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December 21, 2008 11:11 PM

Broncos: It's been One of Those Years


The Wild, Wild West
The Broncos are never boring, I think we can all agree on that. But does it have to be this roller coaster ride each and every week. Quite frankly I think we all could stand for a little calm to reside in the final few weeks of 2008. Doesn't look that will happen.

Holiday cartoon schedule
My next cartoon will be Tuesday December 23 followed by one on Christmas day. If you haven't voted on the Twelve Days of Drew, please feel free to look back at the entire collection of 2008 cartoons currently available for viewing by clicking here. On Saturday the 27th we'll publish the Best of 2008 selected by your votes. And of course I'll be drawing the season finale against the Chargers on the 28th which has been moved to prime-time.


  • December 22, 2008

    6:21 AM

    Peter writes:

    Oh Cutler... why couldn't you throw that last pass on a rope to Stokley's left? Oh Shanny... why couldn't you use the good 'ol wide-receiver shuffle? Much easier than having Cutler run to sideline after every play... AND CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TEACH OUR FRICKIN KICKOFF TEAM HOW TO STAY IN THEIR LANES?!!?!??!

  • December 22, 2008

    6:30 AM

    Jacob writes:

    Season's over people, if you don't think that San Diego won't win by at least 2 touchdowns you're kidding yourself.

  • December 22, 2008

    7:47 AM

    Thrawn writes:

    It's just as well they lose next week. They would have gotten killed by Indianapolis the week after in the first round. Getting tired of the broncos being that sacraficial lamb in the first round every year giving someone else an easy first round... and they have made a habit of getting their butts kicked in the first round.

    Remember the good old days when playing in Denver was actualy an advantage? Where did that go? I'd feel a bit different if the offense had a bit more experience and could execute a bit more consistently... and if we had any defense at all. It was obvious for a long time that this team was going nowhere. It is not as if I'm worried about San Diego going far in the postseason either.

  • December 22, 2008

    9:07 AM

    TulsaBroncoFan writes:

    Drew you nailed the emotions of all Bronco fans
    with this cartoon...

    The Chargers already have started to celebrate.
    How sad is that? :(

  • December 22, 2008

    10:37 AM

    Ted in Vegas writes:

    Shannan needs to quit holding grudges against running backs. Why hasn't Tatum Bell been starting the last couple of weeks...?

  • December 22, 2008

    11:25 AM

    Rickety Cricket writes:

    If/when the Broncos blow it next week, some serious thought needs to be given to getting rid of Shannahan, it's been 10 years since serious Super Bowl contention, and '05 doesn't count

    We need a change, we need a GM who can draft and develop defensive talent

    And I for one wouldn't mind seeing Cowher on the sidelines

  • December 22, 2008

    2:58 PM

    Michael writes:

    Get rid of Shannahan??? As young as this team is and as many key injuries the Broncos have had, Shannahan should get coach of the year. I will be bummed if the Broncos lose to the Chargers next week, but some of the people who comment on this site have no idea what they are talking about...
    For instance... "Getting tired of the broncos being that sacraficial lamb in the first round every year giving someone else an easy first round." What the heck are you talking about??? The Broncos have not been in the playoffs since 2005 when they lost in the AFC Championship.
    I certainly hope the Broncos win next week and make the playoffs. No matter what would happen the following week - the experience our young Broncos would gain from being in a playoff game would be clearly benefitial.
    This team is poised to have real success in the next year or two. Right now the Broncos are young and the injuries have created big problems. This is not a Championship team, but the core of a champion has been established - I will predict a Super Bowl appearance within the next three years!

  • December 22, 2008

    5:45 PM

    Devin writes:

    Oh, just wait until WorkingClassHero gets here. He's going to have himself a field day of hyperbole on this one. Just wait.

    We'll hear all about how the Broncos are the worst team in the league -- despite STILL being over .500 and in playoff contention. We'll hear about how Shanahan is the worst coach in the history of football -- despite his still-excellent W-L ratio and his history of coaching in playoff and championship games. I'm sure he'll have something to say Cutler being the worst quarterback in the league -- despite his Pro Bowl nod, not to mention the franchise record he just set for most passing yards in a season. And I'm sure he'll say that the Chargers are the best team in the NFL -- despite having fallen off considerably since last year, sitting at a record under .500 for the majority of the season. Oh, and let's not forget his personal hero Philip Rivers, who I'm sure he'll say should be the MVP of the league -- despite an incredibly lackluster season that falls fall short of anything Cutler or any number of other quarterbacks have done this year. Yes, I can't wait.

    This is going to be good.

  • December 22, 2008

    10:16 PM

    Scot writes:

    No wonder I have such a headache after every Bronco game.

  • December 23, 2008

    7:58 AM

    Thrawn writes:

    FROM MICHAEL: "Getting tired of the broncos being that sacraficial lamb in the first round every year giving someone else an easy first round." What the heck are you talking about??? The Broncos have not been in the playoffs since 2005 when they lost in the AFC Championship."

    I'm talking about the butt stompings the Broncos had to endure prior to the 2005 season. Need I bring up the total combines scores in the playoff games against the Colts and Ravens? Most of those games were over by half-time if not by the end of the first quarter. Sounds like an easy first round to me. The ONLY game they were competetive in was the one against New England where they won when they were blown out at home against Pittsburgh. Losing playoff games that way was getting old.

    As a fan, I can handle the losing, but it is the way they are losing. Most of the losses they have this year even to inferior teams have been by a lot. They have one of the top offenses in the league and still have allowed a lot more points than they scored.

    I'm with you on the idea that they should be pretty good in the next couple of years, but they are nowhere near there yet. They have one of the worst defenses in recent memory and Cutler still has a tendency to throw to receivers that are covered by two or three guys.

    Not one playoff team is scared of the Broncos, and I have seen nothing that has me convinced they would be anywhere near competetive against any of them save the Jets (who I thought might have overlooked the Broncos earlier this year) or possibly Miami. Not this year.

    I will say that even though this is a rebuilding year they haven't been terrible when considering that. (Even if Shanahan does not admit it.)

    ...and people need to get off the idea that Bill Cowher has any chance of being our next coach. It will never happen.

  • December 25, 2008

    1:51 PM

    LeoNM writes:

    Let's get rid of Shanahan.

    We have a solid core of young talent that will be competive the next 4-5 years. But if Mike stays in charge the defense will never improve. Without a defense we will go no where in the playoffs.

    Fire Shanhan!

  • December 26, 2008

    12:20 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    So, what are all the Bronco fans on here going to do if/when the Chargers win on Sunday? Will any of you have the guts to admit that the Chargers are the better team? I highly doubt it.

    Leon, there is no core to build with. If you call 2 mediocre reveivers and a QB with a sub .500 career record a core, then you need to look up the definition of "core" again.

  • December 28, 2008

    5:30 PM

    Brian writes:

    I just got back from dinner at a local tavern. There are some seriously nervous Bronco fans out there. I didn't run into one person there that could look me in the eye and say that the Broncos were going to win.

    Sad times in Bronco Country when the fans can't support their team. There is no blind faith in Cutler and Shanahan anymore.

  • December 28, 2008

    9:12 PM

    Mike writes:

    The Denver/SD game is almost over and the Broncs are still valiantly fighting even though the conclusion is known and their season is over.

    I love them just the same and look forward to next year with a solid core of young players, a healthy defense, and a healthy running game.

    To those who made solid, intelligent contributions about this team, thank you.

    To those who played the role of internet troll, thank you. Without you we could not appreciate the insight of the other contributors.

    Most of all, thank you Drew. Your art, commentary, and willingness to take advice from the peanut gallery is what makes this blog so great. Hopefully 2009 will see a healthy RMN with lots of your fine work.


  • December 28, 2008

    9:34 PM

    Shannymustgo writes:

    "Mike writes:
    The Denver/SD game is almost over and the Broncs are still valiantly fighting even though the conclusion is known and their season is over."

    Were you watching the same game I was? The only redeeming thing about this team is Cutler, Marshall, & Royal

    The defense is PATHETIC!!!!

  • December 28, 2008

    9:57 PM

    Ted - A Broncos fan since 1990 writes:

    One of the most pathetic things that happened all game was the Broncos throwing the ball repeatedly to Royal just so he could pad his stats.

    If the Broncos had one last shred of class this season they would have taken their beating like men and just run the ball or kneeled down and killed the clock down to zero.

    Pathetic and embarassing.

    Fire Shanahan!

  • December 28, 2008

    10:38 PM

    TulsaBroncoFan writes:

    There are going to be so many who come on this board and comment on every single mistake the Broncos have made in tonights game and throughout the year.

    All of those who want to come here on this board and say."I told you so!" go someplace else.

    Yeah..I am sure all of us Bronco Fans were nervous about tonights game...we DID lose..but I still think we are a team with class.

    Me, I am going to stick by the team and give the Broncos my respect.As well as Mile High Pride..
    Mile High Salute. As far as I am concerned I would rather be a Bronco Fan winning or losing, than to be a fan of any other team in the NFL

    I love being a Bronco Fan...and I will always be a Denver Broncos Fan. IMO there is no better team to support.

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