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October 21, 2008 5:55 PM

Baseball: It Needs Wheaties


What is this, Family Feud?
Why does this World Series matchup sound more like an episode of Family Feud? You know, It's the Phillies against the Rays. You can call them Rays or you can call them boring. Whichever fits your mood.

I survived the Broncos defense and all I got was this lousy Series.
That kind of sums up my feeling of the day. I'm sure America was saying the same thing last year when the Rockies went and couldn't carry the Red Sox batting gloves. Which is exactly the reason baseball needed an exciting series like Dodgers-Red Sox or Cubs-Angels. Anything but Phillies-Rays. I mean, let's face it, even Tina Fey vs. Sarah Palin would be an improvement. Don't 'cha think?

Poll: How interested are you in the Rays-Phillies World Series matchup?


  • October 22, 2008

    9:14 AM

    good ol' george writes:

    Phillies in four. The sooner its over, the better. Long live Jamie Moyer.

  • October 22, 2008

    12:02 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    Poor, poor, ignorant rockies fans. You don't even realize that the rest of the world thought of your fluke trip to the WS last year the same as your cartoon writer thinks about Tampa Bay/ Philly this year. No one cared, because you didn't matter (as was evidenced by the sweep at the hands of the Bosox).

    Now, keep living off that fluke for the next 10 years, like you did after you backed into the wild card way back in '95.

    Seriously, what a embarrasing franchise. No wonder all rockies 'fans' are so sad and pathetic.

  • October 22, 2008

    2:15 PM

    Cad-Man writes:

    Drew, normally I'm a big fan of yours, and agree w/ most everything you do. But really, Baseball is the greatest sport of all.

    Any one who is a BASEBALL FAN will be watching the series, (and I'm one!) There'll be many others who are Rockies fans who will be watching also. I/m guessing the ratings will be good, (not great, but good.) We'll see.

    As for Mr. Anonymous, go hide somewhere, and don't comment on Rockies fans anymore. If the Rockies fans are a sad bunch, how do you think the Cubs fans feel? They follow their team just as Rockies fans do. There are a bunch of teams that never make it to the Playoffs, so don't pick on just Rockies fans.

    Talk about embarresed,and pathetic, you must be, otherwise you would not log on as (Anoy)-mous. (get it?)

    Get a life and enjoy the sport for the sport, instead of making a Jackass out of yourself on this site.

  • October 22, 2008

    4:14 PM

    Michael writes:

    Well said Cad-Man.

    I for one am very interested in the Series. It is the Fall Classic.

    Besides, I love it when any team that is not one of the usual suspects (BoSox, Yankees, etc.) gets into the World Series. Good for Tampa Bay. I for one hope they win it all.

    Finally, Tampa Bay is not a fluke and the Rockies were not a fluke. Winning one game could be a fluke. Heck, winning a series can be a fluke. But, making it through 162 games and the playoffs to make it to the World Series is never a fluke. Maybe they will not be able to replicate the fantastic season they had, but for this season the Rays are the AL champs, just like the Rockies are the 2007 NL champs.

  • October 22, 2008

    7:01 PM

    Jim writes:

    Drew...what was your cartoon last year...oh that's right ...a steamroller going over the rockies.
    Maybe if colorado had a team that was exciting and interesting...you wouldn't think what you do about baseball.
    You should change that cartoon to a broncos fan cause the number of flakes coming out of the box should equal the amount of wins they have left in them.
    Good day,

  • October 22, 2008

    7:56 PM

    Phanatic writes:

    Phillies in 3. Yeah, I said it.

    Tampa will actually forfeit game 4 because of sheer embarrassment.

    That's right.


  • October 23, 2008

    10:48 AM

    chowdahead writes:

    As a Sox fan, I'm trying to swallow my dissapointment.

    Knowing that if Beckett, Lowell,and Papi were healthy, the Rays would be on the links spanking whitey instead of us,is bumming me out.

    Go Phillies, hopefuly they find Kryptonite for Upton and Longoria, those two couldn't be pulled off my boys with the jaws of life!

    Rooting for Charlie Manuel, one of the good guys in baseball

  • October 24, 2008

    7:38 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    God forbid the Rays win this series.

    Baseball is intended to be played outside on grass. Not in a dome on rubber carpet. I have less problem with places like Miller Park or the stadium the D-Backs or Blue Jays play in, because at least the roof can be opened and ball can be played under natural light and a real sky. Thank God the series gets to be played for a few games the way it's supposed to.

    Artificial turf needs to be outlawed.

    And look Rays fans....lose the damn cowbells. They're seriously annoying.

  • October 24, 2008

    1:13 PM

    Jacob writes:

    Uneducated baseball fans tend to dislike series that don't involve Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York because they are under the impression that those must be the best teams because they hear about them the most. Anyone who actually paid attention to baseball this year will see that this is actually going to be a pretty good series. The Phillies played 2nd fiddle to the Cubs in the National League all year long and never really looked vulnerable. They are a very very good team who is very deserving to be in the World Series. The Rays were the best team in baseball ALL YEAR. They played the hardest schedule, they had the 2nd best record (The Angels got to fatten up on the Rangers, Mariners, and A's, all jokes of baseball teams) in the majors and was one of the few teams who played well on the road in the AL. They played in by FAR the best division in baseball and came out on top. They are one of the greatest stories in the HISTORY of baseball Drew. If you put New York on the front of their jerseys I guarrantee you that Drew would be interested in this series. Congratulations Drew, you and 95% of Rockies fans (this coming from one of the few die hards who actually showed up to games when their infield was comprised of Mike Lansing, Neifi Perez, Jeff Cirillo, a dominating Todd Helton and Bobby Estallella catching) have proved to us and the rest of the country that unless you have a horse in the race or a main media market is involved, you're not that educated about baseball.

    On a side note, calling the Rockies a fluke last year is irresponsible journalism. Their run of 13-1 to make it to the playoffs is just as fluky as their 1-9 road trip in June. Take away both of those "flukes" and the Rockies are still 73-63 last year. That's a .536 winning %. Not good enough to finish with the 2nd most wins in the NL (which they did) but good enough to make the playoffs in the NL Central and NL East. They were the best hitting team in the NL last year, had the best ERA in the second half, and they played the best defense of anyone ever. They demonstrated over a fairly large sample size that they were a good team last year. Now did they overachieve? Yes, especially in the playoffs, but that's the nature of the playoffs. Look at the Cubs this year, they were the unequivocal best team in the NL for 162 games and then they had a bad 3 game stretch and their entire season was over. The MLB playoffs is all about who is playing best at that time, not necessarily who is the best.

  • October 24, 2008

    6:12 PM

    Penfold writes:

    The AL East is not the best division in baseball. The NL Central is. The AL East just happens to have the 2 teams in baseball that spend the most money, so it appears that they are the best. The Orioles suck. The Blue Jays are nothing special. The Yankess are on a decline and have been for just about 8 full years now. Boston is the only real powerhouse. That Tampa Bay overachieved thei season is an understatement. Yes, they have nice solid young players. But that's just it. They're young. They're probably going to be good for a while, and by good, I mean 3rd place in the AL East good. Boston will almost surely win the division next year and the Yankees will overspend again to try and get Sabathia, Tex, and/or any and all other big names they can toss hundreds of millions of dollars at. The Yankees will overspend and outspend almost everyone because of two things. One, they will have a grand new ball park to play in and they want to break it in with style. Two, they don't want the rest of Derek Jeter's career to be outside the spotlight. The Rays on the other hand can't even get funding for a new stadium. The Rays will be ripe for a firesale very soon even if they win this World Series. They will not be able to afford their own players soon enough. Sound familiar, Rockies fans? Yeah, I thought so.

  • October 25, 2008

    2:51 AM

    Chowdahead writes:

    "have proved to us and the rest of the country that unless you have a horse in the race or a main media market is involved, you're not that educated about baseball."

    Jacob,must be lonely at the top......please don't hurt yourself as you blow sunshine up your own....you know

    Guess what? You're in the minority, you probably play in three fantasy leagues and know the career batting average of Tris Speaker, John Vanderwall and know Brett Saberhagen's lifetime ERA, good for you.....good for you

    To the CASUAL baseball fan (and btw don't use uneducated, you just sound like an a-hole) this series has a SERIOUS lack of star power, with apologies to Ryan Howard. Evan Longoria doesn't count, he has had a GREAT rookie season, but isn't eating Subway on TV just yet.

    Watch it, enjoy it, just realize that a lack of major media markets make the fall classic a little less interesting to the casual fan, and yes to those of us who's teams are out of the running.

    As a Sox fan there is some disappointment (especially as I look at the rotation for the Phillies) and hopefully as you sit on your golden throne, sip your cognac and pet your hairless cat on a velvet pillow you can find it in your "heart" to understand that.

  • October 25, 2008

    8:42 PM

    Walt writes:

    Hey Drew - What happened to your beloved Buffs today?


    Is this why we haven't seen a toon about CU football lately? You were drawing toons earlier when they were winning? What's the matter? Can't seem to muster up the courage to draw negative toons about the Buffs?

    Fair weather cartoonist, I guess. Just like the fans.


  • October 26, 2008

    9:02 PM

    Jacob writes:

    Gotta love the "knowledgable" fans that judge how good a team is by how many commercials their players do. I would respond to your ridiculous assertions but I don't feel like being countered by the argument of "Player X isn't in a national commercial, hence he is not good." I'd also like to say that Chowdahead is not like the rest of Red Sox fans. I go to school in the heart of Red Sox Nation and they all are very knowledgable about the sport.

  • October 27, 2008

    1:03 AM

    chowdahead writes:

    Jacob, not only are you a p****, but apparently can't read.

    Apparently whatever finer institute of learning you attend in the Northeast, although I would hardly call getting your GED at night school any of that, please seek a refund

    You didn't read one word I said, as evidence by your post

    please leave your moronic posts for the pegboard in your dorm

  • October 27, 2008

    12:10 PM

    Jacob writes:

    I was responding to your moronic assertion that no star power must equal no talent. Perhaps it should be you who should try and read. I'm guessing that you didn't go to college based on your logical reasoning so if you ever need any help you can call me, you know, at my night school getting my GED.

  • October 27, 2008

    2:58 PM

    chowdahead writes:

    when did I EVER say no star power equals no talent, go ahead, read my previous post....I'll wait.......

    That's what I thought, I said lack of STAR POWER = lack of interest for the casual fan, not lack of talent, two very different things

    Get your friggin' facts straight, you giant tool

  • October 27, 2008

    10:35 PM

    Jacob writes:

    Sorry Chowda, I was working under the assumption that the "casual" (although I think that casual fans would be insulted to be thrown into that category with you) would only need good baseball to have interest in a series. I truly do apologise. Don't worry though, I'm sure that American Idol and Dancing with the Stars and other programs that show shiny things to keep you entertained will be back on soon enough.

  • October 27, 2008

    10:51 PM

    Jacob writes:

    Chowdahead, I'd like to apologise for my views about you. I was working under the assumption that it took good baseball to interest you in a series. Don't worry though, I'm sure that American Idol and Dancing With the Stars and other programs that show shiny things to hold your attention will come back on so you don't have to watch this unbearable World Series. Maybe they can form a league in which only teams with the highest payrolls can compete. That way you can be ensured that even if the baseball isn't the best, at least you will know who struck out for the 3rd time in a game.

  • October 28, 2008

    1:45 AM

    chowdahead writes:

    And thank you Jacob, for proving my point, that you are in fact a giant tool

  • October 28, 2008

    10:48 AM

    Jacob writes:

    And thank you for not defending yourself from my attacks proving my point that your baseball knowledge stems from commercials. You're a stain on Red Sox Nation.

  • October 30, 2008

    11:02 AM

    Howard in Colorado Springs writes:

    Firstly, in response to a (much) earlier post, there are no more loyal football fans than Broncos fans, save Redskins' fans; they (Redskins), after all, hold the consecutive sell-out record. Close on thier heels are the Broncos' fans, however. Any football fans of the NE section of the country, and anybody else for that matter, are Johnny's-come-lately, in my view. So, you presuming to lecture us on proper football fandom and fan etiquitte is laughable, at best.

    Secondly, like a very many number of Colorado natives of my age, I look upon any conversation about baseball with bemusement - and I don't care to be enlightened! (Please don't accuse me of being "Provincial"; I have been around the world, and have copiled years overseas convincing myself that Colorado is where I most want to be)

    Baseball is a game from a bygone era best suited for broadcast on an antiquated medium - radio!

    "Even when there is nothing going on in a baseball game - there's a lot going on!" That is a quote from a former national sports host, but my response is, "I want to be entertained!" If I want to figure something out I will go open up a Physics book, instead.

    Any (baseball) airtime on radio, TV, Satellite Radio or any other medium is a waste; conversation on the topic is also a waste. Come to think of it, writing this missive is a waste because all you baseball purists don't "get" how incredibly boring your "National Pastime" really is!

    It should be called the "National Past Time" as that is what it has become; it has been supplanted by football, long since.

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