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November 23, 2008 11:19 PM

Broncos get Raided


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  • November 24, 2008

    12:57 AM

    Rickety Cricket writes:

    This loss had NOTHING to do with injuries or lack of running attack, in fact Hillis looked like a stud at times with some tough running

    This had to do with a lack of heart, the Broncos looked like a team that was uninterested in playing hard, let alone winning. They deserved to get smacked in the mouth.

    God forbid this team makes the postseason, it's a sham that they are in first place..

    Hope everyone's looking forward to another one and done playoff run.

  • November 24, 2008

    6:49 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    The Broncos (Donkeys) are the most pathetic team in the NFL. They're actually worse than Kansas City, seeing how K.C. has already beaten them down this season. The 6-5 record is due to the creampuff schedule the Donks have had, save for a couple of games, and due to the division they play in.
    Just goes to show how far the Broncos have fallen since Elway retired.
    Maybe Jay Cutler can decide that having a stronger throwing arm isn't more important than winning games. He's an immature little punk that feels like he has to complain to the officials after every single play.
    Hey Drew, for your next toon, how about Jay Cutler in a diaper with a pacifier stuck in his yap?

  • November 24, 2008

    5:12 PM

    Joe writes:

    Why do you 2 non Broncofans keep coming on here. Are you wannabes?? I notice you don't tell anybody who your favorite teams are. Could that be because you are ashamed of your team so you got to come on here and try knock our team down. Get a life!! What you don't know is that that we are a young team. Are we going to go anywhere this year? No! Probably not even next year,but when our young players get more experience you better watch out. Next years draft we will improve our defense. And hopefully next year we won't have as many injuries as we do this year. Go away you nay-sayers!!!! And go BRONCOS!!!!

  • November 24, 2008

    9:18 PM

    Rickety Cricket writes:

    I'm a DIE HARD Broncos fan...dispute anything I said, I dare you.

    Being a fan doesn't mean burying your head in the sand when your team stinks it up

    And did you really say next years draft will improve the defense!? Didn't we try that in 07? Oh that's right, it produced such defensive juggernauts as Karl Paymah (who is continually getting posterized by the opposing wideouts) and Jarvis Moss,'nough said. We've drafted ONE good defense player currently on our roster, and DJ hasn't even played in four weeks.

    The NFL is "Not For Long", demand more from your team NOW, I'm sure a few naive Chargers fans said "wait til next year" after getting their A** handed to them in the playoffs last year. Now LT is getting older, who knows if Merrimen will be the same, they have Norv Tuner.....need I go on?

    You never know what's going to happen in two years, if you paid any attention you would know that, the Broncos control a weak division NOW, they need to play up to their talent level NOW, and they aren't.

    So Joe,feel free to fart rainbows and be a glass is half full kinda schmuck, but all of us who live in Denver CO in 2008, where there are career ending injuries, free agency, and Shanny running the draft will continue to be a little skeptical until this team proves they have some sort of killer instinct

  • November 25, 2008

    8:01 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    Jay Cutler SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • November 25, 2008

    8:12 AM

    dude writes:

    The NFL is all about the "Any given Sunday". These guys are paid professionals, even if they forget sometimes and play like crap. If Bowlen really wanted to get the team motivated he could with hold checks until they perform.

    Do the Broncos deserve to go to the playoffs, NO. Do they keeps giving the rest of the division a chance to take over the lead, YES. Can the rest of the AFC West do anything but gripe, NO.

    The bottom line is the Broncos are the most consitant team in the AFC West. It really speaks to the caliber of the division right now.

    There are individuals that keep saying that the Broncos have a creampuff schedule. The schedule is based on performance last year and expectations for the upcoming season. The Chargers had a schedule that was more difficult, on paper, than the Broncos but they were supposed to be a much better team. Look at the team rankings from the start of the year
    #1 Pats
    #3 Chargers
    #14 Titans
    #22 Broncos
    #27 Raiders
    #30 Chiefs

    The Chargers were supposed to be a better, more consistant team and they are NOT. The Pats are supposed to be a great team and they are NOT. The Titans are supposed to be a medicore team and they are NOT. The Broncos are supposed to be a sub-par team and they ARE. Just beacause the Bolts are not living up to their potential and the Broncos are does not mean we don't deserve to represent AFC West in the playoffs. We represent a division that can't play consitantly and a division that admittedly STINKS.

    So let's root for the best of the worst and maybe a miracle will happen and the Broncos can get past the first round of the playoffs!! GO BRONCOS!!

  • November 25, 2008

    5:59 PM

    Another Michael writes:

    Oh - I see the shovels and pitchforks are back out again...

    Let's break this down to the absolutely simplistic form so that the likes of Rickety Cricket and "Anonymous" can hopefully understand it: it's all about chemistry. If your team doesn't have it -- you don't go to the big game.

    The Colts haven't had it -- but they're getting it back.
    The Pats lost it -- but even they are getting back into it.
    The Chargers can't find it to save their life.
    The Broncos have it in spurts -- but nothing consistent.
    The Raiders will never have it again as long as Al Davis is leading the club.
    The Dolphins even have it at times when everyone else wrote them off before the season began.

    But like Dude said -- "Any Given Sunday" Jets dashed the dreams of a Titans undefeated season -- should the folks in Tennessee call for the firing of Jeff Fisher?? Should Titans fans march outside of LP Field calling for Fisher's head as much as you guys are calling for Shanahan's? C'mon guys -- if you really *are* Bronco fans (and there's a lot of reason to think you both AREN'T) -- then you accept your team in good times and bad.

    That's not "rainbow juice" talking -- it's the reality that "hey, I'm going to be a Denver Bronco fan every game they win and every game they lose." I will criticize their effort, but as Dude points out -- they're professionals that haven't gelled consistently this season. The Defense played a great game up until the half. Then after the Raiders saw that they could score -- that gave THEM confidence and the Broncos were left wondering exactly what the hell just happened.

    But calling for Shanahan's head is nothing short of stupid. C'mon -- do you really want Herm Edwards? How about Matt Millen? Oh - you don't think the Broncos could do WORSE? What about Rick Neuheisel? If the bandwagon is getting a little too bumpy for you -- then get off. Go find yourself a nice plumpy seat with a "winner" and go bother them for awhile.

  • November 25, 2008

    9:20 PM

    bob writes:

    Stick with one team even if they do suck. The Broncos aren't terrible or else they would be 0-11, they are 6-5. The famous saying" you are what your record is" and thats what Denver is, average at best.

  • November 26, 2008

    7:03 AM

    Anonymous writes:

    Another Michael -

    I would definitely say that the Raiders had it against the Broncos on Sunday.

    Your move.

  • November 26, 2008

    10:25 AM

    HomerJ writes:

    I get so sick of these so called "Fans" too. Jay Cutler sucks, fire Shanahan, ect. Please shut the F*** up! True fans will have a half full mentality even if we were 0-16. We will be fine, they can only take it one game at a time.

  • November 26, 2008

    11:57 AM

    Rickety Cricket writes:

    I find it hilarious that being critical of your team when they are blowing chunks constitutes being a "bad fan"

    I guess if being a good fan means being an eternal optimist and saying ridiculous crap like "next years draft will fix the D" then I'm a horrible fan

    Michael, Homer, Dude, you guiys have fun on the high horse, I'll be here in the real world when you need me

  • November 26, 2008

    3:22 PM

    Devin writes:

    Look, the Broncos were terrible against the Raiders on Sunday -- plain and simple. I consider myself a "true fan," and I think I proved it by enduring the freezing wind up in the cheap seats until late in the 4th quarter.

    Do the Broncos deserve to be criticized for losing at home to our most bitter division rival and one of the worst teams in the leauge? Absolutely.

    Should we storm Bowlen's office with our torches and pitchforks, demanding he bench Cutler (in favor of whom? Hackney?!) and fire Shanahan? Good lord, OF COURSE NOT!

    Being a true fan is about understanding the precarious balance of the NFL, and understanding the "any given Sunday" factor mentioned several times here. They're a young team, and as they mature, they won't allow momentum swings to affect their performance as much. Give them some time, and the current Broncos roster (plus a couple of key additions) could be real contenders in the AFC and the NFL.

    That being said, Broncos fans sure don't tolerate mediocrity in any form. Can you imagine how we'd react if the team pulled an Oakland and went 4-12? 2-14? Jeez, there'd be rioting in the streets if we we ever got near the Lions' dismal record. The Broncos are not "terrible," nor have they ever been -- not since the merger, anyway. Yeah, they have a couple of poor seasons here and there, but they're pretty good at staying in playoff contention.

    The (somewhat-convoluted) point I'm trying to make here is that 6-5 really isn't THAT bad. It's above .500, and I think we've seen enough convincing football from this team to validate that record. Yeah, they could have lost a couple of those games, but isn't that the nature of the beast? That's football, folks. That's why we watch it. High drama gets our blood pumping, and it's what keeps us coming back for more. If you want a convincingly bad team, start following Detroit. Or St. Louis. Or even Oakland. Those teams -- despite occasional wins -- will truly convince you they belong at the bottom.

  • November 26, 2008

    3:26 PM

    davidsleep writes:

    What exactly is inside a giant bag labeled "No running attack"?

  • November 26, 2008

    5:02 PM

    HomerJ writes:

    I agree you can be critical of how the Broncos played on Sunday, it just makes me mad to hear how horrible Cutler is or what a bad coach Shanahan is. There isn't 3 quarterbacks or coaches in the league I'd rather have. The Broncos do need work, but I'm pretty sure no one on this site could do a better job fixing their problems or they would be the coach or GM of the team already. I guess I have too much faith in my team for my own good sometimes, but they are 2 games up in the division right now and thats something to be proud of. Even with the youth and injuries.

    Devin- I feel ya man, I drove over 800 miles a few years ago to see the Broncos against the Raiders on that Sunday Nite blizzard game that they lost on Elam's blocked field goal at the end of regulation. Worst Bronco memory of my life

  • November 26, 2008

    8:27 PM

    Rickety Cricket writes:

    "What exactly is inside a giant bag labeled "No running attack"?"

    I don't know, but keep it away from Tatum Bell, he undoubtedly covets the contents

  • November 26, 2008

    8:46 PM

    Dan writes:

    The facts are that:

    - The Broncos have absolutely NO running game.
    - Jay Cutler is still making "rookie training-camp" mistakes in the middle of his THIRD year in the NFL. The "he's still young" tag no longer applies. Right now, he should be benched until he gets it through his head that starting jobs in the NFL come from hard work, not being given the job. He's not playing well enough to be the starter. A game off might just crack his ego enough for him to play better and focus more.
    - The defense needs a total and complete overhaul, including Champ Bailey. They aren't even a decent defense WITH Bailey in the lineup.
    - Mike Shanahan has been riding his Elway Era far too long. The guy makes horrible roster decisions, awful on field decisions, and actually gave up completely near the end of the game against the Raiders by running the ball. A good coach wants his team to compete until the end no matter the score. The players should have more pride than that.
    - Pat Bowlen is an idiot. He gets a stadium from the taxpayers, and he lets the Broncos tun into what you just saw on Sunday.

  • November 27, 2008

    10:09 PM

    Another Michael writes:

    Anonymous --

    Raiders beat us -- so what? Is this the end of the world? Should we all cower into our bomb shelters and wait for the "all clear" horns to go off?

    Devin laid it out perfectly: we can criticize their play, even their coaching -- but you and Cricket clearly have some sort of genetic mishap-thing going on.

    No real Bronco fan would say: "The Broncos (Donkeys) are the most pathetic team in the NFL."

    FACT: The Detroit Lions are the most pathetic team in the NFL registering a sad 0-12 record thus far. In fact -- 3 teams have double digit loss records this year -- never mind the fact that 12 teams are under .500 while we're over with a less than glamorous 6-5 record.

    "They're actually worse than Kansas City, seeing how K.C. has already beaten them down this season."

    FACT: K.C. has lost to TEN, count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 -- 10 teams .... INCLUDING the Raiders who we TROUNCED earlier this season.

    "The 6-5 record is due to the creampuff schedule the Donks have had, save for a couple of games, and due to the division they play in."

    FACT: New Orleans, Tampa, Atlanta -- all prominent NFC teams have a combined 21-12 record -- all of whom we BEAT ... cream puff is looking like another Bronco hating red herring actually??

    "Just goes to show how far the Broncos have fallen since Elway retired."

    FACT: There has never been a one-man team in the NFL that has ever won the Super Bowl. While you're stuck in the 90's like a horrible broken record -- the "Dynasty Days" of football are long gone.

    "Maybe Jay Cutler can decide that having a stronger throwing arm isn't more important than winning games. He's an immature little punk that feels like he has to complain to the officials after every single play."

    FACT: Jay Cutler has the 3rd most passing yards this season in the ENTIRE NFL. His 19-12 TD/INT ratio is STILL better than half of the league despite having monumental DROPS from his wide receiver corps who LEAD the league in dropped passes.

    "Hey Drew, for your next toon, how about Jay Cutler in a diaper with a pacifier stuck in his yap?"

    Maybe YOU are the one in desperate need of a diaper since you can't really seem to wrap yourself around the FACTS as they are. The Broncos are struggling in a lot of facets to the game -- no question. But they are 6-5 in what is arguably one of the worst divisions in the league (don't trust me? Look at the NFC west -- and get back with me...)

    So maybe whenever you want to spout your anti-Bronco hatred speeches on here -- you may want to at least get a little informed on the topic..

    Oh -- and as a side -- the Broncos held the Raiders from the end zone nearly the entire first half (not counting our porous special teams effort on that 89-yard punt return by Johnnie Lee Higgins)... including a VERY impressive goal line stand by our unpredictable defense. In fact, our defense viciously attacked the Raider offense at will for the first half .... and we could've sealed the deal if the Broncos had continued to SCORE points instead of fizzling out of several missed opportunities.. The Raiders would've been demoralized once again and would've played out the rest of the game as such. Their scoring drought ended -- and they took advantage of that.

  • November 28, 2008

    9:32 PM

    Rickety Cricket writes:

    Another Michael

    FACT: Your posts amuse me, the hatred of other people who don't think the way you do is a little unsettling, but still

    FACT: You have way too much time on your hands.....put down the Fantasy Fooball stats, go upstairs, out of your mom's basement, find a girl, and buy her dinner....and make sure it's not your sister

    FACT: I find it hilarious you used the word "impressive" in the same sentence as the Broncos D

    FACT: Cutler is 15-17 as a starting QB, he has to grow up, shut his mouth and make plays, and accept the responsibility when they lose

    FACT: I will gladly eat my words come Feb if they pull a NYG from last year and win the SB, but you, being the "enlightened" human being you are can understand that is NOT going to happen

    FACT: I liked your "genetic mishap" comment, inventive!

  • November 29, 2008

    12:48 AM

    Another Michael writes:

    Rickety --

    I'm glad my posts amuse you -- because for someone who touts to be a "DIE HARD Broncos fan" -- you sure as hell don't act like it.

    Now I'll take your petty juvenile "yo' mama" attacks as nothing more than a petulant attempt at being unable to swallow the fact that many of us are "real" Bronco fans in good times and bad -- while not being the "I only support them when they win" fandom as you and Anonymous apparently subscribe to.

    I'm surprised you missed that impressive goal line stance -- but then I guess a "real" Bronco fan would actually watch the game and make that observation.

    So what's it going to be now, Rickety? Are you going to argue the point like an adult -- or do we need to send you over some diapers and a rattle?

  • November 29, 2008

    3:05 AM

    Rickety Cricket writes:

    Another Michael:

    Another amusing post, again, to my first point being a "good fan" doesn't mean always looking at your team through rose colored glasses...yeah I'm critical, yeah I hold my team accountable, and say that they suck, cause right now they do!

    Still watchin', still cheerin', just stating the obvious

    And yo momma's so ugly....fill in the blank......there, now you're amused too!

    I would be happy to have a diaper and rattle, go grab them from our quarterback after the press conference this weekend, I'll be here!

  • November 29, 2008

    9:10 AM

    Another Michael writes:

    Rickety --

    While it's overtly apparent that reading comprehension is clearly taxing what's left of your depleted brain cells -- may I point out Devin's post up above and my subsequent follow-up postings clearly dispel your errant little diatribe that the Broncos suck. How else do you explain three major victories against STRONG NFC teams with a combined record of 21-12?!? How else do you explain the FACT that we have the 3rd best QB in the league? How else do you explain the fact that the Broncos continue to have a 6-5 record despite the fact that they have lost 4 RB starters in: Torain, Aldridge, Pittman and Hall for the year while frantically trying to find fresh bodies to RUN the ball? You simply chose not to explain it because all you want to say is how bad "they suck" while overlooking any positive including a 4-down defensive stop inside the 5-yard line last weekend and the defensive MANHANDLING that happened for the entire first half.

    Yeah -- some "DIE HARD" fan you claim to be.

    Are you seriously that obtuse -- or can't you grasp it when Devin correctly pointed out: "That being said, Broncos fans sure don't tolerate mediocrity in any form. Can you imagine how we'd react if the team pulled an Oakland and went 4-12? 2-14?"

    But unlike Devin -- it doesn't take much to imagine after witnessing the little-words-of-wonder from self-proclaimed "DIE HARD" fans such as Rickety. Except folks like Rickety are nothing more than fair weather fans who do nothing but act as juvenile as those they charge.

    So once again -- quit your complaining and go join up with some other "winner" for the rest of the season where you can tout being a "DIE HARD" fan of the Titans or the Giants and let those fair weather winds blow for ya'.... In another words Mr. "DIE HARD," don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  • November 29, 2008

    2:53 PM

    Rickety Cricket writes:


    I love the title of "Mr. Die Hard", thanks

    yipee kay-yay!

  • November 29, 2008

    6:17 PM

    Another Michael writes:

    Considering the character of John McClane is nothing more than a piece of fictional work -- seems only fitting that you adore such a concept given your fictional "DIE HARD" fan-dom you created in your reply to Joe's posting....

    ...if it fits...

  • December 1, 2008

    8:06 AM

    dude writes:

    Way to soil this blog. If you guys want to kiss go find a room!! If you want to argue, go find a room!!

    Either way, SHUT UP!!

  • July 22, 2010

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