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April 19, 2007 9:28 AM

Day 21: Joe Nacchio found guilty on 19 counts.

4:40 p.m. Joe Nacchio found guilty on 19 of 42 insider trading counts covering $52 million of stock sales.

Judge Edward Nottingham read each count, and the jury found Nacchio not guilty on the early counts. After nearly a dozen not guilty verdicts, Nacchio smiled and turned to his family. His son Michael soon started weeping in relief, and Nacchio's wife Anne put her arm around Michael.

But then the guilty counts were read, and the family's mood quickly changed.

4:15 p.m.: Court officials say jurors have reached a verdict in the Joe Nacchio case.

The verdict will be read in court shortly.

Nacchio seemed relaxed as he entered the courtroom, asking the court security officer his name.

"Paul," the security officer answered.

"That's my middle name," Nacchio said, smiling.

9:20 a.m.: Jurors have resumed deliberations for the sixth day.

An older male juror brought chocolate-chip cookies, leading the press to speculate whether the jury is celebrating a birthday, is close to a verdict, or none of the above.

Judge Edward Nottingham joked Wednesday that he felt like he was in the middle of the movie "Groundhog Day," in which a weatherman relives the same day again, and again, and again.

Defense attorneys Edward Nathan, Mark Rufolo and Jeffrey Speiser were spotted attending the Colorado Rockies-Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game Wednesday night.

For the record, Speiser is a Mets fan, and Nathan is a Yankees fan. Rufolo spent most of the game on his cell phone, but earlier in the trial had indicated he also is a Mets fan.

Speiser, Nathan and Rocky reporter David Milstead discussed whether the Brooklyn Dodgers or New York Giants had more of a right to move to California in the 1950s.


  • April 19, 2007

    9:59 AM

    scott writes:

    unless there were exactly 42 cookies, I'm willing to bet it was just an ice-breaker, and not a sign of anything else.

  • April 19, 2007

    4:46 PM

    Gayle Smith writes:

    I am glad he was found guilty on at least some of the counts, as a Qwest employee with less stock today then before Joe cheated us, I am hoping he will get his "due justice" and hopefully some jail time.

  • April 19, 2007

    4:48 PM

    Kevin writes:

    As long as he goes to a PMITA prison......

  • April 19, 2007

    4:51 PM

    aye writes:

    I thought this might be tied in with the man who threw a $13 million bat mitzvah for his daughter. He was a war profiteer who manufactured very shoddy armor for our troops. Don't think he was charged for this but was arrested for insider trading. Can't remember the name of this slime but would like to see him go down.

  • April 19, 2007

    4:51 PM

    Rick Perry writes:

    There is a God! This guy ruined thousands of hard working people's retirement at US WEST. I hope he gets the maximum and I hope the time he does is as hard as it could possibly be for a felon.

  • April 19, 2007

    4:58 PM

    Lost_it_All writes:

    Who's the CLOWN now, Joe?

    Enjoy your new home!

  • April 19, 2007

    5:02 PM

    qwest retiree writes:


  • April 19, 2007

    5:20 PM

    Lost_it_All writes:

    The prosecution did a Great Job!
    And soon we get another treat, the SEC civil trial on accounting fraud. YES!!!

    I have been waiting for this day for 5 years!

  • April 19, 2007

    5:26 PM

    Interested Party writes:

    Justice has been served. Insider trading will not be tolerated. May Joe Nacchio spend his free time considering what he has done to many investors. He should have considered the consequences of his deliberate actions to defraud investors. Prosecution team - job well done. Defendant (soon to be Prisoner) Joe Nacchio keep smiling....

  • April 19, 2007

    5:31 PM

    '86 US West Retiree writes:

    Wooo Hooo! Justice is served!

    If the Jury had been allowed to hear all pertinent information, they would have found him guilty on all 42 charges. Oh well ~ maybe next time ~ or the next!

  • April 19, 2007

    5:45 PM

    qwest retiree writes:

    I remember when Joey boy froze the stock for
    employees and all we could to was watch
    the stock go from $90 to how low. He got
    what he deserved and more!!!

  • April 19, 2007

    5:56 PM

    Qwest Retiree writes:

    THANK YOU GOD!!!! Have faith in God that he will take care of the liars & cheaters & money doesn't buy EVERYTHING!!!!! I didn't see Nacchio smiling that smug smile today!!!

  • April 19, 2007

    5:59 PM

    RJ writes:

    Finally, justice is served. Nacchio is as guilty as they get. The rest of the crooks who accompanied him - Tempest, Jacobsen, et al, should go to jail also and lose all the millions they gained. But knowing Joe will be behind bars is some satisfaction for what he did to Qwest and the many employees and retirees who lost millions.

  • April 19, 2007

    6:17 PM

    ME writes:

    Lock his cell and throw away the key. Qwest workers are working longer hours under stressful conditions to make up for the billions of dollars of debt that Nacchio left for them.

  • April 19, 2007

    6:25 PM

    Jerry Hensel writes:

    While in the 1987th Communications Squadron at Lowry AFB, I worked with several people at US West who continued on with Qwest. They saw Nacchio with his body guard go into the Human Resourses Office and the Legal Office and gave all one hour to pack up and leave, they were fired. The employees stock in the company fell to only a few cents per share.
    I bet the Qwest building downtown Denver is dancing!
    Take his passport away. He is the scum of the earth.
    I hope they put him in so deep, they will have to pipe sunlight into his hole.

  • April 19, 2007

    6:28 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    He was found guilty of counts pertaining to $52 million. That leaves him $49 million...that's $49 million more than you 60,000 USWEST Clowns will ever have....

    Go celebrate...buy yourselves new hefty bags for your party....

    He maybe a felon...but you are still clowns...you deserved your losses

  • April 19, 2007

    7:49 PM

    T writes:

    I guess we'll see just how much of his $49 million he has left when the SEC is done with him and after the US West victims are done suing him for the next 20 years or so.

    And to the many who were wronged by this arrogant criminal, I hope this is a small measure of payback for your losses and pain.

  • April 19, 2007

    7:50 PM

    Sol writes:

    If 10 years in the clink is your penalty for stealing the $52M was it worth it?

  • April 19, 2007

    8:08 PM

    captain america writes:

    This type of behavior is what is ruining corporate america. The focus is on the next quarters numbers so that the CEO and very upper mgmt can reap their quarterly bonusess and stock options. They'll do anything. Lie, cheat, offshore jobs to make the balance sheets look good. After a couple of years, they're worth millions and the employess find themselves betrayed and in many cases, broke. Oh... and I forgot to mention... the company is usually on life-support when the carpetbaggers depart.

  • April 19, 2007

    8:13 PM

    sean writes:

    This a great day for a lot of reasons. The day Naccho Joe came to USWest was the day the employees stopped being assets, and became expenses. It was the day that upper management began lying to us. It was the day that service to the customer started circling the drain.
    I hope this judge lifted Nacchio's passport; this scumbag has been spending a lot of time in Australia, a country that does not extradite for white-collar fiscal crimes. I would not be at all surprised if the dirty little coward high-tails it out of US jurisdiction. I have seen no accounting of just where his stolen millions are. I'm betting that when the appeals run out, and this guy sees the real chance of his loot being forfeited, he'll be gone.

  • April 19, 2007

    8:37 PM

    Inmate 44678 writes:

    Joey baby, be sure to bring some KY-Jel with you, you're gonna need it! Speaking of KY, who's going to be servicing your old lady while we 're bunking together in squeeze?

  • April 19, 2007

    8:44 PM

    Bozo writes:

    Underpaid government lawyers 1
    Stern and his 3 witness pony 0

    Joe, remember the words analysis paralysis. I think that Stern and the boys may have had a case of this.

  • April 19, 2007

    8:50 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    "The day Naccho Joe came to USWest was the day the employees stopped being assets, and became expenses. It was the day that upper management began lying to us. It was the day that service to the customer started circling the drain."

    The day Nacchio came was the day service quality actually started improving because they (Joe Afshin Phil) put money to fix the local network that Jack, Dick Mac, and Sol did not in their elusive search of false profit.
    Read the facts, and the studies that support those findings.

    Joe may be guilty...but you always must have been an extraordinary expense that didn't deserve to be paid, and who contributed to consumers (your neighbors0 in the 14 states haveing to pay more for their phone service which was the worst of the Bells pre-Joe.

    You robbed your neighbors by having superfluous jobs which caused them to pay more for bad service so you could take your donut breaks. Even though you were too small to be taken to trial, all 60,000 of you are even more guilty than Joe ever was.

    Some "Spirit of Service" You Had. No wonder people Mock Notebart's slogan

  • April 19, 2007

    9:04 PM

    Chucky writes:

    To insinuate that Phil and Joe left the company in better shape than Jack, Dick or Sol is laughable (please see the near bankruptcy stories in 2001). The only thing that they left in better shape was their bank accounts. It is well documented that Q started recording the one-timers well before its purchase of classic USWest. Phil and Joe never should have been steering the ship in the first place. The Qwest stock was propped up by smoke and mirrors and all of the savant Qwesters couldn't run a profitable business if it hit them in the head. Thank goodness for the classic USWest employees for avoiding the sinking of the ship completely.

  • April 19, 2007

    10:26 PM

    Qwest Employee writes:

    Thank G'd for Dick Notebart.

  • April 19, 2007

    10:43 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:


    Look at the Service Records fom 1984 through 2002. What you'd like to believe is not borne out by the customer service surveys. Service quality was horrible in the US WORST days, and only started getting better after Sol started to re-invest in the network after he signed the Qwest deal.

    Also, it is absolutely true (as u state) that Q was doing IRU sales (so-called one-timers)
    in 1999 and before. Everyone on Wall Street, both managements, and most employees knew it and that it was a large proportion of the #s. Why did it take on sudden materiality in 2001 vs. 1999, only because the whole telecom world strted to crash in 2001.

    The only reason classic USWEST din't drown at birth (and you and 60,000 now down to 43,000 others) were able to keep your jobs was that it was a goverment regulated monopoly. Classic US WEST would have died just as sure a death whether you or Joe ever set foot there.

    Anybody who ever worked at US WEST has no idea of blood (unless it's mistaken for the Dr. Pepper or Ketchup stains on your shirts), toil, or swest (you must be confusing it with the donut glaze oozing from your pores).

    Joe's conviction doesn't alter the facts that it was US WORST before he got there, due to 16 years of poor management supported by 60,000 coddled overpaid superfluous employees.

    If it hadn't been Joe Nacchio, the story of US WEST would have been the same just with different names.

    Thank God for Dick Notebaert? Ha....He's Just Pushing Opium to the last few believing Bellheads in the Building who stay because they are unemployable outside of a regulated utility. But he may can them too, six months short of a pension.

  • April 19, 2007

    11:15 PM

    QWEST RETIREE writes:



  • April 19, 2007

    11:18 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    Qwest Retiree

    No Tears for You, Clown.

    You don't deserve your money back. You are responsible for US WEST/Qwest's demise as are the other 59,999 other retirees were before Joe came

  • April 20, 2007

    12:11 AM

    Tancredo Watch writes:

    Hey No Tears, what the heck's your problem? What do you have against Qwest retirees anyway? Did some phone operator cut you off one time?

    I wish I'd been there when the verdict was read. Nacchio was too arrogant, smiling and laughing throughout the trial and after the first dozen not guilty verdicts were read. "Don't count your chickens..."

    Despite all the second-guessing, it looks like the government lawyers knew what they were doing after all. And perhaps that the defense lawyers were a little too arrogant themselves - like their client.

  • April 20, 2007

    12:21 AM

    Qwest Employee writes:

    Yes, thank G'd for Dick. He righted a ship that was headed down. His first order of business was to re-state the whole convoluted mess Joe's henchmen left him to inherit. Thus far his only failure was the acquisition of MCI in a hostile bid. Aside from that he has at least made Q appear profitable. After restating everything I have to believe we are profitable without selling assests for the first time in his tenure. On another note, anyone remember Bush appointing Joe to head a Teleocom Commish in D.C.? "Bush didn't officially appoint Nacchio to the committee, as vice chair, until July 9, 2001, but two sources familiar with the situation said Nacchio was cleared to hear classified information by about March 2001. An old NSTAC Web site also lists Nacchio a member by at least April 2001" Birds of a feather...

  • April 20, 2007

    2:28 AM

    Frank writes:

    $20 MM to the Bush 'Presidential' Library Fund as Nacchio as a free as bird come Jan. 2009. Wait and see...

  • April 20, 2007

    9:05 AM

    Boise Qwest retiree writes:

    Dick Notebaert? Thank him???
    Come on, you are getting suckered again! He is making millions just like Nacchio did only he is doing it on the backs of employees and retirees. He has never granted a cost of living retirement increase, he has taken much of the retirees health benefits away from them and he has even stripped the retirees of burial insurance they worked 30 years to earn.
    Dick Notebaert is another billionaire in the making. He has the same big ego, the same fancy corporate jets, the same big executive perks and the same huge stock packages that Nacchio had. NO DIFFERENT!!!! Plus he has already been involved in a scandal at AT & T. Look it up!

  • April 20, 2007

    9:46 AM

    scott writes:

    pity they won't put him in Supermax. the weasel almost crashed the company. if Joey Nachos has a breakdown every day until sentencing in July, it won't even come close to the despair some of the retirees have had. he can never repay the damage he caused... but he can sure be ordered to try ;)

  • April 20, 2007

    12:40 PM

    JJ writes:

    To: No Tears You ARE a CLOWN.
    Why don't you close your pie hole! (get the clown reference ya 'tard)

    I have no personal stake in this matter, but have followed the trial very closely. For the jury to believe that Joe didn't know what his revenues would be long term or that these phantom gov't contracts even existed is all smoke and mirrors. I am happy to see an intellingent jury see this case for what it was - simple greed. Well Joe, hope they take your passport and don't bend over for the soap!

  • April 20, 2007

    9:51 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    What did all those hardworking Qwest employees who lost their pensions ever do to YOU?

    I’ll bet your one of those people blaming the Virginia Tech victims for not “fighting hard enough,” too.

    Tancredo Watch, you demean yourself and the murder victims at Virginia Tech by awarding the retirees/empolyees victimhood.

    They victimized themselves by expecting Ma Bell/US WEST to provide and protect them from cradle to grave without having to think for themselves. By not learning to fend for themselves, or think for themselves, they contributed to the formation of a Company known as US WORST which was a joke to your fellow citizens because it was a protected uncompetitive monopoly which was able to charge outrageous prices while providing shoddy service because consumers had no choice. As a result theese employees/retirees became superfluous with irrelevant skill sets, and still expected to be paid 4x what they were worth with benefits and pensions to boot.

    As your hero Tancredo knows, Social Security, just like monopoly Bell jobs were an opiate. I can understand why these people are angry, because after decades of being coddled by the Bell monopoly and unsustainable promises made all the way back to the Mountain Bell/PNB/NW Bell days, once they had to compete because of cellular and cable (which US WEST sold to boost the then exec`s bonuses) they couldn’t. Consequently, the promises of pay, bonuses, and pensions were unsustainable…precisely the same set of circumstances which cause Tancredo and Bush to wnat to privatize parts of Social Security.

    These people are hardly victims…they supposedly had skills..were supposedly intelligent…but couldn’t look after themselves? C’mon Tancredo Watch, that’s like saying Joe didn’t kow what he was doing on the 19 counts.

    These folks could have defended and proctected themselves by thinking for themselves and embracing competitive skill sets, but chose to hold on to Big Brother/Ma Bell’s apron strings.

    This is America, not socialist Europe. If they are victims at all, they are victims of their own sloth, and why they deserve no sympathy….especially as they were the willing coddled perpetuators of the Ma Bell monopoly far past it’s relevance. For them, I guess it’s just painful to be exposed….

  • April 21, 2007

    8:07 AM

    Michael writes:


    Blah, blah, blah. USWORST this, worst customer service that. Thanks for regurgitating the history of USWest. For anyone that spent time in Colorado over the past thirty years, you are regurgitating the story that we all know. Stop with your silly history lesson rant. You are embarrassing yourself. How and why do you continue to spew these alleged facts. USW had its problems, but I do not get how you can defend Nacchio as some savior. I think a few bloggers and the front page of the Post have pointed out as well that under Joe Qwest was taken to the brink of bankruptcy. Sure he came in and addressed the problems. Great, but he nearly shut down the largest employer in the State of Colorado -- a vital asset to your increase in property value and whatever your company sells. I will wait for you to get out your USW research paper that you did in high school and earned a B+ on and your response.

  • April 21, 2007

    11:56 AM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    USW was worth shutting down and lard ridden; why do you think Sol put it up for sale, and was willing to take Qwest stock? Joe removed much of the fat.. The pain was necessary because the cancer had spread so far. Sorry about the history lessons, and I know it hurts when they are regurgitated because you know them to be true.

    Employment of unnecessary people with over inflated benefits leading to high service prices and shoddy service is not a good thing in any economy. The only reason Noteabaert has been able to keep the pig alive is that Joe and Afshin came in and did most of the painful preparation....Moreover, the "bankruptcy" talk was a smokescreen by Notebaert to keep the remaining US WEST thugs in fear, so he could slim US WORST down even further.

    Michael, move to France. France Telecom is the closest thing in the world to your beloved US WEST. Maybe I only got a B+, but you get an F as long as you contingue to deny the history of what created U S WORST.

  • April 21, 2007

    3:47 PM

    Ron writes:

    NTFTC I worked for the company from when it was Mt. Bell. I put 30 years in it and was proud to say I worked for them. I started out at the bottom as a frameman and worked myself up to a COT. I did all the things the company asked me to do as far as going to school and ect. I put up with all the bull of working there, cut throat people, bull shit bosses that I knew more about my job then they did, always the threat of being fired ect! I took my coffee breaks and sometimes even long ones, but there were times I worked for hours without a break just so service wouldn't be lost. I've been called at two in the morning and taken care of alarms as far away as fifty miles and had to be at work the next morning at seven.I have had early in's from two in the morning to cover jobs so if something went wrong it wasn't at a busy time. I have spent weeks away from home and my loved ones to keep service up and I'm not even putting down all the shit I went through to put in my thirty years! Now tell me why you think I should be cheated out of my retirement. When I wanted to sell my stock in the company Joe had frozen it so I couldn't. I had to sit and watch all I worked for go down the tubes. Joe was selling his stock and putting it in his pocket, and all your blah,blah blah thinks this is right! Have you ever worked a day in your life? If you have tell me about it!

  • April 22, 2007

    1:55 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:


    You are trying to blame Joe for everything that happened to you. You are a perfect example of a Bell employee who expected the system to take care of you from cradle to grave who took no responsibility in observing the world around you and taking the proper precautions. It is far easier for you to simplistically blame Joe and his conviction for your woes when the Bell System was rotting around you when it was far far more complicated than that.

    1) Did you diversify? Probably Not. You put all your eggs in the Q/USW basket. Blame that on Joe.

    2) Did you diversify as your AUSWR (retiree) President did? Did you not listen to her? Or did she fail to tell you? Blame that on Joe...

    3) You never were able to sell your matching Q/USW stock until retirement. That was a legacy U S WEST policy that was the norm in
    the coroprate world at the time. Did you not read the terms and conditions of that benefit (which you paid $0 for). Probably Not.
    Blame that on Joe.

    4) The stock parket peaked in 1999, and then precipitously declined from 2000-2002. The telecom sector declined even more rapidly. Blame that on Joe.

    5) U S WEST was more debt ridden (on a relative basis) and had no cellular or cable to compete with because of the "strategic actions" taken by MacAllister and McCormick in the 80s and 90s. Based on the trading multiples of other Bell Companies, its shares would have likely lost more than 70% of its value regardless had it remained independent. Blame that on Joe.

    6) US WEST was known as U S WORST...you lived and worked in it for 30 yeras. Qwest had to taken on even more debt in 2000 and 2001 in order to fix the network mess that McCormick and MacAllister left behind. Note how the service #s started getting better in 2000. It';s because Q invested in the network whereas USW did not because it helped the USW execs make their bonuses (What's more criminal? That or Insider Trading?).

    But blame it all on Joe.

    I don't expect you to understand any of this.....that's the tragedy....it's easier just to blame it all on Joe rather than the structural rot in U S WEST that you as a 30 year employee had a hand in and contributed to. Your crime is that you can't look at your self in the mirror or what was going on in your backyard. But then again, you find it hard to s$!t, where you eat.

    It's just easier...to blame it all on Joe.

  • April 22, 2007

    6:35 PM

    Katherine writes:

    No Tears I am tired of you tearing down hard working people who dedicated their careers to US West. Maybe you should focus your energy on the waste of the government and and all of the problems there. There are always dishonest and lazy employees in any company and yes they should be fired, but don't assume all of US West employees were losers. We took less pay to work for US West because we felt the benefits and long term payoff were the smart way to go. It was also an honorable company to work for before Qwest came into the picture. I am very proud the service I put in at US West and the 33 yrs. my husband gave.

  • April 22, 2007

    8:37 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:


    Glad you're proud.

    I disagree that US WEST was any more honorable than Qwest, and that you took less pay. U S WEST offered poor service at higher prices to your neighbors, sold its cellular and cable divisions and failed to invest in plant because its senior execs sought to maximize short term income to pad their bonuses as the expense of long term growth and service quality. Moreover, the smug arrogance of its senior execs caused US WEST to be in hot water with the FCC, DOJ, and FTC to a far greater extent than the rest of the Bells.

    Such actions may not have created specific criminal liability as in an insider trading case, but they set and spread the rot that caused Sol to desperately seek a merger. Because you followed those orders, you have to bear a share of that responsibility.......

    Your current troubles had far far more to do with external factors affecting U S WEST, and its mismanagement, rather than anything that Joe or Qwest did.

    I'm not saying Joe should be vindicated, since he did overreach. But it's also wrong to blame your dimished pay, retirements, etc. primarily on Joe since the seeds of U S WEST's rot were panted well before Qwest/Joe arrived.

    It's just unfortnate that such seems to be far beyond your and your fellow employees/retirees' comprehension

    You cant blame all of it or even most of it on Joe.....look in the mirror.

  • April 23, 2007

    8:39 AM

    Tim Taylor writes:

    This man ruined so many peoples lives with his greed and total lack of responsibility, to not only our company, but the thousands of people that trusted him and worked every day sometimes 12 to 15 hrs. a day , or more , that I hope he some day will realize what is to have your whole future and that of your family, cashed in, like so many shares of stock.

  • April 23, 2007

    9:44 AM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:


    Another one that just doesn't get it.

    Ringling Brothers Must Have Moved Here For Good, cause it seems like no other cities want to see the circus performers anymore.

  • April 23, 2007

    10:38 AM

    Ron writes:

    NTFTC YOU still haven't answered me. Have you ever worked a day in your life? Tell me about it.

  • April 23, 2007

    3:12 PM

    Ron writes:

    NTFTC Your not answering because you haven't? You were probably born with a silver spoon in your mouth. You have lived off of daddy and mommy all of your life! The only reason you know what sweat looks like is because the air conditioner wasn't working or you were playing a game! You keep saying you just don"t get it blah blah blah. Joe isn't the one it is you, you're the one who is the one that is the clown. You think it's alright for the smarter person to take advantage of the dumb. That's like saying a man because he is stronger than a woman that it is ok for him to beat on her. You said that I was a perfect example of a Bell employee and yes your right. I did diversify and that is why I ONLY lost about $25,000, Joe's pocket money and I feel that is where my money that I worked hard for is and thousands of other working people's money is there too. Joe never put his life on the line for Bell as many of us did. He never was in a ditch full of water splicing a cable, he was never up a pole on a mountain side where if he made a mistake he would fall hundreds of feet , he never had to fly to a radio tower in high winds he never did anything to help the phone service that was work! You think that Joe deserves everything he has. You think what he did was right! Ringling Brothers lost a ass and it was you Jackass! What you don't understand is Joe is greedy. What you don"t understand is Joe had money when he came here. He came here not to help, but to take hard working peoples money ! He seen an opportunity to take peoples money the underhanded way, but got caught.Greed is what got Joe in trouble. Never enough money. What you don't understand is the promises he made to the hard working people he was planning to steal from. He held this big meeting saying how good everything was going to be with him leading the way, and all the time he was talking about how good it was going to be for him after sticking it to the people who worked so hard for there money. All your blah blah blah about the company and how it was going might be right. No one knows for sure. You can blah blah blah about the company the people ect. But what you just don't get is the reason we blame Joe is because of his greed! He knew things was really going down hill fast. He could of held the same meeting that he did when he said how good it was going to be under him and said hay , may be I put to much shit out before. Things are not looking good. Dump your stock. No he didn't do that because the stock would of went down. Greed he wanted to make $100 million not $50 million if the word got out. Those hard working peoples money feels good in his pocket . Joe's greed is why we hate him!!! You ass hole stand up for him. But if he had a chance to make a million off of you he would do it in a New York second !!! Unless your family or something and then I'm still not sure. I wouldn't bet on it , because he is greedy. There just isn't enough money to make him happy. Greed!!! We are not blaming it on Joe we are blaming it on Joe's GREED!!!! I hope him and his family live a healthy and happy life! Ha Ha!!!

  • April 23, 2007

    5:13 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:


    Too bad you didn't have enough brains (by your own admission) that you had to sweat it out.

    Besides bud, who are you to demand an answer from me. Neither I, life, Qwest, Joe, or U S WEST owes you one copper cent.

    Sorry for you clown that your "safe bet" didn't pay off.

    Blame Joe, Blame Joe's greed...Blame Everyone but yourself.

    For you life sucked, and that will make your death more painful. die.

    No Tears for You Clown. Did Barnum and Bailey stop hiring? Guess that's the only place an overpaid hard sweating guy can go with a useless set of skills. It must suck.

    Keep having your pity party.

    Blame it on Joe

  • April 23, 2007

    6:30 PM

    Ron writes:

    NTFTC I can see there is no reasoning with an idiot.You are just like your hero Joe an ass!!! I knew you never worked.Keep living off of mommy and daddy and stand proud.We can we worked for what we have!!!

  • April 23, 2007

    7:08 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    Poor Ron:

    He has to audition for Barnum & Bailey by doing the ranting clown dance on line since he can't reason, he can't rebut one fact (that goes without syaing since they're facts)...all he has is rage and emotion.

    But Ron, at least you can work up a sweat :)-

    People usually pay admission to watch clowns perform. Thanks for doing your sweaty dances here on line for free :)-

  • April 23, 2007

    11:52 PM

    Ron writes:

    NTFTC Yep there are facts the #1 Is your hero Joe is a felon!!! That is a fact we all can live with!!! That is the only fact that counts!!!

  • April 24, 2007

    1:24 AM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    Not surpising to hear from you More Ron.....

    Just another emotional rant

    Joe may be a felon, but you're still poor and bitter, and as your posts maske it clear...you can't live with that....for you that's the #1 fact.

    This song's for you:)-

    I knew a man Bell-jangles and he'd dance for you in worn out shoes

    Silver hair, ragged shirt and baggy pants, that old soft shoe

    He'd jump so high, he'd jump so high, will he likely touch down?

    Mr. Bell-jangles, Mr. Bell-jangles, dance.

    I met him in a cell in New Orleans, I was down and out
    He looked to me to be the eye of age as he spoke right out
    He talked of life, he talked of life, laughing slapped his leg stale

    Mr. Bell-jangles, Mr. Bell-jangles, dance

    He danced for those at minstrel shows and county fairs throughtout the south
    He spoke with tears of 15 years of how his dog and him but just travelled all about
    Hid dog up and died, he up and died, and after 20 years he still grieves
    Mr. Bell-jangles, Mr. Bell-jangles, dance

    He said I dance now at every chance at honky-tonks for drinks and tips
    But most of the time I spend behind these county bars,Ocause I drink so bitO
    He shook his head, yes he shook his head, I heard someone ask him, OpleaseO,

    Mr. Bell-jangles, Mr. Bell-jangles, dance, dance,

    Mr Bell-jangles,


    Joe may be going to Club Fed...but he'll be released someday and he'll enjoy his remaining millions.

    Ron, you can never be free of imprisonment caused by bitterness in your mind from having wasted your life by making bad decisions......

    Have another drink Mr. Bell-Jangles.

    Maybe you can earn some tips at the next Pioneers picnic.

  • April 24, 2007

    12:27 PM

    Ron writes:

    NTFTC You Have shown to be a true mommy's and daddy's idiot, You Have shown your smart and witty like your daddy Joe. You probably have the smug smile and think as Joe so you will probably end up in Club Fed with Joe. You just don't get it. I got out before I lost a lot and made good decisions before your daddy Joe showed up so I' m doing fine. Not the millions, but proud of what I have I earned, and proud that I did it the right way . I have had a lot of fun poking you and watching you steer around the facts with all your blah blah blah. You stayed up late last night thinking up that Bell-jangles bit, cute. All that is just a front trying to steer away from the truth. You know deep down that what Joe and his kind do and the greed is not right. You have steered away from saying he was right because you know he was wrong! You have blah blah blah about everything else. Did Joe do right? Now come on dig deep down. No you will never admit that he did wrong to me I know. The day will come when Joe and his kind will stand before a Judge that no matter how much money or power they have will count. He will admit it or burn in hell. It's been fun! Bye #1 FACT NOW JOE'S A FELON!!!

  • April 24, 2007

    5:21 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    More Ron

    Glad you're proud you're poor :)-

    I never said Joe didn't overreach, and that he didn't deserve his conviction.

    But Ron, you've been sweatily dancing around the facts whether they be #1 or #2-#100, that Joe is not the only one to be blamed for the fact that your work was for naught. Again, the financial reversals and abuse you received would have occured to you because the Bell System monopoly became irrelevant in the Eighties and you would have suffered your sorry fate regardless of Joe. But given your limited copper bandwidth, you can't understand that, and you have to blame it all on Joe because you can't bear to stand to look at yourself in the mirror.

    As you continue to post More and More Ron, it's clear that you are unwilling to accept any responsibility for your fate...your just reward for helping perpetuate US WORST.

    If you had some brains to go with your sweat..you might have gone far. But those like you who worked like a donkey (all sweat and no brains), deserve to be treated like a donkey.

  • April 25, 2007

    1:38 PM

    Ron writes:

    Mommy and Daddy's Idiot You think I'm poor because I don't have millions. WOW! Money doesn't buy everything! I'm RICH I have a beautiful family,beautiful grand kids, I have my health ,I own my house ,since I retired I have spent one month in Hawaii twice , I have been to New Orleans, Branson, Las Vegas several times,San Francisco, Fresco, Salt Lake City, a Caribbean Cruise and plan to do many more. You don't need millions to be happy you just work hard and save. You don't have to cheat good people out of there money . You don't have to be greedy. So you see I'm rich without having millions not saying it wouldn't be nice if you earned it.As far as the Bell System monopoly it was the best phone system in the world till the people like Joe got the government to break it up. They seen there was money to be made. I know you won't agree with that and it will give you something to blah blah blah about! You see I'm not blaming it all on Joe But people like Joe scum! People like him made as you call it U S Worst. "If you had brains to go with your sweat" statement WOW! You think management is the only people who has brains. That statement in it self shows your are a mommy and daddy's idiot! The way most and I said most management people move up is not brains. It's Kiss ass or cut your friends throat! I seen that over thirty years most of the people that moved up wasn't because they were smart. They moved up not because they were smart but because they were a good ass kisser! Now remember I said most. Some worked hard to get it. Saying the craft people had no brains is another statement of an idiot! I would like to see someone with a donkeys brain run an ess office. There is so many places in craft that if you didn't have brains your boss would of been in real trouble! Now You said that you never said Joe didn't deserve his conviction. Does that mean that he did? That the #1 fact is"Joe is a felon!!!" or you going you dance again?

  • April 25, 2007

    3:05 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    More and More and More Ron

    " I would like to see someone with a donkeys brain run an ess office."

    Ron, only someone with a donkey brain would care about an ESS office in a fiber VoIP Wireless World. The copper switched circuit switched monopoly is an unneccessary antique. That's why you and your cherished benefits are worthless, because onsumers don't need to over pay for the 2nd rate service you provided to maintain what you think your entitled lifestyle should be. Again, that has nothing to do with Joe or "a$$ kissing".

    You and Your Skills are Irrelevant.

    Have fun dancing in Branson :)-

  • April 26, 2007

    6:32 PM

    Ron writes:

    M&DI Don't have time for you today but here is a link http://extras.denverpost.com/audio/2007/nacchioman.mp3

  • April 27, 2007

    7:29 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    geez ron

    i bet u can make your retirement back doing your sweaty dance to that music in branson .

    ...if any of your fellow retirees can afford the bus fare that is

  • April 27, 2007

    7:31 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    oh, More Ron,

    "You think management is the only people who has brains. "

    From your post....I guess they is.

  • April 29, 2007

    12:42 AM

    GOD writes:

    dear no tears for the clowns

    Mr. Nacchoi was found guilty on 19 counts. this means he broke rules, laws and his WORD. To the people of qwest and the share holders. this means he lied and the information you have was based on his lies
    so all your blah blah blah is Irrelevant.
    please get your facts right. I forgive you and will pray for you.

  • April 29, 2007

    10:22 AM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    God...You Blasphemer :)-

    Go listen to the Naccho-man song, put your pennies together, and make your self a box of Mac n' Cheez/

  • April 29, 2007

    10:31 AM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    We're seing more more Ron, posting as GOD

    Ron is happy now that he has a second song Naccho-Man to go along with his old single stand-by Bell-Jangles that he can do a sweaty dance to

    Too bad all that practicing won't earn him a dime since all his retired friends don't have any pennies for bus fares to Branson (or Pioneer picnics) left over to tip him for his hard efforts....i'm sure he gets up at 5 AM to practice...just like when he had his worthless outmoded job at U S WEST (Worst)

    Too bad Ron's life is blah blah blah

  • April 29, 2007

    11:15 AM

    God writes:

    my not Ron. I'm God! But i forgive you. I well pray for you. and hope you may be saved by the light . only when you let your anger go for what mr, nacchio did. will you be free. lets all pray for no tears for the clown. send him a note,a letter, a hug let him know you care.

  • April 29, 2007

    11:35 AM

    ann writes:

    Mr No Tears for the clowns

    I feel I have let you down.just as God said. But if you would just let the pain go, and let the love of the lord in. he does forgive. anger only takes you down an path of dark lord. please come see the light. we will pray for you. oooxxx hugs and kisses

  • April 29, 2007

    6:33 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    God More Ron

    I guess your heaven is full of gooey mac and cheese.

    Hope your 30 years of sweat was worth it

  • April 29, 2007

    7:04 PM

    GOD writes:

    As I Said I'm not ron. and I work for the lord. and yes my years of sweat as his servent are worth it. your anger is only hurting you and your loveones around you. please let your anger go and let the light in. your words of hate only show how much pain you are really in. please lets us pray for you and help you too see the way of the lord. and yes we do serve mac and cheeze. to all people in need of a meal. and I give them a place to sleep. can you say as much?

  • April 29, 2007

    9:52 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    Yes God/Ted Haggard/More Ron:

    You can also get 'em a hooker and ice w/that mac n' cheeze :)-

    Joe still has his cuban cigars :)-

  • April 29, 2007

    11:45 PM

    Ron writes:

    Mommy and Daddy's Idiot no that's not me.I been to busy to play with you. Looks like the big guns are after you now. This outmoded retired Ron has been playing with you for a few day's now. Don't think everyone who post something is me using some other name I'm not ashamed of what I post and sign my name. I don't use some made up name like some people I know (NTFTC) because they know what they post is a bunch of blah blah blah, and ashamed of what they post. They are afraid that somebody will figure out who they really are. Hay ESS was the newest thing when I was working I have been retired for several years, and haven't even thought about phones I don't even know what a VolP or onsumers is and don't care! Do I think management people are the only ones with brains. I guess you can't read or can't understand what you read. Go back and read it again .You might get it the 2ed time. Naccho-man is a lot better than Bell-Jangels! #1 Fact Joe's a felon!!!

  • April 30, 2007

    12:18 AM

    GOD writes:

    mr no tears for the clown

    again I'm not this ron person I'm here to help you see the ligth of the lord. so again please let your anger go and let the love of the lord in. this is the only way to save your soul
    god loves you

  • April 30, 2007

    3:01 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    "Hay ESS was the newest thing when I was working I have been retired for several years, and haven't even thought about phones I don't even know what a VolP or onsumers is and don't care!"

    That sums it up. Keep posting More and More Ron.

    The Bell System, US WEST, Mtn Bell, PNB, and NWB were protected monopolies that were run by managements and employees that didnt care about the lastest most cost-effective technologies or the consumer.

    Yet they think they are owed pensions and benefits?

    You said it all Ron. Thank you.

    We don't care about your losses, pensions or benefits because you didn't care about the customer....and that was the case may before Joe.

    We're glad you're doing sweaty dances in order to beg nickles so you can buy a box of Mac'N Cheese at the end of the day.

    No Tears

    Not Even One

    No Tears for You Clown.

    And Ron..I keep posting..You Keep Dancing :)-

  • April 30, 2007

    6:35 PM

    Ron writes:

    Mommy and Daddy's Idiot you keep on posting. like I said your a toy and a toy that is getting old! On4/19 I was reading the readers comments and came across a post by you At that time I said to myself lets have some fun with this Guy. I thought you was an idiot and I would get you to admit it and since you answer to it I guess you admit it.Then I thought I would get you to say your Daddy Joe was guilty and you might as well as said that when you said " I never said Joe didn't overreach and that he didn't deserve his conviction" 4/24. There you abandoned your Hero Joe! So you see I have accomplished what I wanted! You admit your an Idiot and Joe did wrong so why are you still dancing? What are you trying to prove that your a bigger idiot! If I was you I would feel pretty stupid letting a retired old phone man make a fool out of you. On the 25th when you answered to Mommy and Daddy's Idiot I set the hook and reeled you in. Like I said your a toy I have been playing with and I have had my fun so I'm going to through you back and let some else have some! Hay who ever takes over watch out he is witty and if your play your cards right he might even wright you a jingle too. Have fun with him I have Ron

  • April 30, 2007

    9:33 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    "Hay who ever takes over watch out he is witty and if your play your cards right he might even wright you a jingle too."

    Gosh you're literate.

    The only "hero" anybody had in this dialogue was your affection for the Bell System...kind of like a dog for a fire hydrant.....

    Joe was a hero, though he overreached, because he exposed you and your fellow employees/retirees for the uncompetitive untalented slovenly lemming clowns you are. It was true before he came..and truer every time u post something more...Ron.

    You know I'm right and that's why you hate him...and hate to see me post.

    Oh BTW Ron. You might want to invest in an English aas a Second Language (ESL) Classs...but, oh then I forgot...you can't read :)- Your Mommy and Daddy did raise an idiot :)- It comes through every time you post.

    Dance Your Sweaty Dance Again.....

    Mr. Bell-Jangles

    Dance :)-

  • May 1, 2007

    6:42 PM

    No Tears for the Clowns writes:

    More Ron

    Before u try to congratulate yourself any further, you should note that my comment to Joe's overreach was made in my dialogue with Katherine. Typical idiot Bellhead that you are, you're trying to take credit for something that wasn't yours...asa Bell lifer you must have gotten good at that.

    BTW, did you notice Qwest's "profits" today? More of the same, flat revenues, but overhead expenses were down again year over year, as was depreciation. You know why that is? Dick Notebaert can only show a profit by firing more and more unneccessary unskilled old-lard assed slob Bell employees like you (employees were down 3% ).....that's Notebaert's "Spirit in Service in Action".


    Mr. Bell-Jangles

    Dance :)-

  • May 2, 2007

    11:47 PM

    mr. bell-jangles writes:

    No Tears for the Clowns = Nacchoi
    how about that !
    hope you injoy bubba

  • May 3, 2007

    9:11 PM

    the bandwidth that changed everything writes:

    No wonder Mr. Bell Jangles and Ron post no more.....

    According to the Rocky's Front Page, A Grand Junction man known as "Giggles the Clown" was facing multiple charges after he allegedly attempted to use the Internet to lure a minor into having sex, authorities said.

    As a retiree, Giggles was performing (acting naturally?) to supplement his US WEST 401(k) he had acquired after 30 years of eating donuts while ignoring customers.

    The AUSWR is racing to the courthouse to arrange bail now.

    Not one tear...not any....for the US WEST Clowns......

  • May 5, 2007

    3:03 PM

    joe writes:

    the bandwidth that changed everything =
    nacchio. you can't fool us we know its you

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