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February 16, 2009 7:50 AM

Bacon headline only a matter of time

When your name is Bob Bacon, it's only a matter of time before get credited for bringing home the bacon. In this case, it was getting more money for university research operations.
Sen. Bacon, a Fort Collins Democrat, is the sponsor of SB 52, which increases the portion of a $1.50 tire recycling fee that goes to a research authority. The amount will be increased to 25 cents from 10 cents. There is no fee increase for consumers
The Colorado Higher Education Competitive Research Authority was established in 2007 and provides a dedicated source of matching state funds to institutions of higher education applying for grants for federally-sponsored research projects.
The headline on the press release from the Senate Democrats after his bill passed: Bacon brings home the bacon.


  • November 26, 2011

    2:43 AM

    Wendell Durkes writes:

    Man, you must have no life at all with the amount of work you put into this. But thanks. :)

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