark.

    Please go away.

  • October 4, 2010

    10:16 PM

    Carrie Fisher writes:

    Terror alerts in European countries. Correct. I am a lot more afraid of simpleton gun people today with this area. Usually feel free from danger within the EU.

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