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July 18, 2008 5:52 PM

Why can't the Post admit it missed a story?

The Post's Politics West site on Thursday afternoon carried this headline: "I-25: An open or shut case?" This followed a headline in the morning Rocky that day, "Obama speech will close I-25."

Was it really that confusing for Post editors?

Here's what the Rocky's article, posted by the way on Wednesday, in plenty of time for the Post to have the story in Thursday's paper, said:

"A stretch of the busiest highway in the Rocky Mountain West, Interstate 25 past Invesco Field, will be closed to traffic the evening that Barack Obama accepts the Democratic presidential nomination at the stadium next month.

"Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper said Wednesday that drivers should expect I-25 to close the evening of Aug. 28, when the Democratic National Convention events move from Pepsi Center to Invesco Field.

"'Yes, of course,' the mayor said when asked whether it would be fair to say I-25 would shut down."

Perhaps "Yes" to the Post is like the word "is" was - or maybe still is - to former President Clinton.

The paper seemed so perturbed by the difference between its story and the Rocky's reporting that it felt it necessary to come back with a story in its newspaper Friday. This time it was unequivocal in its reporting. The headline said: "Convention closure of I-25 still undecided."

The article, citing unnamed sources, said the decision hadn't been "finalized."

So to help out my friends at the Post, here's an audio file of a portion of our editorial board meeting with Mayor Hickenlooper. Perhaps this named source will help clarify matters for the paper.

In the meantime, you'd hope they'd get over trying to knock down their competitor's story and tell their readers the truth.

The Associated Press might also ask itself whether it should so slavishly follow the doings of the Post.

It's hard to believe, but this is a short story the AP moved Friday, not even mentioning, as at least the Post did, that the Rocky had reported that the mayor had said "Yes" to the question whether I-25 would be closed.

BC-CO--Denver 2008-I25,0099I-25 closure a possibility during convention

Eds: APNewsNow.

DENVER -- City officials say Interstate 25 could be closed

during Barack Obama's planned acceptance speech at Invesco Field at

Mile High.

Officials planning security measures for the Aug. 28 event that

caps the Democratic National Convention say no decision has been

made. Mayor spokeswoman Sue Cobb says any closure would take into

consideration the impact to commuters and the city would try to

minimize any inconveniences.

On Wednesday, the city announced it would close Speer Boulevard

and Auraria Parkway, along with the light rail near the Pepsi

Center while convention events are held there Aug. 25-27.

AP-WS-07-18-08 1317EDT


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