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November 7, 2008 6:56 PM

Endangered Species



  • November 7, 2008

    8:01 PM

    Liza Antony writes:

    Ain't that the truth... :(

  • November 8, 2008

    1:26 AM

    Mike writes:

    Drew, what are those polar bears doing?

  • November 8, 2008

    5:58 AM

    Lam writes:

    Mike, I was wondering the same, however when look at carefully, there are a child polar bear on the back of his parents. :-)

  • November 8, 2008

    6:29 PM

    Jerry writes:

    Broncos fans do realize that it was the Cleveland Browns that the Broncos won the game against, right?

    It wasn't New England, or Indy, or anyone special. It was the Browns.

    The only reason the Broncos are above .500 is because of the NFL referee in the Chargers game, and because Gramatica missing a kick he normally makes. Oh, and also because of a favorable schedule that allowed so many games at home to start the season.

    This is a horrible team. It's a team that is going nowhere. And to the folks that would say that Jay Cutler finally got his game on track....

    No. He hasn't. He passed for a lot of yards against the Cleveland Browns. And he threw an interception directly into the hands of a Browns player, and the inept Browns dropped at least 3 other balls that should have been picked off that were right into the hands of the defenders.

    Trust that the Chargers will be right on the Broncos butts again next week. And trust that the Broncos will give yet another lackluster effort against a so-so team in Atlanta. It wouldn't surprise me to see Elam kick a game winner against his former mates.

  • November 8, 2008

    11:23 PM

    Charlie writes:

    Oh Jerry, you're so full of panache!

    Denver needs to find a healthy running back to take the pressure off of Cutler so he doesn't have to throw 44 times in a game. The defense will have to hope that 8 men on the line every time will stop the rn and their DB's sans Champ Bailey can stop the WR's. Until then the Chargers can't stop anyone defensively either and the Raiders and Chiefs threw in the towel a long time ago. So just win one more game than SD and Denver will be in the playoffs!

  • November 9, 2008

    2:45 PM

    Jerry writes:

    Charlie - Do you really believe that the Chargers are going to stay down?

    If, and this is a huge IF....the Broncos somehow manage to make the playoffs, so you sincerely believe they'll win that playoff game? If you believe that, you are nothing more than a homer.

    Come on. Put down the kool-aid. It makes no difference if the Broncos make the playoffs. If they do, they will have made it by default of being in the division they're in this year. That's not an honorable position to be in. And winning that way isn't winning. It's bogus.

  • November 9, 2008

    10:00 PM

    Sportz Fan writes:


    Heck of an outing by your Chargers at home vs the Chefs. The Chargers certainly made a statement as an "Elite" team today.

    The AFC West as a whole is horrible. The only difference between the Chargers and Broncos is that the Chargers and their fans came into the season shoting for a Superbowl appearance. "Most" Bronco fans came into the season with somewhat lower expectations after last season.

    Broncos may still have some issues.....the Chargers have a heck of a lot more!!!

  • November 10, 2008

    11:25 AM

    golfdoc writes:

    to drew litton: thank you, your talent can rival any sports team. you are clearly at the top of your game.

  • November 10, 2008

    11:26 AM

    golfdoc writes:

    to drew litton: thank you, your talent can rival any sports team. you are clearly at the top of your game.

  • November 10, 2008

    11:47 AM

    dude writes:

    This is one of your all time best toons!!!

    To the rest of you... winning a crappy division is still winning. Who knows, maybe the Broncos will pull their head out and win the rest of their games, maybe the Bolts will stay consistant enough to control their own destiny. WHO KNOWS!!

    The bottom line os that the AFC West isn't very good (yes, that is an understatment). The best record in the division would be share of last place in most other divisions. No matter who takes the AFC West they WILL and I repeat WILL fail in the first round of the playoffs.

    Here is to looking forward to next season when we can start over and hope that the offensive game stays godd, the running game finds another work-horse and the defense gets replaced with player that want to earn their money.

    Until then, let's enjoy the medocrity and revel in the hopes that the AFC West will not send a sub 500 team to the playoffs for the first time ever!!

  • November 10, 2008

    1:33 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    And Broncos fans will be saying what if and when the Chargers win the division?

    You seem to forget that the Broncos have more road games left than homes games, and they still have a game to play IN SAN DIEGO. You also forget that the Broncos "win" against the Chargers was gift wrapped by the NFL. You seem to forget that the Chargers started out with a very unhealthy L.T. and no Meriman. The Chargers have also had the tougher schedule to start the season.

    No way the Broncos win the division. No way at all. I would love to see Elam kick the Broncos out of the playoff race this week.

    What a bunch of homers.

  • November 11, 2008

    8:23 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    Oh....and I forgot to tell everyone that I gained my amazing analysis skills from my college days as a WATER BOY for Maryland. All that time just sitting......and watching......and watching some more allowed me to become the football guru I am today.

    Class of '88 rules!!!

  • November 12, 2008

    7:52 AM

    Robert Cochrane writes:

    It'd be great if guarantees ("No way the Broncos win the division. No way at all.") needed to be backed up or at least qualified by a name/location "anonymous". We take bets here if you're so sure.

    Las Vegas, NV

  • November 12, 2008

    10:55 AM

    dude writes:

    Don't mind Ananymous. He likes to spout sewage and stand back to see the carnage. Just go back through the Rockies season of toons

    The Broncos do have a game in San Diego and they do have more road games than the Bolts but since niether of those facts have helped to decide a single thing yet this season, why should it now?

    I will not say that the Broncos are a good team but odds are that they can keep their head out of thier butts longs enough to still be in the "hunt" for the AFC West playof spot by the time they play San Diego in late December. Remember that the Broncos have a winning record against the Bolts.

  • November 16, 2008

    4:46 AM

    Bear watcher writes:

    Drew, I believe there is an optical illusion of sorts going on.
    Perhaps it is a statement on us, the viewer, but those polar
    bears looked like they were humping, polar bear style.
    Especially when the cartoon was in its smaller form on the
    Broncos page. I laughed after I realized a baby polar bear is riding
    on what I assume is its mother, but the expression and weird
    white nose (looks like a bandage) of the larger polar bear sort of fit the title, in an unsatisfied woman type of way.
    I dunno, funny, really. When I look at it now, I can't see
    what I saw the first time, which worries me about me.
    What the heck is a baby polar bear riding
    on its mom, for? That's just species incorrect behavior.

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