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August 19, 2008 3:08 AM

Anthony wants to play in 2012 Olympics

By Chris Tomasson

BEIJING _ Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony is enjoying his Olympic experience so much he's interested in returning for the 2012 Games in London.
"Hell, yeah,'' he said. "I'll be 27 years old (actually 28)... Depending on what the process is, I am open to 2012. We shall see what the process is.''
However, with the current Olympic team having made a three-summer commitment, starting with the 2006 World Championships, Anthony didn't sound too keen on doing that again.
"It is a grind, but I don't think that, from what I'm hearing there will be another three-year commitment or something like that,'' he said. "So I will have to see that. But, if it's come to play and try out in '11 or '12, then I'll be good for that.''
Perhaps Anthony has good sources. But USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo, his team set to face Australia in a Wednesday quarterfinal, said it hasn't been decided yet how the 2012 Olympic team might be selected.
"There really is no plan,'' Colangelo said. "I wanted so much to just stay focused on this week. There is a whole different set of circumstances if you win or you don't win. To talk about a plan is kind of premature either way.
"I have thought about it if it happens the right way and we finish the job, and how we might do it. I don't think it's even appropriate for me to say now what we might do. The players, I want them to enjoy the moment and we'll get to it... If we can finish the job, I can say that we can take it to another level. How we do that might be different than how we've done it the last three years.''
Colangelo said players after the Olympics won't be given any immediate instructions on what the next step is. He said nothing is likely to be concrete until next season already has started.
"I don't think it's right,'' Colangelo said when asked if it would be unfair for the players to told after winning gold that there is a training camp next summer. "We want to win, and we want to enjoy it. We'll have plenty of time to talk about it. I need something to do when this is over so don't rush me... It will be into (next) season (before a decision is made). The guys need to go home and rest and get ready for (NBA training) camp.''
It's not even certain Colangelo will return to his role as team czar.
"I haven't made up my mind,'' he said.
More certain is that Anthony wants to play in 2012. It he does, it would be his third Olympics.


  • August 19, 2008

    5:02 PM

    Limelight writes:

    Hell NO! I don't want this mutt on the Oly team 2012. In typical Carmuttlow fashion he says yea I want to be on the next team. But no, he doesn't want to work for it or have it be grind. There are now so many other, more deserving, great player, high charactor guys than this mutt. In 2012 there will be even more guys more deserving than this mutt who will work for it, grind for it.Oden,Love,Roy,Aldridge,Bynum,Beasly,Rose,Durant,Mayo just to name a few of the current crop. I imagine most of thee guys by that time still will not have had to have the local constable drive them home from thier partying or have punched any one blind side and run away like a MUTT! This mutt should never have been on this team .... let alone the next. Get real

  • August 19, 2008

    10:35 PM

    Are you serious writes:

    what the hell are you thinking, carmelo has been the most consistant player on the national team for years, only this year has his scoring fell off yet he still gets minutes and makes a difference( while playing the 4 jacka$$) the only proven players on your list of "stars" are roy and durant, everyone else is an expendable trade option or unproven rookie. give me a break and get off your rock chalk

  • August 19, 2008

    10:51 PM

    Im amazed im still waiting for a response writes:

    and by the way, the only reason he was able to get a ride home was because his wife called and told the police that she couldnt get the baby up and ready at that time of night, yea he made a wrong decision. Do you still hold it against jermaine oneal, i dont think anyone does, it was a cheap shot but it was one after another. if you watch one of your friends/teammates get a cheap shot, are you going to announce yourself when you approach. only if your last name is flanders

  • August 20, 2008

    3:25 AM

    A but harsh but still... writes:

    the man has a point. The reason why team US is playing like it does right now is because of the grind and the three year commitment. If I had to pick between a quickly assembled team filled with stars or a team that prepared properly with one or two stars and a bunch of role players, then I'd pick the latter every day.

    If Team USA wins the gold by defeating everybody with more than 30 points again, then the skill gap between American and international players will grow smaller for 2012. Not preparing as well as they did for these olympic games would be a big mistake. Furthermore, in Europe people don't care about the olympics as much. The real venue for international basketball are the FIBA world championships in 2010. Team USA better send a proper team over there as well.

  • August 20, 2008

    5:34 PM

    Dave writes:

    I definitely agree that the three-year 'grind' has a lot to do with why team USA has been so good this year, but I also think if the system's going to be pretty much the same then the four guys who played all three years ('Melo is one of them) could certainly take one summer off, especially if they win the 2010 Worlds and so don't have to qualify at the 2011 Tournament of the Americas.

  • September 9, 2008

    5:54 AM

    Kajong writes:

    I guess, in order usa to win gold again and to regain world championship in 2010...

    they should continue what they started...


    dwade, melo, prince, william, paul, james, bosh/howard, still available... they can mix up with new comer.... roy, durant, maxiel, oden, korver....

    i do personally belive if this team form in 2010 and 2012.... they should won gold again...

  • September 16, 2008

    1:44 PM

    West Bmore Ravens writes:

    As for the upcoming Olympic squad in 2012 the roster should be as followed:

    Guards: Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Brandon Roy, Dwayne Wade

    Forwards: Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Rudy Gay

    Bigs: Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Chris Bosh

    Yall people in Denver need to give MELO some slack. Stop judging the young man until you understand what he has accomplished and been through. Thank David Stern for position your loser city to get such a talent. Relax losers. West Bmore for life.

  • September 16, 2008

    1:50 PM

    West Bmore Ravens writes:

    last but not least...stop judging one's character and judge yourself. the reason some are so down on MELO is because your probably suffering in your own personal filth. as bad as the media portray the young man, if you really knew him...you would be ashamed to say some rude things out your mouth. its funny how people use words to hurt such as calling someone you dont even know a mutt...well i think your a coward and just be lucky that no one sucker punches you for being so dumb you stupid idiot.

  • January 1, 2010

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