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November 10, 2008 11:25 PM

Matt Holliday: The Great Escape


What Might Have Been
What might have been we'll never know. Matt Holiday might have led this franchise back to the promised land. Then again, maybe not. Suffice to say he would have been a Rockies favorite for years to come. But, as is always with the Rockies franchise, it gets back to the money or, should I say, the lack of it.

So this the farm system
Yep. Grow 'em til they get good enough to contribute and then, because they cost too much, ship 'em off for a bunch of new talent. It's a revolving door that will never end. Isn't it just easier to get season tickets to the Sky Sox. At least you get to see them before they get traded.


  • November 11, 2008

    9:13 AM

    mcintx writes:

    True that!

  • November 11, 2008

    12:56 PM

    Eddie writes:

    I Don't understand why the monforts are so cheap Sell The Rockies you Cheap A Holes .....

    Matt is Worth every penny .

  • November 11, 2008

    1:24 PM

    Bonny writes:

    Well, surprise, surprise, surprise!! The Monforts traded Holiday. Now at least all the rumors are put to rest. And we got NOTHING for him. One of the best players in baseball and definetly a clutch player for the Rockies and we traded him for NOTHING....did I mention that already? Hmmmm if you wanted to trade him why not trade him to the Yankees or Red Sox where we could get something out of it even if its from their farm systems...
    Once again its like a revolving door here in Colorado. THE COLORADO ROCKIES ARE JUST A FARM TEAM FOR THE REST OF BASEBALL.

    SHAME ON YOU MONFORTS!!!! Won't get another dime out of me

  • November 11, 2008

    1:35 PM

    Scot writes:

    Too bad there is no chance of get Cuban to buy the Rockies. I know the owners of the Rockies and MLB will never allow that. It would be bad for baseball to have a mid-market team with ownership that wants to win.

  • November 11, 2008

    1:36 PM

    Anonymous writes:


  • November 11, 2008

    1:58 PM

    Michael writes:

    The guy turned down $18 million a year!!! The Monforts would have been idiots not to trade him.

    No baseball player is worth $18 million a year and he is not even one of the best players in the league!

    I complain about the Monforts as much as the next guy, but I think this was a great move. They at least got something for him. They could have waited until the trade deadline when teams would know the Rockies are desperate or they could have just let him become a free agent and got nothing.

    Or, they could have given him the $20+ million a year and run the team into the ground financialy so that they would have no money to sign any other decent player. You would end up with Helton, Holiday and a bunch of rookies making the league minimum.

    For once I have to say - good move Monforts!

  • November 12, 2008

    9:37 AM

    Andrew writes:

    Holliday signed Scott Boras. Not the Rockies. He made it clear he didn't want to stay right after we went to the World Series. He hired Scott Boras, signed a 2 year contract. I'm going to miss him, but we will move one without him and still be a good team.

    Remember: The NL West stinks!

  • November 12, 2008

    11:03 AM

    dude writes:

    Hey, what a surprise... the Rockies management want to ensure that the team is medicore at best. Every team can a a run of good luck (Rockies 07') and it takes skill to make that luck turn in to a pennant. The bottom line is that the Rockies have a pennant!!

    Holliday is a great player and was definately an assest to the Rockies. His problem is that, like so many other players, he is after the money not establishment of a franchise. I don't fault him but the one thing you can say for Helton is he seems to care more about bi=eing a Rockies then money, though not always.

    The Monforts seem to think the best team is a cheap team and that attitude get validated once in a while (World Series champs: Rays) but you can't give up every player who is worth a damn. Don't follow the example of the Nuggets of old and become te farm team for the entire MLB.

    It was nice to have him here and it was fun while it lasted. Thank you Matt for the good times and good luck with the rest of your career.

  • November 12, 2008

    10:07 PM

    mtnsportsfan writes:

    It is a joke what the Monforts do to the Rockies!!!! Please think about the fans not your pocketbook PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • November 13, 2008

    7:24 AM

    Sportz Fan writes:

    Hey Mtnsportsfan-

    The Monforts/Rockies offered Matt $107.5 million contract.......which Matt turned down. I don't blame the Monforts OR the Rockies for this 1 bit. It is sad to see him go......but you can't say they didn't try.

  • November 18, 2008

    1:38 PM

    Dyablo666 writes:

    Trade Helton and keep Matt

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