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June 12, 2008 6:46 PM

ISC claims it is still interested in Denver

It's been 16 months since International Speedway Corporation announced that it was evaluating the possibility of building a national-level motrosports facility in the Denver area that would be capable of hosting a Sprint Cup race.

Nothing has happened since ISC revealed its intentions and now there's a strong feeling that the company that owns 11 tracks that host Sprint Cup races is no longer actively pursuing a track in the Denver area.

Wes Harris, senior director of Corporate and Investor Communications for ISC, claims that's not the case.

"I wouldn't consider it dead," Harris said of the possiblity of building a Denver-area track. "We are still interested in the market."

Harris admits progress has been slow because ISC is seeking to develop a public/private partership, work out a way to find a possible date on the jam-packed Sprint Cup schedule, find land to build the track and convince local authorities of the advantages of having a track.

"The process itself is slow but we have not lost interest from ourselves or the people in the market," Harris said. "The key is getting something done with a public/private partnership rather than finding land. We need a public/private partnership.
"The market is very important. We want to be in that market. We want to be racing there in the future but we are going to take our time."


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