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October 8, 2008 9:24 PM

Avalanche Ahead


It's the Ice Age
The Avs are back and Cap'n Joe is at the helm. The Season promises to be a fun one but the expectations are much lower then they have been. It's going to take some adjustments for fans to embrace a team that probably will struggle just to make the playoffs. I do hope Joe's 401k is faring better than mine.

Wish it was Patty Cake
I miss Patrick Roy. I miss his swagger and his intensity on the ice. Mostly I miss those fantastic saves. I'm going to have to find a new Avs player to draw. No one misses those classic Avs players more than I do. I mean Mike Ricci was a cartoonists dream come true. And I will NEVER understand the female fan base that Ricci inspired. My wife actually thought he was sexy. If you've got some predictions for this season or can explain the female attraction to Mike Ricci, by all means blog away.

Seperated at birth
Mike Ricci

geddy lee.jpeg
Geddy Lee (from the rock band, Rush)



  • October 8, 2008

    10:59 PM

    Jacob writes:

    This coming from a die-hard Avs fan:

    The best player on this team is Paul Statsny, he's good, not great, but a good player in the NHL and should continue to get better, but after him, what do the Avs have? Sakic is incredible in that he's still a good NHL player at his age but after him, there's not much left in the cabinet. Milan Hejduk is a good offensive player but I would trust just about anyone else on the defensive end of the ice other than him. Wolski is an emotional train wreck, if that guy could ever get it toether maybe someday he'd be good but for now he's ok on the offensive end and a liability on defense. The top 2 lines are solid but not spectacular. The checking line is good enough and the 4th line is well, a 4th line. The defense is where the problem lies. Adam Foote is good but for how much longer? Physical players like him do not last as long in the NHL and we're just waiting for him to slip. John Michael-Liles is a fantastic offensive defenseman. Too bad he's not an adequate defenseman. That's not a knock against his skills, but more his size. The last time we saw a dominating 5'10'' defenseman was in the 1940s. The rest of the defensive corps is overly mediocre. The goaltending situation is pretty bad. The best hope that the Avs have is that Budaj realizes his potential but he hasn't up to this point so there's not much optimism that he will this season. Andrew Ray"soft" is not the answer and is nothing more than a backup goalie, Bruins fans have assured me of this. The Avs could sneak into the postseason seeing how half the league makes it and they really are the definition of a mediocre team. A 40 goal season by Svatos or 115 points by Sakic or a 2.24 GAA by Budaj could elevate them into the upper third, but really the best case scenario for this team is to be 2nd round fodder for Detroit, San Jose, or Dallas. Future posters will probably paint me as some sort of Avs hater as this blog tends to attract only people who irrationally hate Colorado teams or people who are constantly equipped with Colorado tinted lenses so future posters will undoubtedly rip me for being too negative or too optimistic, but realistically, the Avs could finish anywhere from 6th to 12th in the conference. Not last, not first, but somewhere middling in between.

  • October 9, 2008

    10:22 AM

    Teddy writes:

    Avs fans have been spoiled rotten for a decade and some. Now the payback from the hockey gods ensues.
    Get used to the Avs sucking for a good long while folks. All they have to depend on is draft choices panning out. You know how long that kind of thing takes? About 5 years minumum. The Avs have been drafting at near the bottom of the barrel for all this time and all they've come up with is Paul Statsny (who will, soon enough, have to be resigned to a new contract and the Avs won't be able to afford it and they'll end up trading him.) The Avs want you to believe that the CodyMac's and David Jones and a gimpy Svatos are here to save the team. That's a laugh. They want to hand over the keys to 22 year olds and 24 year olds and 20 year olds? That doesn't work. The best free agent they could get to come here was Darcy Tucker.
    How's that Ryan Smyth signing working out? Yeah, about as well as the Selanne and Kariya signings did.
    How did that Theodore trade work out? How about bringing back Parker, Foote and Forsberg? Didn't work out one bit.
    The Avs don't realize that there are now teams like Washington, Pittsburgh, and Chicago on the rise and the Avs are no longer even thought of as a contender. They have become an Also-ran franchise.
    That's good for hockey.
    Thank God all the days of Kronke buying Cups is over. Because the Avs can no longer buy Cups, they will never win another one. Teams like the Avs can't compete unless they can outspend everyone.

    Have fun watching the WINGS raise yet ANOTHER EARNED STANLEY CUP BANNER TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • October 9, 2008

    12:04 PM

    Thrawn writes:

    ...And it is a guarantee whenever there is an Avs cartoon, there will be at least one poster on this blog that feels dutifully compelled to point out how lucky we have been as fans by calling us spoiled. (As if the Avs were the only sports franchise most of us supported and never rooted for a losing team.)

    I also find it interresting to see posters like Teddy blast the Avs fans for being spoiled and having an owner "buy" cups... Then he goes on to praise the Redwings for "earning" their cup. Now there's a spoiled group of fans. I can't recall a single season where the Avs outspent them in the past and if they did, it wasn't by much. (They even had close to an 80 million dollar payroll with about 17 million wrapped up in goaltending a year or two prior to the lockout with Hasek, cujo, and Legace. That was almost half a roster for many clubs.)

    As far as the Avs go, I do not believe they will finish 12th. They are essentially the same team they were last year with only a few exceptions, Sakic and Smyth were out for 3 months, and Stastny missed almost 2 months. Jose Three-or-four is gone and he was improved last year, but people forget that Budaj was the guy in net when the Avs made that late season charge falling one point short of the playoffs. The potential is there for this team. I believe this team CAN win the division. Whether it happens remains to be seen, but I feel a little better about this team than many of the experts. I've been wrong before.

  • October 9, 2008

    12:55 PM

    Jeremy writes:

    Since the salary cap is relatively new to the NHL, most NHL die-hards don't seem to realize that the Salary cap means ALL teams have weaknesses. Parity is the name of the game. To name 3 or 4 star players and then say that the rest of the team is mediocre is not an indictment of the Avalanche, but rather an indictment of the posters' intellects. The only team that seems to buck this trend is the Dead Wings, and kudos to their scouting department for that.

  • October 9, 2008

    1:12 PM

    Nate writes:

    The REDWINGS are the best team in the NHL.

    The Avalanche are worthless. The Avs will finish dead last in their division. They won't even win 27 games. That's how bad the Avalanche are. Why Sakic wanted to end his career with this bunch of losers is beyond me. Come on Joe, get real. Go out a winner with a real team. Demand a trade to the Wings. We'll treat you better and we'll get you the Cup so you can retire on top.

  • October 10, 2008

    11:50 AM

    [-=m2=-] writes:

    What's the deal with most every post being article length? Short and sweet, you don't need six paragraphs to indicate your love for the Red Wings, and distain for the Avalanche.

    Personally, I think Jacob hit the nail on the head.

    This team is struggling for identity, and struggling to understand the new NHL, which is too bad because folks here in Denver really did love the AVS.

    Our only potential this year is how average the entire NW division is. Honestly I don't see any specific team as the team to beat in this division.

  • October 10, 2008

    9:54 PM

    Shawn writes:

    The Northwest Division will stack up like this:

    1. Vancouver
    2. Edmonton
    3. Minnesota
    4. Calgary
    5. Colorado

    The Avalanche fan base is just a bunch of Broncos fans in disguise anyway. There are no real hockey fans in Colorado.

    There is only one HOCKEYTOWN.

  • October 11, 2008

    12:22 AM

    bossgirl writes:

    WTF is wrong with you? This cartoon is not funny at all. We get it. Sakic is getting older. That doesn't mean he can't play hockey any more. This cartoon is a slap in the face to one of the greatest players of this franchise and a future HOFer. Have some respect.

    /super sick of all the Sakic/Forsberg bashing

  • October 16, 2008

    12:18 AM

    SE7EN writes:

    Bossgirl, hmmmm I don't think the point Drew was making was to bash Sakic. You fail to grasp the message alltogether. This Avs team will be doing well if they make the playoffs. If they make the playoffs, they don't have the depth or talent in net to threaten the top teams in the NHL. To me, older stars like Sakic, usually come back to compete for a championship. Sakic's chances of doing that with the Avs are slim to none. At his salary, this is just money in the bank for his comfy retirement. Sakic is still good, but this team is FAR FAR FAR AWAY from what it was in the late 90's/early 2000.

    Allow me to remind everyone...doesn't matter who we have on this team. Tony Granto is the head coach...we're going nowhere until they get a real coach in here.

  • October 16, 2008

    12:22 AM

    SE7EN writes:

    I'm still scratching my head at the fact that Tony G. is head coach...I still can't get over that selection by guiguere. For a moment, I thought he was really doing well, taking this team with a lot youth in the right direction...then he goes off and signs Tony Granato. Wasn't Guiguere paying attention the first time he was Head Coach, or was he too busy getting Lacroix's crap on his nose?

  • October 28, 2008

    2:28 PM

    Rick writes:

    Drew: If you miss not being able to draw some of the old Ava's players of the past, you need to look no further than the mug shot of Ian Laperiere, or Lappy. This guy is a kick in looks, word, and deed. A can't miss character live and in person. I would love to see you do some work on this guy. I now keep telling friends who live out of state to check out your work on this web sight. You are the best at your business.

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