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April 29, 2008 1:07 PM

And Barack and Hillary think they'll be laboring during the Democratic National Convention!

Expectant mom, Rep. Karen Middleton, was expecting a routine Democratic Caucus lunch today -- "some politico showing up to speak."

Instead she entered to - Surprise! - a secret baby shower for the girl she's due to deliver Aug. 24.

Colleagues feted her and the baby at tables decorated with pink, purple and white confetti declaring "It's a girl!" and shaped like baby bottles, teddy bears and rocking horses. A table was laden with a pink-and-white cake congratulating Middleton on her "new princess" -- and a treasure trove of baby gear.

Middleton calls the wee one her "convention baby," because her due date is during the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

And Barack and Hillary think they'll be laboring hard during the convention!

--Alan Gathright

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