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November 21, 2008 10:54 PM

The Broncos New Running back



  • November 22, 2008

    9:52 AM

    Scot writes:

    How do I pick up this guy for my fantasy team? I need another RB for the playoffs. :)

  • November 23, 2008

    11:47 AM

    Christine writes:

    This one gave me a nice long laugh.
    It's perfect.

  • November 23, 2008

    1:42 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    Jay Cutler SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • November 23, 2008

    7:55 PM

    WorkingClassHero writes:


    Where are all of the Bronco defenders now?

    Is it just me, or do the Broncos and Jay Cutler absolutely suck to high heaven?

    Oh, it's not just me then.

    And a message to Jay Cutler: You might get a few more ounces of respect from people if you didn't act like a 3 year old after every play that doesn't go your way. You are the biggest baby in the entire NFL. You cry and bitch and moan and moan and whimper and whine. You are a total embarrassment to the Denver Broncos and the NFL. The refs really ought to toss you from a game and suspend you for verbal abuse of an NFL official. It's flat amazing that it's not happened. Give it time though...

    I was reading the Broncos message boards and wow...people are just about ready to hang Mike Shanahan, Cutler, and Hillis.

    Good times are here again.

  • November 23, 2008

    10:09 PM

    Greg writes:

    I'm a lifelong Bronco fan, but this is the most pathetic team the franchise has ever put on the field.
    Cutler needs to be benched, Shanahan needs to be fired, and all defensive coached need to be axed as well.
    Yes, the Chargers lost tonight. But they lost to Peyton Manning and the Colts on a last second field goal.
    The Broncos lost to the RAIDERS. And they didn't just lose. They got destroyed on their home turf.
    Charger fans at least can say that they a) got screwed by the refs in their game against the Broncos and b) they have played hard and been in every game they have played this entire season.
    The Broncos have had their ass handed to them by just about every team they have played this season. They lost by 21 POINTS AGAINST THE RAIDERS AT HOME!

    AT HOME!!!!!!!!

    If they actually "win" the division, it will be by simple default. That's no way to be declared a winner. The Broncos are clearly one of the 5 worst teams in the NFL.

    Bench Cutler.

  • November 24, 2008

    11:21 AM

    Thrawn writes:

    Yes, the Chargers did lose barely on a last second field goal to the Colts. But that is also the same team that almost lost to Kansas City a week or two ago as well. And besides, Indy hasn't been all that great either, they have been good by barely beating Houston twice. They've righted the ship but they aren't back to where they were.

    My point is that the chargers have not been any better than the Broncos for most of this season or else they would have more than 4 wins of their own. Even if you give them the game against the Broncos in week 2, you would have them tied for first in the division at 5 - 6. THAT'S HORRIBLE!!! Whoever it is that ends up on top is going to get raped in the postseason. Neither team deserves more than that this season.

    The last game of the season will determine which of these two teams gets to be the sacraficial lamb in the post season for the second wild card team. Even if the chargers somehow pull past Denver in the standings by a game, the Broncos could get in by beating the chargers on the last day by virtue of 2 wins.

  • November 24, 2008

    3:07 PM

    Will writes:

    The NFL needs to create a playoff system that doesn't guarantee a division winner a playoff spot just because they win their division. It needs to go off of record alone.
    Because of the crappy Broncos, another team with a better record is going to get screwed out of a playoff spot on a technicality.
    What a bogus deal.

  • November 25, 2008

    7:55 AM

    dude writes:

    Will - not to be obvious but if that were the case then the Rockies would not have won the pennant in 2007. There are several writers on this blog that will argue that the 2007 Rockies are a fluke and they did not deserve the NL title but the bottom line is that until the met the Red Sox in the Series the Rockies dominated everyone in September and October.

    To the Broncos... I am glad that there is a good chance that the Broncos are going to go to the playoffs. Unless things change (a lot and fast) they will go and they will lose in the first round. Remember that the playoffs are set up that the team with the worst record plays, on the road, the 3rd best record in week one of the playoffs and that winner play the #1 team the following week. Football is all about any given Sunday and, in therory, every team has a chance to go all the way. What does it say about the rest of the legue if a team that, admittedly, stinks to high heaven from a division that REALLY stinks can beat them??

    It is not a perfect system but it is a fair system that ensures that a team that peaks at the right time can kick butt. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I am a Broncos fan, I always have been, but they are horrible this season. They are luckier, better, more consistant then the rest of the AFC West and means they deserve thier chance to get killed in the first round in the plaoffs. Remember all those years of losing to Indy in the first and second round?!? It WILL happen again, as it should.

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