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December 11, 2008 10:53 PM

Mt. Crushmore


Mt Crushmore is here
Here it is. After counting your votes, going through multiple rounds of elimination, these are the final four. We had so many readers voting and commenting and taking part in this, it truly was a community project. My thanks goes out to Steve Foster, our sports editor in charge of web content. It was his idea to do this cartoon and have everyone vote on their favorites. Steve is an amazingly talented guy who can do it all...web sites, editing, games, interactive polls, flash animation. You name it and he can do it and do it very, very well. Steve was instrumental in helping me create the Kicker Picker animated game we did back in August with the help of animation expert Rich Moyer Steve has also been behind the scenes suggesting several other cool web projects, like the Broncos Wallpaper we have available online. Foster knows a lot about the online wave that newspapers must catch in order to survive in the years to come.

Floyd Little and Tom Jackson, and, well a cast of thousands.
I realize this cartoon is not going to sit well with all Broncos fans. We just simply had so many Broncos greats to choose from and since the cartoon needed to stay true to Mt. Rushmore there was only room for four, soooo...Floyd Little,Tom Jackson, Rod Smith and a host of others were left off the mountain. Now, it would have been cool if we could have made it so you could insert your favorite Broncos heads on the mountain, but, from a tech standpoint, it was just a bit much more than we could do in the short time we had to put this together. So I've included a few rocks with numbers in the foreground. Think of them as cornerstones or the foundation of Crushmore, so to speak.

Download to your hearts content
Steve has made it possible to download Crushmore on your printers at home or in the office ( just don't get caught) and to use it as desktop wallpaper for you as well. There is a possibility we will have this available on a better stock of paper through Pictopia, a company that prints things on demand. We haven't worked out the details but I'll keep you informed if that happens. Please feel free as always to comment about Crushmore or any other topic.

Next week we'll be bringing you the Twelve days of Drew, which is a look back at the year in cartoons that you can vote on. The cartoons will also be published on Saturday, December 20 in the Rocky's sports section. I'm also trying to get an animation finished in time for the holidays. Stay tooned.


  • December 11, 2008

    11:41 PM

    Mike writes:


    Awesome job!! Elway's teeth... they bring back so many memories of your prior work TD's grit and determination are evident in your caricature. Sharpe's calculating eyes suggest he is about to start talking trash. Gradishar's stony gaze makes me wonder how many quarterbacks saw that that mug across the line right before he sacked them...?

    Love the way you did the tribute to Smith, Jackson, and Little. A fitting tribute to those who are the bedrock of the Broncos success.

    Thank you for sharing a great piece of art.

  • December 12, 2008

    8:12 AM

    Scott writes:

    Awesome! So many greats, only 4 spots.

    I had a Randy Gradishar poster hanging in my dorm room!!

    We need a different tribute to all the Bronco greats who have been snubbed for the Hall of Fame... Maybe call it "Eight Men Out" or something. It's a shame that the 70's/80's Orange Crush doesn't have one representative.

  • December 12, 2008

    10:38 AM

    TulsaBroncoFan writes:

    Really Awesome Drew!!!

    Looking forward to the 12 Days of Drew!

  • December 12, 2008

    11:56 AM

    Chris writes:

    This is awesome!

  • December 12, 2008

    6:04 PM

    Ken writes:

    And the current Denver Broncos are about to be turned into Mount Mushmore come the playoffs.

    Keep looking back, Bronco fans, on past "glory" that was a product of the Broncos front office circumventing the salary cap to keep Elway and company together so they could steal a couple of Super Bowls from other teams who played by the rules.

    It's the only "glory" you're going to have to hang onto. False glory at that.

    Freaking cheaters.

  • December 13, 2008

    8:13 AM

    Mark writes:

    When the prints are available, they should be up in the "Rocky Reprints" section in the Pictopia service. Here is the link for the top level of the reprints store:


  • December 14, 2008

    5:06 PM

    Harry Thomas writes:

    Sounds like Ken has a few issues with the Broncos.

    Yes, they're likely to get a mercy killing in the playoffs. This year, ANY AFC West team would have done the same. It's too bad that the NFL doesn't set a minimum w/l record to get into the playoffs. That would really encourage competition.

    But as for Denver's two Superbowl wins; the Falcons were severely outclassed. And I still think the Broncos/Packers game was the best Superbowl ever, and not just because the Broncos won. The lead changes and good solid playing on both sides made it that way.

    It was good to see Randy Gradishar on the final list. Elway definitely belongs up there, and Sharpe and Davis are also good choices.

    The rocks are also a nice touch. Too bad you couldn't put more in there to fill everybody's plate. Excellent as always, Drew.

  • December 15, 2008

    9:37 AM

    Joni writes:

    Great poster! Just don't understand why our hall of famer Zimmerman wasn't listed! He earned it!!

  • December 15, 2008

    9:38 AM

    Jane writes:

    Great poster! Just don't understand why our hall of famer Zimmerman wasn't listed! He earned it!!

  • December 16, 2008

    4:25 PM

    mofo writes:

    Doesn't anyone remember Dennis Smith? That was one bad a$$ mofo

  • December 17, 2008

    10:43 AM

    themoops writes:

    Sorry, Drew . . . without Floyd Little it's just not a true depiction of Mt. Crushmore. The 2 greatest Broncos are Floyd and John Elway. I think this "contest" catered to the Internet Savvy generation while many of the people who watched Floyd play and remember him are retired in Florida or Arizona by now. If they ever erect a real Mt. Crushmore I hope someone does the right thing and includes Floyd.

  • December 27, 2008

    4:35 PM

    Anonymous writes:

    Steve Atwater?

  • January 27, 2009

    10:27 AM

    SE7EN writes:

    Fantastic..a little late responding, but hey, can't argue with three guys that won it all and meant so much to the team in terms of identity and personality. Gradishar, can't argue there.

    As you said, only room for four and really the only one set in stone is #7... the other three could be any number of guys.

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